Conway Twitty Songs

Conway Twitty Songs

Conway Twitty Songs

In the race to establish his career as a country music giant, Twitty turned to a number of different styles of music for inspiration, both old and new. Through a personality as magnetic as his personality, he had a huge string of number one hit songs, selling more records than anyone in the industry up until that point.

What Is Your Favorite Conway Twitty Song?

With 98 Billboard charted singles to his credit, and hundreds more album cuts, it was a tough task to pick just 10 Conway Twitty classics. Now, it’s your turn to agree or disagree with what made the cut. Please leave your favorite Conway Twitty songs in the comments section below.  

Conway Twitt

Conway Twitty (September 1, 1933 - June 5, 1993) was a celebrated country superstar and songwriter with signature smooth, deep vocals and a flair for sensual, romantic ballads who began in the late 1950s as a popular rock & roll singer and teen idol. Born Harold Lloyd Jenkins in Friars Point, Mississippi, he started playing the guitar as a child and at age 10, relocated with his family to Helena, Arkansas where he formed his first band soon after and landed his own weekly radio show. He also excelled at baseball and received an offer to play with the Philadelphia Phillies after high school. His professional baseball career was cut short, however, when he was drafted into the US Army during the Korean War. While stationed in Japan, he formed a band known as the Cimmerons and played on the Army baseball team. After his stint in the Army ended in the mid 1950s, he began writing songs and working with Sun Studios owner and founder, Sam Phillips. By the late 1950s, he had signed with MGM Records and taken the stage name, Conway Twitty, which combines the names of two cities, Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas.  

Oklahoma Music Trail: Conway Twitty

The career of Conway Twitty – legendary singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist who once made his home in Oklahoma City – spanned the infancy of rock and roll to the country music craze of the 1960s and '70s. He became known for some of the most celebrated standards in country music including “Hello Darlin’,” “You’ve Never Been This Far Before,” “Goodbye Time,” “Linda On My Mind,” “I’d Love to Lay You Down,” “Tight Fittin’ Jeans” and “That’s My Job.”  


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