DJ Jelly, MC Assault, and Korey Robinson

DJ Jelly, MC Assault, and Korey Robinson


Dj Jelly and montay

In 1996, DJ Jelly, MC Assault and Korey Robinson established Atlanta's first independent rap label - Big Oomp Records. Together they revolutionized Hip-Hop culture both culturally and musically within the city.

Atlanta native DJ Unk joined their Southern Style DJs collective and performed at high school parties, proms, pep rallies and other events around Georgia. Ultimately he was signed by Big Oomp.

The Dream

One of the greatest talents London-based beat hound Lemon Jelly possesses is his incredible versatility when it comes to mixing beats. He consistently creates some of the finest sounding freestyle sets we've heard all year. As manager of one of London's premier bar venues, Lemon Jelly knows his stuff and loves sharing what he knows about music - something not many can claim! Besides making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience, his job also grants him access to some exclusive record collections in town; those fortunate few that get in will get to experience some truly great musical minds firsthand while those who cannot enter will enjoy sampling some good times at their next best mate's house instead.


T-Pain's career spans over ten years, during which he's released six studio albums, one compilation album, one soundtrack album, an instrumental album and 21 singles.

He's an accomplished record producer and songwriter, having collaborated with renowned artists such as Akon, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne and Ludacris. His success can be attributed to the use of Auto-Tune; a vocal manipulation technique which allows artists to alter their voice without altering pitch or tone.

Over the course of his career, T-Pain has achieved great success and earned himself a place among the greatest rappers in music. Despite criticism regarding his use of Auto-Tune, he has managed to stay abreast of changes within the industry.

His music has had a major impact on the hip-hop scene, with songs featured in several commercially successful films like "Spiderman" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." He's earned numerous awards for his work as well as selling over 15 million copies of his works worldwide.

He enjoys an immense social media following, his Instagram account boasting over 10 million followers. He's widely credited with inspiring the Auto-Tune phenomenon and is renowned for his distinctive style of rapping.

T-Pain recently declared his latest album to be his best work in years. It includes many of his signature hits as well as more introspective songs.

The album's title track captures this introspective mood, as T-Pain sings about his friend Bob's struggle with grief. Over filtered synth plucks and staccato snare claps, T-Pain asks how it is that Bob is on the other end of the phone, wondering what brought them to this point in their lives.

T-Pain's powerful statement and lyrics are as touching as they sound. Utilizing a more serious approach than his usual style, T-Pain manages to capture both the euphoria of love and the agony of loss in an honest yet upliftant manner.

T-Pain has had a remarkable career, earning multiple Grammy nominations for his music. His most recent album, Oblivion, will be released November 17th, 2017.


Twista, born Carl Terrell Mitchell in Chicago, is renowned for his innovative style of rap and irreverent lines. He's collaborated with numerous talented artists like Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx and Trey Songz over the years.

Twista stands out among most MCs who take a more melodic approach to their lyrics, opting instead for heavy hitting beats on his albums. On Kamikaze, Twista joined forces with renowned producer Toxic and his Legit Ballin label for an all-out banger.

This album isn't particularly groundbreaking, but it's an enjoyable listen and features some classic boom-bap production with some scratching on certain tracks to enhance its overall quality.

Twista typically raps at a fast tempo, but when he slows down for songs like "Scat Like That", the meaning behind his words becomes crystal clear. While this style may not be featured on many of his albums, it serves to showcase his voice beautifully.

Fans of Twista must have this album! It's jam-packed with amazing beats and he delivers some fantastic lyrical material. A must-have for any Twista fan!

The album also has some standout feature emcees who help break up the pace. For instance, there is a catchy song with guest verse from B-Hype called "Corrupt World," featuring his guest verse.

Another standout track on this album is "Category F5", the title track. This song boasts a high-quality beat with some nice acapellas. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any songs that stand out from the rest of the collection.

Fans of Twista should definitely check out his new album Shooter Ready! It's dark and heavy with bars over some amazing instrumentals - perfect for some Halloween music! You can listen to it below.



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OSOCITYNATION is an American DJ/MC and Producer that has made waves around the world with his unique talent. He has performed in countries like Israel, France, Dubai, Luxembourge, England, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Saint Maarten to name a few.

Discover OSOCITYNATION on YouTube and check out their latest videos.


OSOCITYNATION's DJ has been a longstanding member of the dance floor family, boasting an impressive resume that includes numerous events and locations. His accolades include numerous patented and licensed tracks as well as numerous music industry awards.

His most recent successes include a number one YouTube channel and an equally impressive Instagram following. Check out the video below for more on this highly entertaining and enlightening entertainer - you won't be disappointed! See you on the dance floor soon! Oh, and don't forget to check out his latest mix if you haven't yet; also follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; he always showcases new tracks across various genres so there will never be boredom!


OSOCITYNATION is a hip-hop and electronic music channel with over 2.14M subscribers. They upload 159 videos every month on YouTube, earning an impressive $51 million since 2006.

OSOCITYNATION's MC has been around for 12 years and boasts an enviable fan base around the world. He DJ's at events around the globe and has collaborated with numerous celebrities such as Asap Rocky, Kodak Black, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, Teyana Taylor, Makonnen & Trina just to name a few!

OSOCITYNATION's net worth is estimated to be $8.25 Million, based on average earnings per visitor for the channel as of Feb 12. For further details about their revenue, you can check out their website.

Rap MCs are essential to the genre, often providing rhymes. Additionally, they represent their artists and their style can shape how listeners perceive a rapper's music.

They are the masters of audience call and response, becoming renowned for their quick witted one-liners. Some even get referred to as crowd rockers! Busy Bee is one such example; she was the first artist to translate disco MC style into hip-hop music.

In the series, there are various MCs with varying styles of rhyme. Some prefer repetitive patterns while others use complex rhymes and offbeat rhymes. Additionally, some MCs rhyme over a beat while others do not.

Some MCs utilize their rhymed styles to promote their music, while others do not. It all depends on the MC's personality and whether they want to be successful as an MC.

At first, Jumin is wary of the MC but they quickly warm to each other. At a party later on in the evening, they are seen together and Jumin confesses his affection to her, telling her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

At C&R International, Jumin is made to work hard by Jaehee. Eventually, he manages to manage this and receives an apartment of his own; however, Jaehee is feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up with her job duties.


A producer is an individual with significant power over music production. They typically create music used at nightclubs and other places where dance music plays, as well as providing it for commercials and other forms of advertising.

The producer tag is a distinctive signature that helps identify the creator of a song or piece of music. Initially created to make artists more memorable and promote their music to people, it has since evolved into an effective means for creating brands and creating connections with listeners.

DJs and producers work in different capacities, but a producer usually oversees the creation of an entire piece of music. They typically have their own studio and collaborate with a team of musicians to craft each song.

Music comes in many genres, but hip-hop and electronic dance music are two of the most popular. A producer must possess a wide variety of musical selections so they can successfully blend these genres together into an overall cohesive style of music.

He must know how to connect his computer to a DJ mixer and then to speakers. To accomplish this, he will need to daisy-chain the connectors between the computer and mixer.

Additionally, he must possess an ability to work well with others and maintain a sense of humor. Furthermore, this individual should be able to interact with people without intimidating or making them feel uneasy.

His musical selections range from hip-hop and other genres, and he frequently collaborates with artists from around the world. He has DJ'd for celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, Kodak Black, Rick Ross and Teyana Taylor.

OSOCITY boasts an enviable fan base and is renowned for his ability to combine genres and create music that appeals to people of all ages. He's a popular DJ on social media platforms such as Soundcloud and his songs can be heard on several radio stations around the country.

He enjoys a well-earned reputation among South East Asians due to his DJing career that spans several years and includes collaborations with numerous international artists. Traveling is something he enjoys greatly; having visited Belize twice, he fell in love with the island and is eager to return soon.


Osocity, professionally known as Alex Haniff, is an American DJ and record producer who has made a splash on the international music scene. He's renowned for his eclectic taste in music as well as his high-octane performances.

His many awards and accolades aside, it is his ability to inspire people that truly excel. Aside from performing, he also works as a philanthropist and avid traveler - no surprise that he has such an ardent following. Recently he spent a week on Belize with some high profile guests such as jugglers. One thing he mentioned repeatedly throughout the week was his admiration for Belize's iconic landmark: Xunantunich archeological site.

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