Dj Akademiks Ig

Dj Akademiks Ig

Dj Akademiks Ig

I've dealt with my fair share of personal problems in my life, but none of them compare to the hardship I've encountered since I went public about my identity. Still, I remain true to myself despite all the hatred, slander, and bigotry I face because I know that's who I am.

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www.picuki.com)Story via TMZ - The family of 14-year-old John Hilgert -- who lost his life at Astroworld -- are devastated by the loss of their son, and want to hold those responsible accountable ... reportedly filing a lawsuit against Travis Scott, Live Nation and others. The suit, filed Wednesday in Houston, claims Travis and concert organizers failed to provide a safe environment for those in attendance. Among the security failures listed, according to People, a lack of personnel, barriers and emergency medical staff. Courtesy Hilgert Family A statement from John's dad, Chris, reads, "The pain of our loss from our son John not making it home alive from an event such as this is intolerable. He was a beautiful young man who simply wanted to enjoy his first concert event with friends, whom he treasured spending time with more than anything else." He continues, "If this lawsuit prevents even one family from having to go through the extreme pain and anguish that we have endured, then it is the least we can do to honor John's memory." The suit, filed by attorney Richard Mithoff, is reportedly seeking $1 million in damages. Of course, the Hilgert lawsuit is just one of dozens filed against Travis, Live Nation and others. As we reported, one filing asks for $2 billion in damages, another asks for $750 million and represents hundreds of alleged victims -- whether those injuries be mental or physical.  

Dj Akademiks' Main Account on Instagram Has Been Taken Down.

Hip-hop media mainstay DJ Akademiks will likely spend much of the day wondering what happened to his Instagram page because his popular account with millions of followers mysteriously disappeared overnight. (Source:



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