Dreka Gates - 34 Years Old As of 2022

Dreka Gates - 34 Years Old As of 2022


how old is dreka gates 2023

Dreka Gates is an American social media star, entrepreneur, and booking manager. She is best known as the wife of rapper Kevin Gates.

She is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was born on 31 August 1986. She has a zodiac sign of Virgo and is a proud American citizen.

Dreka Gates Age

Dreka Gates is a famous American model, entrepreneur, media face, and social media star. She was born on August 31, 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and she is currently 34 years old as of 2022.

She is best known for being the wife of American rapper Kevin Gates, whom she married in a private ceremony held on October 2015. The couple has two children together, Islah Koren Gates and Khaza Kamil Gates.

The pair was reportedly dating for 13 years before they got married, though their relationship was rocky during the early days. Nevertheless, they are still in love and devoted to each other. They have been happily married since 2015 and they continue to inspire fans across the world.

Her husband is a well-known rapper and singer. He has released several songs and music videos, including his debut album Islah, which debuted on the Billboard Top Chart in January 2016.

She is a hard-working woman who contributes to her husband's career as a rapper. She works as his booking manager and also oversees his new projects, shows, and releases. She also runs her own YouTube channel, where she posts daily vlogs.

Dreka Gates is a successful businesswoman and has earned a $1 million net worth. Her contributions to the “Bread Winner’s Association” and her work as her husband’s booking manager have helped her earn a substantial amount of money. In addition, she has launched her own clothing store called Polished Eccentric, which has also added to her wealth.

In her free time, she loves to exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle. She is extremely conscious about her body and is always trying to get into shape.

Besides being a successful model, actress, and entrepreneur, Dreka Gates is also a passionate supporter of women. She has a huge following on social media and frequently posts content that encourages women to look their best.

She has also started a marijuana farm in Cassopolis, Michigan, named BE Provisionals. She often shares updates about her farm and the strains she develops there on her social media accounts.

Dreka Gates Height

Dreka Gates is a famous American entrepreneur, model, actress, and social media star. She is married to her husband Kevin Gates and she has two children with him. They tied the knot on October 17, 2015 in a private ceremony with only their close friends and family.

The mother of two is a Muslim and she follows her religion. She also went on a trip to Mecca with her husband in September 2016.

According to her bio, she is a graduate of Louisiana State University where she earned a Bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising. She is currently living in Los Angeles with her husband and their children.

She is an entrepreneur and has started her own clothing store, Polished Eccentric. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Her net worth is primarily derived from her career as an internet personality and manager. She has a lot of followers on her social media accounts and posts vlogs and lifestyle videos. She has around 123k subscribers and 3 million views on her YouTube channel as of July 2021.

Dreka Gates was born as Shadreka Centuri Haynes on 31 August 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. She was raised in a family of African-American ethnicity. She had a strong desire to become a businesswoman from an early age.

However, she had to work hard in order to achieve her dreams. She was determined to be successful and this helped her build a reputation as a renowned entrepreneur.

Although she is a successful businesswoman, she prefers to lead a modest life with her husband and children. She also works as a booking manager and handles her husband's upcoming projects.

Her husband is a pop singer and rapper from the United States. He has a 14-year long music career and has collaborated with Dead Game Records and Atlantic Records. He has released several songs such as Cartel Swag, Plug Daughter2, wails, and Really Push it.

The couple have two children together, Khaza Kamil and Islah Koren Gates. The couple are both practicing Muslims and went on a trip to Mecca in September 2016 with their children.

Dreka Gates Weight

Dreka Gates is a social media personality and a popular figure on Instagram. She has over 2.3 million followers and posts vlogs and lifestyle videos on her channel. She is also an entrepreneur who owns several businesses and social media endeavours.

The 36-year-old is a fan of living close to nature and lives on a farm with her husband, rapper Kevin Gates, and their children. They keep goats, alpacas, and chickens on the property. They also grow a large garden and have a pond.

She is a model and actress who has appeared in several television shows. She was a guest on an episode of Angela Yee's Lip Service with her husband. She has also appeared in a few music videos.

Her husband, Kevin Gates, is a rapper who is famous for his hit songs. He has collaborated with many top artists, including Cardi B, Gucci Mane, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. He is a very talented musician and has performed all over the world.

However, Kevin Gates has had his fair share of controversy and legal problems since he was a teenager. He has been arrested several times and has served jail time, but he has always been there for his wife and family. During his imprisonment, she helped him with his career and even pushed for his music to be heard by the public.

When she is not working on her businesses and social media endeavours, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband and their two children. She also teaches cooking classes and is an avid yoga practitioner.

She is also an entrepreneur and owns her own online apparel store that retails woman outfits. All the proceeds from her online business are deposited into the The Kevin and Dreka Foundation, which helps to educate and empower youth.

Her net worth is alleged to be between $1 million and $2 million. She has made her fortune through her businesses and social media endeavours.

Dreka Gates has a beautiful body and a powerful mind. She has a curvy figure and weighs around 56 kilograms. She has dark brown eyes and hair that is black in color. She has tattoos on her left hand and chest. She is a fitness enthusiast and regularly goes to the gym to maintain her body shape.

Dreka Gates Body Measurements

Dreka Gates is a famous American social media star and businesswoman. She is the wife of rapper Kevin Gates, and they have two children together.

She is a very successful entrepreneur and has been the co-founder of the record label called Bread Winner’s Association with her husband. She has a large fan base, and she is also a very popular Instagram star.

In addition, she is a regular face in her husband’s music videos. She has also appeared on a few television shows and a podcast. She is very loving and supportive, and she will do anything for her husband. She is an incredibly loyal friend and has supported her husband throughout his career.

Her husband, Kevin Gates is a talented musician and rapper who has gained fame through his many songs and music videos. He has received many awards for his work and is one of the most popular hip hop artists in the United States.

He is a very talented and hardworking man who loves his work. He has a strong reputation in the music industry and his fans love him for his talent and personality. He has been arrested several times for his illegal activities and has a long criminal record.

His legal problems have been a source of controversy for him and his fans. However, he has managed to overcome all these hurdles. He has recently landed on the cover of Billboard magazine for the second time, and it looks like his career is going to take off in the future.

Moreover, she has been working as a marketing manager for her husband’s record label. She has also launched her own clothing line, and her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

She has been dating her husband for thirteen years before they got married, and they have a son and a daughter together. Their relationship has been a rollercoaster ride, and there have been plenty of rumors about them. But they have managed to keep their marriage happy and stable despite all the trouble.

Her birthday is August 31, 1986, and she was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. She was raised by her parents and is of Afro-American ethnicity. She later graduated from high school in Los Angeles.

what does temptation island come on   2023

What Does Temptation Island Come On 2023?

Temptation Island is a reality dating show that puts couples to the test. They live on an island with a group of singles from the opposite sex and must see if their relationship can withstand the challenge.

Season 4 premieres March 16. You can watch it on USA Network, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV and Sling. You can also use a VPN to unblock it.

Temptation Island is a reality show

What Does Temptation Island Come On 2023?

USA Network has revived Temptation Island, a reality series that first premiered in the early 2000s. The new show has the same premise as its predecessor, with four couples being flown to a tropical island to see how their relationships will work out.

During their time on the island, each couple will spend their days apart from each other. They live in different houses and spend time with 24 single men and women, who also want to find love.

The couples will be reunited at the end of the show, but they won’t get any prize money. Instead, they will gain experience and learn what they need to do to maintain their relationships.

It’s an intense, emotional ride that will leave you wanting more. If you’re a fan of Temptation Island, you’ll be eager to learn when the next season airs and who will be in it.

If you’re interested in watching Temptation Island, it is available to watch for free on the USA Network website. All you have to do is create an account and enter your email address and password.

In addition, the show is also available on Peacock TV, NBC’s streaming service. You can stream the first two seasons of Temptation Island for free, but you’ll need to pay for the third and fourth seasons.

Another popular way to watch Temptation Island is through ExpressVPN, which has a huge server network in the US that will allow you to unblock the show and stream it at high speeds. It is also backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free and ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with its services.

Temptation Island is also available in the UK, but you will need to subscribe to Sky TV for $38 a month. You’ll also need to pay a setup fee that varies depending on your package.

Temptation Island has a reputation for being one of the most emotionally volatile shows on television. It features a lot of bonfire scenes, which are meant to create a sense of danger for the contestants.

It airs on the USA Network

Temptation Island is a reality show about four couples who are in a relationship that's facing a crossroads. The couples are sent to Maui, Hawaii, and separated from one another for a month. They are placed in villas with several single women and single men who are also looking for love. Then they're forced to spend time alone, and they get to explore what could be missing in their relationships.

The show is hosted by Mark L. Walberg and has a number of seasons under its belt. It aired on Fox from 2001 to 2003 and was revamped for the USA Network in 2019.

A new season of the show is coming out on February 16 and will feature couples Chelsea Orcutt & Thomas Gipson, Erin Smith & Corey Sobczyk, Kristen Ramos & Julian Allen, and Erica Washington & Kendal Kirkland. In addition to these eight couples, there will also be 23 singles who are trying to find love.

For many of the couples, Temptation Island will be a chance to see what's missing in their relationships and decide whether they want to stay together or break up. For example, Iris and Luke have been together for four years but they have some issues that they need to work on. Their jealousy is causing them problems, and they're hoping that the show will help them decide what needs to change.

Ashley and Lascelles have been dating for seven years, and they're hoping that their time on the island will be a chance to find some independence. They're also looking for growth in their relationship, so they're eager to explore what it takes to make a long-term commitment to each other.

Edgar and Gillian have been dating for four years and are hoping that Temptation Island will be a chance for them to get away from their college bubble and see if they can find something more. They've been through a lot in their relationship, but they don't know how to deal with the uncertainty of life outside of the safety of their college environment.

It is a competition show

Temptation Island is a dating show that takes existing couples and puts them in houses full of sexy singles from the opposite sex to test their relationships. It's based on the Dutch TV program Blind Faith, and it's been adapted in many countries around the world.

Each season, four couples go to a tropical location and live in separate villas with other single people from the opposite sex. They're encouraged to think about their relationships, and they're given guidance by former host Mark L. Walberg, who has been with the show since its original run in the 2000s.

The shows' description says the couples "must decide whether to commit to a lifetime together or ultimately give in to the temptation waiting for them on the island." They can also leave the island without their partners, and there is no monetary prize at the end of the series.

In order to participate in Temptation Island, candidates must be at least 21 years old and not married or engaged. They must be able to speak the English language and have nationality proof.

If you're interested in becoming a contestant, you can apply online through Temptation Island's website. You'll need to fill out a questionnaire and provide your contact information, and you will be asked to describe why you want to take part in the show. You can also upload photos of yourself.

A lot of people are interested in Temptation Island, and it's one of the most popular dating shows on the USA Network. Fans have been waiting for the show's fifth season to start, and now that it is officially underway in Hawaii, they can't wait!

The cast hasn't been announced yet, but it is expected to include a few new couples. Among the returning contestants are Erica Washington, Kendal Jones, Kristen Romas, and Erin Smith.

According to Channel 4, the show's synopsis states that the couples "are at a crossroad in their relationships and want to see what it would be like to step out of the relationship and meet someone new." The couples will have to choose between committing to a lifelong partnership or leaving their current partner behind.

It is a reality TV show

What does temptation island come on 2023?

Temptation Island is a reality TV show that follows four couples who are at a crossroads in their relationship. The show is a test that will help them decide whether they want to keep their current relationship or move on to the next phase.

The couples are flown to a tropical location where they live in small villas with other single individuals. The goal is to test the strength of the relationship and find out if the partners are willing to sacrifice their independence for each other.

These couples are then forced to make decisions that could change their lives forever. They are also encouraged to be open and honest with each other. They will be forced to face their past and deal with difficult feelings they have towards their partner.

Many of the participants on the show are facing trust issues and have a lot to lose by participating in this experiment. This is why it is important to check the terms and conditions of the show before deciding to participate.

It is important to note that no one is being paid for the show. The production crew is paying for their flights and accommodations, but they are not going to pay them for the time that they spend on the island. This means that anyone who works will have to cut back on their salary or job to pay for the expense of traveling to the island and filming.

In addition, the participants are not guaranteed a monetary prize at the end of the show. This is because the producers are hoping to make it seem like they’re helping people find love and relationships.

However, many of the participants have already started to cheat on their partners by the time they start the show. This is not a good way to start a relationship or build trust.

In addition, reality shows are often manipulated to increase ratings. They may alter the sequence of events or even eliminate certain people from the cast. This is done so that they will attract more viewers and therefore generate more revenue for the producers. It also allows them to avoid putting their participants in dangerous situations.

how many chucky movies are there  2023

Curse of Chucky - How Many Chucky Movies Are There 2023?

Chucky, the Good Guy doll who possesses a serial killer’s soul, has been terrifying audiences for more than 30 years. After a few instalments that amped up the dark comedy and embraced self-parody, the franchise returned to its horror roots with Curse of Chucky.

In this film, a paraplegic woman allows her young niece to keep a Chucky doll and soon learns that he’s out for revenge.

Child’s Play: Curse of Chucky

Curse of Chucky brings a fresh take on the franchise that makes it a much darker and gothic horror. This is a movie that is definitely worth watching if you are a fan of the Child’s Play franchise.

The biggest change that Mancini made in this film is putting Chucky into a new context. Instead of straight slasher, Curse put Chucky into a haunted house/home invasion horror and this helped bring the character back to something scary while still maintaining the warped humor that the first three films had.

It also brought a worthy and equal adversary to the table that would have a lot of potential to challenge Chucky. This was the first time in the series that a female character was the protagonist and it really worked out well for Fiona Dourif’s Nica.

While I’m not going to be giving any spoilers away here, there is a very interesting and shocking scene early in the film where Chucky kills a woman in her own home. This is a scene that is absolutely not for the faint of heart and it shows just how bloodthirsty and vicious this killer doll can be.

The rest of the movie is very dark and gothic with a really creepy score from Joseph Loduca that helps to set the mood. The film also has a few old photos and newspaper clippings that show Andy Barclay and Chucky’s link to the original Child’s Play film which is a great throwback for any die hard fans.

Overall, I thought Curse of Chucky was a very good movie and it did what it set out to do which was bring the franchise back to its roots. It did a great job of keeping the core fans happy whilst winning a lot of new ones along the way.

Child’s Play: The New Blood

When Tom Holland first unleashed a blood-soaked, doll-killing slasher film in 1988, nobody could have imagined that it would go on to become a franchise, spawning not only six sequels but also a TV show and a host of merchandise. In the 31 years since, Chucky has become a classic horror figure and a fan favorite, as evidenced by the number of movies and other media that continue to feature him.

It’s a hard act to follow, but if you’re looking for some new chucky action, look no further than the latest instalment in the Child’s Play series, which opens this weekend. The remake jettisons the many sequels and retcons the backstory of the killer doll, swapping out longtime Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif for Mark Hamill.

The movie may not be as strong as the original, but it’s certainly entertaining and more than a bit of fun for fans of the genre. The story revolves around a group of teenagers that are unable to escape the dreaded dolls that threaten to kill them.

While the story is familiar to a certain extent, there are a few differences here and there, most notably that the movie doesn’t take place in a foster home like the previous films did. This leads to a greater reliance on humor and less of a realism factor.

What makes the third installment in the series, helmed by Jack Bender, better than its predecessors is that it does manage to properly realize Andy’s trauma after the events of Child’s Play 2 and doesn’t rely on the old hat “Chucky needs you for his human body” routine. It’s also the last entry in the series to feature Catherine Hicks, who has remained a major character throughout the series but doesn’t have much screen time here.

Child’s Play: The Next Generation

When the original Child’s Play came out in 1988, it was one of the most popular slasher movies of all time. It introduced the world to Chucky, a murderous doll that terrorized unsuspecting teenagers. Since then, the franchise has grown to include a number of sequels and a television series.

Now, there’s a new film in the franchise, and it looks just as terrifying as the first movie. Featuring a new take on the iconic killer doll, the movie is called M3GAN and is set to hit theaters in 2023.

Director William Williams and screenwriter Johnstone were tasked with bringing Megan to life on screen and the result is more than creepy; she’s also unsettling. In a teaser trailer, we see Megan running on all fours like a dog and using an office tool to wreak bloody havoc.

In fact, M3GAN isn’t just a horror film: it also tackles themes of gender and feminism. It’s a movie that aims to challenge how we think about women, especially in the workplace.

The film is produced by Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, who were both children when they saw the original Child’s Play in the 1980s. The two are helming this new version, and they’ve released a first look at the film.

We can’t wait for this movie to be released! If you’re a fan of the series, you can pre-order this 4K UHD release from Scream Factory.

This is the perfect time to get your hands on a copy of the first three Child’s Play films. These are some of the most popular movies of all time and they look incredible on this new 4K UHD release.

Child’s Play: The Final Chapter

The horror movie franchise Child’s Play has been around for decades, but it’s only recently made a comeback in 2019. Mark Hamill returns as the voice of Chucky in the 2019 reboot, and he has teased that the new film will lead to a sequel.

Despite being a remake, Child’s Play is still a classic and has managed to maintain its reputation as a terrifying film. The latest installment, which is now in theaters, has been well-reviewed by critics and fans alike. It currently holds a 71 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 48 on Metacritic.

The 2019 version of Child’s Play was directed by Lars Klevberg and stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. The film also features the return of Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine, the original Chucky’s ex-girlfriend who turns into a doll after being resurrected by the psychopathic killer doll.

There are many differences between this remake and the first movie, but the biggest one is that it’s a far more satirical take on the story. The first movie was a dark, psychological thriller that drew heavily from voodoo magic and murder. The new version deviates much more from that theme and makes a more cynical comment on the centralized control of technology.

In the new movie, Chucky is part of a series of products that he can control via wifi technology. These products can interact with each other, and Chucky can copy himself into them if he gets threatened.

This may sound like a scary way to go about things, but the movie is actually quite clever and works really well. It’s also a fun change of pace from the typical slasher films.

Child’s Play: The Curse

The twisted tale of a murderous doll terrorizing children and families has been a huge hit over the years. The child-centric horror movie franchise has spawned many other films, a television series and even merchandise. Thankfully, we can finally celebrate the franchise with a new documentary.

For the past several decades, the Child’s Play franchise has been a horror staple, with the doll Chucky uttering his iconic line “Wanna play?” The series has become one of the most popular and influential franchises in the genre. It has also inspired numerous spinoffs, including a video game and comic book series.

As it turns out, there are nine movies in the Child’s Play series (and a TV series), making it one of the longest-running horror franchises of all time. But just how many chucky movies are there?

This is the third installment of the franchise, which follows a young boy as he attempts to transfer his soul into another body. The film also marks the return of Brad Dourif to voice Chucky.

In this installment, we learn that the killer doll was once owned by a man named Robert Otto. It was reportedly made by the Steiff toy company in Germany and was given to the Florida artist as a birthday present.

While this might sound like it’s a bit of an odd connection, the story does make sense. According to the story, Robert was once kidnapped by Charles Lee Ray and a woman named Sarah Pierce. This leads to the events that would lead up to Chucky’s murder of a young girl in the first film.

The first Child’s Play film introduces the character of Chucky, who is brought to life by the soul of a serial killer. He uses his abilities to take revenge on those who have wronged him. He can change his appearance, and he possesses a knife that resembles Charles Lee Ray’s knife. He can also transform into a doll, and has a very similar personality to the real Charles Lee Ray.

how many chucky seasons are there  2023

Chucky Gets a Third Season

After an unexpectedly satisfying season two, Chucky has been officially renewed for a third run. Syfy and USA Network have announced this renewal, which is good news for fans of the cult horror series.

The show follows Jake, who finds a homicidal doll at a yard sale. This throws his quiet town into a frenzy as characters from Chucky’s past return and threaten to expose his dark secrets.

Season 1

With Chucky soaring to new heights in cinema, the iconic killer doll is finally getting his own TV series. Now a hit on both SYFY and USA, the show has been renewed for a third season.

The first two seasons of Chucky have received acclaim, racking up 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and an A+ from Collider's own Alyse Wax. Now a third season is on the way, with production set to begin soon.

In addition to the television series, Chucky is also making a return to Halloween Horror Nights this year. The maniacal killer doll will be hosting a haunted house inspired by the series that's been enjoying a strong run on both SYFY and USA.

This Halloween event hasn't always been known for showcasing the most popular movie franchises, but the murderous doll has proven to be a fan-favorite. In fact, he's made an appearance at the theme park's annual Halloween Horror Nights in both 2009 and 2018.

But 2023 is shaping up to be even better for the iconic character. According to Deadline, Chucky will be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort next fall, with the Halloween Horror Nights event set to feature a haunted house inspired by the popular television series.

Those familiar with the Child's Play film franchise will recognize this as Chucky's return to the big screen after his plans to invade America's children's hospitals were foiled in season one. Desperate for revenge, the demon doll will cross paths with surviving teens Jake, Devon and Lexy, as well as his ex Tiffany, now his sworn enemy.

He's also a threat to the Hackensack trio, who're forced to deal with his increasingly volatile ways when his human body resurfaces in a psychiatric facility. He's now posing as "Jevon" and is threatening to take down his former friends, but can the threesome make it out of the hospital alive?

The third season of Chucky will be a "scary" one, as Don Mancini promised, and will include "more acrobatic action, more bloodshed and more twists and turns than ever before." But with Chucky's plans to kill off his fellow Good Guys, he might not have a full season left in him.

Season 2

A sequel to the cult hit Cult of Chucky, the show follows 14-year-old Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) as he buys a possessed 'Good Guy' doll at a yard sale and begins to fall under his supernatural powers. Soon, the doll begins committing a series of bizarre murders around Jake's town of Hackensack, New Jersey, and he becomes the main suspect.

Following the death of his father, Jake enlists in a special program at the School of the Incarnate Lord, where he is reunited with his bully friend Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and crush-turned-boyfriend Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson). At the school, they are introduced to the headmaster, Father Bryce, as well as Lexy's eccentric roommate Nadine, who reveals that her childhood bully Trevor has become a student and altar boy.

Despite being apprehensive about the new school, Jake is forced to confront his fears when Chucky appears in front of him and detonates a bomb. Trying to distract him, Devon tases him and causes him to drop the bomb.

Then, after the bomb explodes, Chucky stabs Gary and dies. Jake and Devon are blamed for his death and are sent to juvenile prison, but they manage to escape. When they return home, Jake and Devon are reunited with their therapist, Dr. Amanda Mixter (Blaise Crocker), who has connections to Chucky.

Later, the school's biology teacher, Ms. Fairchild, wrongly accuses them of the crimes they committed. As a result, they are expelled from the school. They are then sent to live with their therapist, but her husband, Mayor Cross (Alison Brie), threatens to kill them.

Meanwhile, Andy Barclay, Chucky's original owner, visits the school to tell them about his plan to send Good Chucky to the graveyard to kill all of the remaining Chuckys. He also brings them a mysterious box of communion wafers.

When he sees the box, Good Chucky kills The Colonel and Bree's and the Cross' therapist, Dr. Mixter, before killing the remaining Chuckys. Then, he brings Good Chucky back to Andy and locks them in the bedroom. However, the two teenagers are able to escape through a window.

Season 3

A third season of the hit TV series Chucky has been confirmed by the show's creator, Don Mancini. The USA Network/Syfy horror drama will continue its murderous escapades with a third season, which is set to air in 2023.

Chucky, created by Don Mancini, follows a doll possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif), who reanimates and begins killing in Hackensack, New Jersey. The second season of the horror drama aired from October 5, 2022, to November 23, and made a big splash on both USA Network and Syfy, ranking as a top-10 drama cable for 2022 in the 18-49 demo.

In season two, Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) finds a Chucky doll at a yard sale and is terrorized by the deadly slasher. He decides to take his battle to the next level by working with his classmate Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and her crush turned boyfriend Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson) to hunt down the evil doll.

The eight-episode second season, which was simulcast on USA and Syfy Wednesday nights, finished running in November and received mostly favorable reviews from critics. NBCUniversal has greenlit season three of the series, which is slated to air in 2023.

With the news of a third season, fans have been calling for more action with the infamous killer doll. Mancini has credited fans' persistence with the show's renewal, which is great news for everyone who wants to see more of Chucky and his evil slasher ways.

As fans will already know, the second season of the series was a cliffhanger. We saw Chucky reanimate the body of his deceased former owner, Andy Barclay, and we got to see the return of the walking Glen/Glenda dolls, voiced by Billy Boyd, who are now referred to as GG, as well as the death of Dr. Mixter, who was once a therapist to the young Tiffany Valentine.

Several franchise veterans make appearances on the small screen version of the Child's Play film franchise, including Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent, Christine Elise, Fiona Dourif, and Brad Dourif, as well as newcomers to the franchise like Bjorgvin Arnarson and Alyvia Alyn Lind. The recurring cast also includes Blaise Crocker as the young Tiffany Valentine, Lara Jean Chorostecki as Sister Ruth, Bella Higginbotham as Nadine, and Andrea Carter as Sister Catherine.

Season 4

If you're a fan of the Child's Play franchise, you'll want to be sure to catch USA Network/Syfy's Chucky and its sister show Reginald the Vampire in 2023. Both horror-themed series have been greenlit for new seasons by NBCUniversal, which announced the news Sunday during its Winter TCA press tour.

Chucky, which comes from Universal Studio Group's UCP division, follows the evil doll Charles Lee Ray (voiced by Brad Dourif) as he commits a series of mysterious murders and attacks. The show has garnered strong reviews from critics and was one of the top drama cable shows in 2022.

The second season of "Chucky" followed the killer doll's revenge mission after his diabolical plan to invade children's hospitals in America was foiled. He now seeks revenge on those he holds responsible: Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind). His nemesis, Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly), now his sworn enemy, is also in Chucky's crosshairs.

A few episodes into the season, it's clear that Chucky has found his calling - and that he'll continue to do whatever it takes to achieve it. This leads us to the season's penultimate episode, "Goin' to the Chapel," which will see a reunion, revelations, and shocking deaths in an epic conclusion.

I'm excited for the season to tackle queerness in the church, as I'm certain that's a subject that's never been explored before. The last few episodes of "Chucky" have been able to take the story to places that were previously impossible for the gang, and I can't wait for this season to hit its stride.

There's a lot of fun to be had in season two, and the show managed to keep it coming at a great pace. With a Halloween special, a spooky Catholic school scene, and a reunion/solo episode for Jennifer Tilly, it was easy to get lost in the fun.

But this is just the beginning for Chucky - and it's easy to imagine what's in store for him next. We'll be bringing you all the latest news and updates on this slasher-themed series as it continues to grow in popularity.

what chucky character are you  2023

What Chucky Character Are You 2023?

If you're a fan of Chucky, then you'll be happy to hear that the horror franchise is coming back for another season. USA Network and Syfy have greenlit the third installment, according to Deadline.

It's been 35 years since the first Child's Play movie ushered in this franchise, but it's still a horror legend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Don Mancini has brought several characters back for series installments, and it's always a delight to see them.

What Chucky Character Are You?

The horror-themed series Chucky, based on the Child's Play film franchise, has been renewed for a third season by USA Network and Syfy. The show follows Chucky, the homicidal doll with a killer's soul, as he kills his way through a new set of characters.

The third season of Chucky was one of the highest-rated dramas in cable among adults 18-49, proving that Chucky continues to be a popular franchise. The show features Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind and Brad Dourif (reprising his role as the voice of Chucky) and has brought many beloved characters back into the fold.

Two years after the death of Charles Lee Ray, a toy company attempts to re-create the Chucky doll. However, the doll's soul is still alive, and he goes after Andy, Chucky's former owner.

With a new set of players, the slasher series finds Chucky seeking revenge on those he holds responsible: Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), his surviving brother Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind). The murderous doll also has a sworn enemy in Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) and an unwelcome ally in Andy's foster sister Kyle (Christine Elise), who is trying to protect him from a killer she believes is behind everything.

When Jake and Devon discover that Chucky is still alive, they begin to suspect he was the one who threw them over the cliff and killed Gary and Tiffany. Suddenly, they're eager to avenge themselves and the rest of the gang.

As the season progresses, everyone becomes keen to avenge the deaths of their loved ones. But not everything is as it seems, and the evil Chucky still has an army waiting for him to strike.

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Jake Wheeler

Jake Wheeler is a teenager who lives in Harrison, Tennessee. He is a talented bass fisherman and has over 147K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has also created the Wheeler Fishing Foundation to help sponsor fishing tournaments and other events for bass fishing enthusiasts.

Jake is a good student and has high grades. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

As a teenager, Jake has had to deal with his dad’s abuse and his cousin’s bullying. He is also trying to cope with the constant reminders of his dead mother, and he’s struggling to keep everything in check. He has a hard time dealing with the stress and pressure of being a high school student, but he is determined to get through it.

Despite the pressure, Jake has been keeping up with his studies and he hopes to make it to college someday. He has his eyes set on a scholarship, but he has to work harder than ever before to make it happen.

He is constantly being reminded of his mother’s death and he can’t stand the thought of doing anything to hurt her again. He is also worried that he might lose his father and be left alone.

Then, when he sees the Good Guy doll in his closet, Jake finds it and gives it to him. He is then tempted to kill the doll, but he stops himself because he knows that he will die in a matter of days.

When he goes to a Halloween party, Chucky disappears from his room. He meets up with Devon and Lexy, and they try to find Chucky after she’s been locked in a closet by Oliver for “seven minutes in Hell”.

Later, when Jake is walking home, he spots a man carrying a Good Guy doll. He is hesitant to give the doll to him, but eventually, he gives it to him and takes it to his house.

Meanwhile, Father Bryce has been adamant that Jake and Devon return the Good Guy doll to his office. In the meantime, Junior has been taking advantage of the situation to bully Jake and Devon.

Tiffany Valentine

Tiffany Valentine is the second most iconic character in the Child's Play series, and her return to the franchise has fans extremely excited. Her first appearance in Bride of Chucky, which hit theaters in 1998, changed the franchise forever and cemented Jennifer Tilly's position as one of the most iconic actors to ever portray a murderous doll.

At first glance, she appears to be a dizzyingly wacky and vengeful killer (who, as we've already mentioned, is very much not her male counterpart), but there's actually a lot of depth to her character that goes beyond the campy and savage. While she is able to kill and maim people in a genuinely unsettling way, she is also incredibly sweet and remorseful at times, which makes her a rather unique and interesting character.

Her wacky, unhinged acts may sometimes be amusingly deranged, but there's no doubt that her most horrifying moment came in Bride of Chucky, where she amputated Nica Pierce's (Fiona Dourif) arms and legs to exact a terrible vengeance on the crime investigator she'd just killed. As with most of her actions, this is not the most reprehensible or shocking thing that could have happened in the film, but it's still a terribly chilling display of cruelty.

After the events of Bride of Chucky, Tiffany reunites with her beloved Chucky after he's been successfully revived by an amulet she found. She takes him back to New Jersey, where she plans to transfer his soul into the body of her daughter Glenda/Glenda Ray.

When the two arrive in Hackensack, they decide to visit a local hotel where they kidnap and murder two men. This is all part of their plan to make their bodies more like a human body and get the amulet to switch them into one.

Once they're in the room, they take out one of the men while the other is gagged and raped. They laugh about it and say that they're putting on a show for him, but this angers him to no end.

At that point, they drag their bodies upstairs and impregnate Jennifer with Glen/Glenda's soul. The child is born, and they call him Glenda to feminize the name she had given to Chucky. This ends up being a pretty good move, since it gives him a gender and a name that sounds more girly than Glen's was.

Good Guy Doll

Throughout the Child's Play franchise, the Good Guy doll has been a popular choice for children. However, after Chucky murders Andy's mother and father, the dolls were banned from the shelves of stores, causing a negative PR crisis. To save their brand, Play Pals Toys decide to revive the doll line and bring it back to life with a new look.

The new Good Guy Doll comes in the familiar Good Guys box with a window letting you show off his cherub smile and bright blue eyes. The doll has full arms, legs and hands with back articulation and is made from POM (Polyoxymethylene) Thermoplastic Connectors that are surrounded by a soft flexible foam that allows you to pose the doll in all sorts of different ways.

If you want to add a real kicker to your display, the Good Guy Doll has a special feature that will make it speak 4 movie-accurate phrases as you press a button on his back. It's a great way to add some whimsy to your horror collection, and it also makes a wonderful gift for the aspiring killer who has been infected by Chucky.

This 15-inch version of the famous doll is a replica of the Good Guys figure from the Child's Play films. The head is molded to look just like the original, with a wide-eyed innocence and a cheery smile. The outfit is a replica of the classic coveralls and shirt, with unique imprints on the soles of the shoes.

It is incredibly detailed, and it looks just like the Good Guys do in the movies! It is also very lightweight, so it is easy to move.

The clothes are of high quality, feel very sturdy and have all the right details from the Good Guys label on the bottom of their shoes to the lace up boots! They also don't look out of place on a rack at a local clothing store.

The head sculpt and the clothes are both incredibly realistic, and it's an amazing addition to any horror collection. The doll is also incredibly well presented in a Good Guys box, which is made from screen used box art!

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