Drake Toosie Slide Single- TikTok Hit

Drake Toosie Slide Single- TikTok Hit

Drake Toosie Slide Single- TikTok Hit

Drake does it better on this funky guitar slide. He's on slide, and it’s o, and it’s off and on and, and off and on an, and’s off and on. And the slides off a, and’s on and off and on, audit’s off and on and here we go. Drake. Drake. Drake. Drake. Got it? Enough of that.

Drake - lyrics to "Toosie Slide"

Toosie is the version of the song that is the basis for the "Drake toosie slide" meme.

This is a list of interesting things that happened in a recent "Toosie Slide" video.

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TikTok dominated and defined the year in popular music, crowning new hits and rediscovering some old ones. Now the platform is leaning into that with its first music report, one of the deepest looks yet into its musical impact. A lot of it isn’t that surprising, starting with the most successful TikTok song of the year. None other than Drake’s “Toosie Slide,” a track created for the express purpose of being a TikTok hit. It was also the fastest song to reach 1 billion video views on the platform, according to the report. Drake’s song made the climb in just three days — far ahead of the second-place song. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP,” which took two weeks. Count that as a win for shamelessness. (Source: www.vulture.com)

Drake's House is Worth $100 Million

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That's a problem. . . Drake's house located in Hidden Hills, California, which valued at $90 million, and he paid $40. 25 million for it.

The musician secluded in his Fortress of Solitude-esque Toronto home. His first music video to emerge reflects our self-isolating era. (Source: www.vanityfair.com)

Drake's 'Toosie Slide' Is Actually About Michael Jackson's Life

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Drake's "Toosie Slide" video was about the life of Michael Jackson. This video is one of the most commented and liked videos on YouTube. This video came with a lot of factual inaccuracies.

The Toosie Slide remix by Drake

Watch Drake's "Toosie Slide" video to learn more about the meaning of the song.

Drake on “The Takeover”: When I First Made the Song, I was Talking about Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk”

Drake and the Writer of "Toosie Slide" on the Hook

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He also previewed upcoming collaborations with the artist Playboi Carti and the solo artist Fivio Foreign.

Drake opened about "Toosie Slide," which is actually about Michael Jackson’s life. And how he feels about the song now that he has nostalgic feelings about the brilliance of Jackson’s music.

WATCH: Drake Unsurprisingly Aims to Create a Viral TikTok Dance in New “Toosie Slide” Music Video

Drake Gives Tour of Canadian Mansion in New Music

As the internet’s go-to outlet for what’s cool, cool, and cool, and as a member of the elite group of rap artists. And singers who’ve achieved “Emotional Money,” Drake is a fascinating character with a multifaceted career and a lengthy history. During a recent visit to Toronto. Drake treated his friend and director Jose Padilha to a tour of his compound as evidence that this isn’t your average rapper.

A Drake remix that got 400 million views on TikTok

After two weeks, "Toosie Slide" has been viewed more than 9. 4 billion times. In the video, Drake is wearing a “Ewing Athletics” shirt. Drake has a cameo in a local dance competition. "Toosie Slide" has been used as a workout music video on TikTok, a social media platform.

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Drake's latest song, "Toosie Slide," is about Michael Jackson, not his ex-girlfriend. The day after I saw the song on the music charts, I pulled up the lyrics, and I was shocked. When I saw what Drake had written, I just started shaking because I knew the lyrics were about me. He gave me the opening line saying "Michael Jordan ain't other n***** to be outdone". I felt like he was talking to me about Michael Jackson.


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