Connect With Influencers and Learn More About Playa Fly

Connect With Influencers and Learn More About Playa Fly


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If you're interested in learning more about Playa Fly and how he makes money, then you've come to the right place. This article will tell you more about his social media accounts and his net worth. In addition, you'll also learn how to connect with influencers. And, of course, you can always ask him about his career and net worth. After all, you'll only be following his favorite people, right?

Connect with Influencers

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Playa Fly's social media accounts

DJ Paul plans to release his Mafia All Day mixtape next month, and Playa Fly is furious at the prospect of a competitor using the phrase. The rapper posted a Twitter message about his frustration. It's unclear whether Playa Fly will pursue the matter in court, but he does have doubts about his financial resources. Regardless, he's still keeping his social media accounts active, and he's retweeting the content Paul posted.

In addition to collaborating with Gucci Mane, Playa Fly also collaborates with producers like Zaytoven. The result is a statement piece from a talented artist. Though many hip-hop fans don't know him, he's one of the most influential emcees in the Memphis area. His followers follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up to date on his latest news and upcoming projects.

After achieving his national debut, Playa Fly went solo and released four more albums under his name. His 1996 independent album "Movin' On" earned him a cult following, and his three-album contract with Super Sigg Records soon followed. He's also the father of rap artist Lil' Fly. Playa Fly's first album, "Da Game Owe Me," won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Although his social media accounts are largely filled with self-portraits, Playa Fly also has several official websites. He's most active on Twitter, where he posts videos and photos of himself. His Instagram account contains a collection of photos, and he keeps updated fans on his progress in the studio. His Twitter and Facebook accounts are more interesting than his official websites. While most fans may prefer to follow his career updates on Twitter, his Facebook account is full of videos and magazine covers.

His net worth

As a highly successful artist, Jay-Z has accumulated a substantial net worth. His business interests range from music to brand partnerships. His investments include Armand de Brignac worth $310 million, D'Usse worth $100 million, and Roc Nation for $75 million. He also has a stake in Uber valued at $70 million and JetSmarter for $50 million. His net worth has also grown considerably with his brand partnerships with Reebok, Cherry Coke, and Cohiba cigars. He even has a producer credit in NBA 2K13, and has a stake in the game developer EA Sports.

His career

Playa Fly is an American rapper who was born in Memphis. He was a member of the group Three 6 Mafia, then known as Lil' Fly. He left the group due to philosophical and monetary differences and pursued a solo career. He first released an independent album before signing a three-album contract with Super Sigg Records. His early career was characterized by underground success, including a song called Triple Bitch Mafia.

In his early teens, Fly began rapping and began to release music. His first album, 'Da Game Owe Me,' was released on the underground label Super Sigg Records in 1998. The album featured songs by rappers such as Terror and Minnie Mae Mafia. Other tracks on the album included 'Terror' by Gangsta Blac and Bill Chill. His Facebook page has mostly pictures of himself in the studio, but occasionally posts news about his career. Fans can follow him on Twitter or Instagram to stay informed of what's happening in his life.

Playa Fly is best known for his music. He is a street savvy rapper who raps about real-life experiences. Unlike many rappers, Playa Fly avoids the cliche of "rapping about gangsta life". Instead, he focuses on addressing real-life problems, which makes him stand out in a crowd of talented hip hop artists. In fact, he draws inspiration from legends such as Tupac, Marvin Gaye, and Tupac. His father, the late Bill Chill, is featured on some of his most popular tracks.

'Playa Fly' is a Memphis rapper who became a hood celebrity when he was just 16 years old. He was born into a family surrounded by daily crime and was quickly drawn to the world of hip-hop and rap. As a result of his early exposure, he became a certified hood star by the age of 21. In addition, he gained a reputation as a straight-up G.

His singles

Hunx and His Punx released their debut full-length, Gay Singles, in April 2011. Seth Bogart, the band's frontman, has been playing keyboards for Gravy Train!!! and the video for Girls' "Lust For Life." Since the release of this album, fans have been searching for Hunx and His Punx singles. Here's a look at the chart history of some of their most popular singles.

Playa Fly Album Review - Just Gettin' It On, Fly2K, And Mafia All Day

playa fly album

Several months after the release of his first single, "Blast Off", Playa Fly delayed the release of his sophomore album Mafia All Day by more than two years. The album was finally released on November 16, 2011. In this article we will discuss three tracks from this album that are sure to be top picks. Among them are "Just Gettin' It On," "Fly2K," and Mafia All Day.

Just Gettin' It On

The just gettin' it on from the Playa Fly album is a reissue of the 1995 independent album. The album is named after a rapper who goes by the nickname Lil' Fly throughout most of the recording process. Playa Fly originally released this album on his own in 1995 and later signed to Diamond Records. Diamond Records rereleased the album in 1999 and included bonus track "Fuck A Wanna Be".

Just Gettin' It On is one of the first english language albums by Playa Fly and was released in 1995. The album has 11 songs, including the singles Gettin' It On (Outro) and Just Gettin' It On (Intro). It features a number of different styles of rap music. One of the most unique aspects of this album is its range of tempos. The album's average tempo is 134 BPM and its highest tempo is 149 BPM.

Just Gettin' It On by Playa Fly is a good example of Memphis rap. It's an album full of dope songs that disses the 3-6 Mafia. It has a great flow and is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the genre. Playa Fly's album isn't the best, but it's certainly worth a listen if you love rap music.


The second album by Playa Fly, Fly2K, was supposed to be released in 2000 on Minnie Mae Muzik, but it was pushed back until 2002 due to incarceration. Luckily, he was able to complete the album during his incarceration. While it's a good album overall, the album itself has a lot of problems. In this article, we'll discuss some of the issues that have impacted the release of Fly2K.

Originally, Playa's first single was "From the Darkness Of Da Kut," which he released with Prophet Entertainment in 1994. Later, he left the group, released "Triple Bitch Mafia" and signed with Super Sigg Records. Since then, Fly's popularity has spread throughout the South and has influenced young cliques such as I.B.N. in Decatur, Georgia.

After the release of "Blast Off," Playa Fly released an album titled "Mafia All Day". It was delayed by more than two years due to a lack of funds, but it's now available on his official website. Until this release, Fly2K from Playa Fly has been making music for over a decade. If you are looking for a new release, Fly2K from Playa Fly is an excellent choice.

Mafia All Day

The phrase "Mafia All Day" is set to appear on a new mixtape from DJ Paul. Playa Fly, a co-founder of Three 6 Mafia, has been using the phrase for years, but DJ Paul plans to use it on his new project. Playa Fly has been using the phrase almost exclusively for his entire career. The rapper and producer even used it as the title of his Instagram account.

The release of the Mafia All Day album is expected to take place in August 2022. The rapper previously released the single "Blast Off" back in December 2010. The new album is being delayed by more than two years, but it has already been praised by critics and fans alike. It will feature songs by Lil Fly and Three 6 members. However, the album is more about Fly's own life than the story of the rapper's involvement in the group.

The rapper has been an associate of the Triple Six Mafia, but left the group after beef with the organization. After leaving the group, Playa Fly released his first underground album, entitled "Triple B*tch Mafia." The album later underwent a re-issue as "Just Get It On." This album contains a fair amount of dope songs, and has a dark memphis sound.

Playa Fly is one of the most popular southern rappers. He was a founding member of the Three 6 Mafia, but left the group in 1995 after various disputes with its members. Previously, he was known as Lil' Fly. Before joining the group, Fly had released one independent album before signing with Super Sigg Records. His solo career has since become very successful, and his music has influenced many young rap cliques in the southern United States.

Playa Fly - Don't Know Me

playa fly

Don't Know Me is the latest single from hip-hop artist Playa Fly. It features production from Zaytoven, a producer who has worked with Gucci Mane. It is an edgy piece that is guaranteed to get heads nodding. Check out the video below and make your own decision. Then share it with your friends. If you like Playa Fly, you will surely enjoy it! Here's why!


Hip-hop artist Playa Fly began his career in the 1990s as part of Prophet Entertainment. He has had several underground hits, such as "Nobody Needs Nobody," which features his father, Willie David Young, of the groups The Avantis and The Ovations. The rapper went on to collaborate with rap legends Triple 6 Mafia, and he released several albums under his own name. However, his most notable album is Untitled, which was released in 2004.

After his release from prison, Playa Fly began working on his new album, Mafia All Day. He also reunited with his old friends at the New Prophet Camp. Playa Fly's album, which was originally scheduled for release in 2000, was delayed due to his arrest for possession of narcotics. In the interim, the rapper rapped over the phone, and the album was delayed until 2002.

He was a member of the Triple 6 Mafia until 1995, when he left the group to pursue a solo career. At the age of 16, he was already rapping and appeared as a guest vocalist on Young Dolph's Welcome. Playa Fly was born to a drug-dealing mother, but was raised by his grandmother. After leaving the group, he went on to sign a three-album deal with Super Sigg Records.

Playa Fly is a very wealthy rapper with a net worth of $1-5 million. He is an American rapper from TN. He began rapping at the age of sixteen, and is currently one of the richest Rappers in the country. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. While his net worth may seem high, his personal life remains private. The rapper's wife has not yet disclosed the date of their divorce.

Member of the Triple 6 Mafia

The Three Six Mafia was a hip-hop group that first rose to prominence during the 1990s. While DJ Paul and Juicy J were constants, the group also included Crunchy Black, Lord Infamous, La' Chat, and Project Pat. Mark Henry still uses the song as his entrance music. The group was initially known as the Triple Six Mafia, but became more known as Three 6 after the group won an Oscar for the song "Hard Out There for a Pimp."

The group started in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1991. Originally called the Backyard Posse, the group later changed their name to Triple Six Mafia. The group was able to release several EPs before launching their own record label, Hypnotize Minds Records. The group was responsible for launching the careers of several other Memphis rappers, including Koopsta Knicca and Crunch Black.

Three 6 Mafia gained worldwide fame for their rap songs. Their hit singles "Have a Flow" and "Shake It Off" were among their biggest hits. The group's music also made them the first hip-hop artists to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song was featured in the Terrence Howard-directed film "Hustle & Flow."

The group's members included Paul and Lord Infamous. Both Paul and Lord Infamous were prolific songwriters. They collaborated on several songs, including Gangsta Boo and Crunchy Black. Later, they became known as the Triple Six Mafia, and their first album, "The Three Six Mafia," became an influential cult classic. The group released music on several record labels, including Hypnotize Minds, Loud Records, and Columbia Records.


If you're looking for the best Playa Fly albums, look no further. The Atlanta rap star is a multi-talented artist with a renowned resume that spans over three decades. Born in 1977, Fly first rose to fame as a member of the hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia, previously known as Lil' Fly. However, monetary and philosophical differences ultimately led to his split from the group. Fly went on to pursue a solo career, and he released a single independent album before signing a three-album deal with Super Sigg Records. In addition to his solo work, Fly has also been influential to a new crop of young cliques such as I.B.N. in Decatur, Georgia.

Despite the fame of his first two albums, Playa Fly did not embrace materialism in his lyrics. Instead, his rhymes tapped into deeper political themes. While this may sound superficial, many critics consider him the best lyricist to emerge from Memphis in the past decade, as well as the best rapper in the South. However, this distinction is hard to argue with, and Playa Fly is the perfect example of a Southern rap artist who mastered the art of rapping, not only with style but also with content.


Did you know that the American rapper Playa Fly is 44 years old? Born on September 2nd in 1977 in Shelby County, Tennessee, he's a Virgo and is a sign of the Zodiac. His zodiac animal is the Snake and he was a member of the Triple 6 Mafia until 1995. The age of the Playa Fly can be determined by looking at his birth date and calculating his birthday.

In 1994, Fly was a member of Prophet Entertainment. His first single, "From Da Darkness of Da Kut," was a diss track against the New Prophet camp. After leaving the group, Fly signed a deal with Diamond Records to record his next album, Fly2K. But, during production on this album, he was arrested and jailed for drug possession. As a result, his release date was delayed from 2000 to 2002. However, he managed to rap over the phone while incarcerated, and the album's release date has been pushed back a few more years.

The Age of the Playa Fly has been described as not yet official but it's not yet known whether he's single or married. He was recently featured on the Young Dolphin song "Welcome 2012" as a guest vocalist. His net worth has remained unspecified despite his burgeoning fame. Nonetheless, his net worth is significant enough to make fans wait. The age of the Playa Fly is 41 years old.

In the early 1990s, Playa Fly became a member of the Triple 6 Mafia, but he left the group in 1995 and pursued a solo career. Since then, he's been signed to the legendary Roddy Ricch, and he's had a successful year. And now, he's set to turn 45 in two years. So, what's next?

Social media accounts

DJ Paul is currently planning to release a mixtape called Mafia All Day later this month, and the word "Mafia" has become synonymous with the rapper's name. But Playa Fly expressed frustration with DJ Paul's use of the phrase on Twitter. The rapper's Twitter account is not surprisingly full of angry tweets. This is how Playa Fly responded to DJ Paul's tweets.

The Facebook page of Playa Fly is dominated by selfies. The Instagram account, on the other hand, is populated primarily by pictures of himself. Fans of the rapper can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with his latest work. In addition to sharing sultry pictures, the musician's social media accounts also give followers updates about his progress in the studio. While Chamberlain occasionally updates his followers, he prefers to share video clips and sultry magazine covers.

The musician was born and raised in Tennessee. He started out as Lil'Fly and eventually became a member of the Three 6 Mafia with Juicy J and DJ Paul. He released his first solo single in 1994. His affiliation with Triple 6 Mafia petered out after he left the group and released the notorious diss record Triple Bitch Mafia. After leaving the group, he decided to use the new stage name Playa Fly.

In addition to being a rapper, Playa Fly is also a musician and singer. He's well known for his street smarts and natural talent. While many rappers rely on wax to make them sound more gangsta than they are in reality, Playa Fly raps about real-life experiences. His influences include Tupac and Marvin Gaye, but he also draws inspiration from his late father, the legendary Bill Chill.

Playa Fly Interview

playa fly nobody needs nobody

If you are a fan of Playa Fly's music, you have probably heard of his 1998 hit single "Nobody" and his 2002 follow-up, "Blast Off." In this interview, Playa Fly talks about his career and how he monetizes his brand through a variety of platforms. He also shares his thoughts on social media, the city of Memphis, and performing during the recent pandemic. The Memphis native is currently on tour in support of his new single, "Don't Know Me," produced by Zaytoven.

1998 single "Nobody"

While the original single topped the charts back in 1998, it was the following year's follow-up "Movin' On" that really turned the singer into a Southern rap star. Featuring a wistful ode to "Nobody Needs Nobody," this single rekindled Fly's career. However, Fly's project was cut short by Bill Chill, who died before it could be finished.

The song became a classic in the rap world. Playa Fly was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 2, 1977. He was previously an associate of the Three 6 Mafia, which was also known as Lil' Fly. In 1995, the group split over philosophical and monetary differences. Despite the split, Playa Fly forged ahead with his solo career and released his debut independent album, "Fucka Be". The song spawned a music video that starred Lil' Yo and became one of the rap legend's biggest hits.

2002 single "Blast Off"

"Blast Off!" by Enumclaw is a self-recorded song from the band's debut EP, Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, released almost a year ago. The song was written after the band leader suffered from a panic attack. The song itself has lyrics reminiscent of Doris Day and Jackie del Shannon. However, instead of slick production, the song sounds like it was written by a kid, a song for the 80's.

The song features a chorus that stretches across genders, a thumping bassline, and a dancy electronic drum beat. It has become Blur's quintessential single. Despite the lyrics, the track is a pop tune that's laced with punk-style irony and sung by a straight-laced protagonist. Besides being a classic Blur song, the track also features a vocal sample of an accordion, which makes it a unique and memorable track.

Days' "Days Go By" was another popular single in 2002. It was a deep house groove produced by an anonymous U.K. act, but without a placement on the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the song would have been an afterthought. The video, featuring a breakdancer with a heartbroken look, echoed vocals, and popping, earned it a parody from Dave Chappelle and Jimmy Fallon.

Aaliyah's "Blast Off" spawned a worldwide fan base. The song was a popular hit in her native Canada, and it peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. While it wasn't a hit in the U.S., it did reach the top 100 in the UK. The song took on a whole new meaning after her death. She was a hip hop icon, a fashion icon, and a beloved global superstar.


The career of Playa Fly began in 1998 when he released his single, "Nobody Needs Nobody." The song featured Gangsta Blac and Fly's father Bill Chill, and it became an instant hit. But it never had a music video. A trailer was released on June 24, 2014, but the full-length version has yet to surface. The song's longevity is a testament to its timeless quality, as well as the skill and talent of Fly and his collaborators.

The album was released in 2002. It was the first national release for Playa Fly, and featured part two of the Triple B*tch Mafia song. "Out Da Darkness of Da Kut" was an anti-Three 6 Mafia track. After the album's release, Playa Fly gained a loyal following. In addition to his debut album, Fly also released four more albums: "Movin' On," "Just Get It On," and "Da Game Owe Me."

Fly began his solo career as a member of the rap group Three 6 Mafia, but later split due to philosophical and monetary differences. Fly released an independent album before signing a three-album contract with Super Sigg Records. The group's popularity continued to grow, with Playa Fly influencing cliques like I.B.N. in Decatur, Georgia. Playa Fly's early career saw him release several underground hits.

His latest single, "Don't Know Me," is a bold statement. It features Zaytoven, a notorious hip-hop producer known for his work with the likes of Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj. Fans will definitely be enamored with the song. It's a powerful single that has the potential to break records and become an instant classic.

Just Gettin' It On by Playa Fly

Just Gettin' It On is a 1999 reissue of Playa Fly's independent album from 1995. Lil' Fly was the artist's name on the album during most of the recording process. While Fly is better known as Playa Fly, he also performs under the name Lil' Fly on his new album. Diamond Records released the album in 1999. The re-release included a bonus track called "Fuck A Wanna Be."

This album has an average beat per minute (BPM) of 134, with the slowest songs tempoping at 79 BPM and the fastest tracks at 149 BPM. It begins at 135BPM and ends at 135BPM (+0). The tempos are relatively even throughout the album, so listeners won't feel a difference in the tempo from track to track.

While the album's focus is dissing the 3-6 Mafia, it is a solid listen for fans of Memphis rap. While it doesn't have the same commercial appeal as Playa Fly's more popular albums, it's worth checking out. Just Gettin' It On is not one of the best in the genre, but it's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of Memphis rap.

Playa Fly Net Worth

playa fly net worth

Playa Fly, originally known as Lil' Fly, started rapping at the young age of sixteen. Now, he has net worth and is enjoying a rapping popularity trend. Among his latest releases, "A Little Love" and "Lil' Fight" have topped the charts, bringing his total net worth to $16 million. Read on to know more about this rising star. The net worth of Playa Fly is estimated to grow as his career continues.

MC Lyte's net worth

MC Lyte is an American rapper and actress who has amassed a net worth of $8 million as of August 2022. Although she first came to the attention of the public as a rapper, she has since branched out into other fields, including acting and entrepreneurship. Her most recent work was a starring role on the television drama series Tales, in which she portrayed Detective Makena Daniels. This work helped her establish herself as an icon in the entertainment and music industries.

MC Lyte began her career in 1993, making her movie debut in the 1993 movie Fly by Night. Since then, she has worked on a number of films. In addition to her acting career, Lyte has founded several organizations and foundations, including the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and the Sunni Gyrl, Inc., and she is an honorary member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority. Her net worth continues to grow as she works to build a legacy in the music industry.

MC Lyte's career has been marked by several high-profile appearances on TV and in music. His fourth studio album, Ain't No Other, was a commercial hit, and his collaborations with Brandy and Janet Jackson paved the way for the artist's subsequent career. In 1994, Lyte signed with East West America/Elektra Records and released his fifth studio album, Bad As I Wanna B. The album also included Grammy-nominated songs "Ride Wit Me" and "Cappucino."

MC Lyte's net worth has steadily increased since the early 2000s, when she became the first solo female rapper. She is also considered a pioneer in hip-hop as a feminist, having broken barriers for women in the music industry. MC Lyte's net worth is based on her popularity in hip-hop and other industries. With her success, she has been able to invest her money in entrepreneurship and other endeavors.

MC Lyte's net worth is estimated at $8 million. She has a successful career as a rapper, songwriter, and actress. Besides music, Lyte has starred in television shows and movies. With his net worth of $8 million, she can afford to support her children in a booming career. So, let's take a closer look at her net worth! And, as always, remember to be generous with your hard earned cash!

Juicy J's net worth

If you want to know about Juicy J's net worth, you need to know what his sources of income are. His career started with solo projects and has grown to include a record label and A&R representation. As of 2022, he earns approximately $20 million a year. When calculating his net worth, he subtracts his liabilities from his assets. These include cash deposits and savings, as well as equity in a home and car.

In addition to his music, Juicy J is a songwriter and record producer, which helps him boost his net worth. His career also includes other projects like The Three 6 Mafia, which he co-founded with fellow rappers DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Gangsta Boo, and Koopsta Knicca. He is worth an estimated $28 million US dollars. Juicy J married Regina Perera in July 2016 and welcomed a daughter, Kamai, in February 2018.

Despite his young age, Juicy J began recording music at an early age. He was a member of the Triple 6 Mafia group at the age of 16. He wrote and performed "Slob on My Knob" in his 11th grade, earning him his first Grammy nomination. In 2009, he released "Stay Trippy," his second studio album. It did not achieve the success of his debut, but his following singles earned him an additional $2 million in net worth.

Aside from his rap career, Juicy J owns a luxury car. He owns a BMW 3 Series, which was originally listed for $2 million. The rapper haggled the price down to $175 million. In addition to a BMW, Juicy J owns a Porsche 911. Juicy J's playa fly net worth comprises his personal life, his music career, and his real estate holdings.

The rapper's net worth has increased significantly since his release from prison in 2005. After he was released from prison, Fly began working on his second album, "Mafia All Day." In 2006, Fly joined the group's New Prophet camp and recorded the infamous Diss record, "Triple Bitch Mafia." Later, he switched his name to Playa Fly and starred on Tommy Wright III's On the Run. After becoming a successful solo artist, Playa Fly expanded his music career throughout the south, influencing cliques like I.B.N. in Decatur, Georgia.

Moneybagg Yo's net worth

The net worth of Moneybagg Yo is estimated at $1 million. The hip hop artist has seven children from four different women. He had two children by the time he was in the 12th grade and the rest were born afterward. The names of the children are Trevante, Donny, Hazel, and Tracery. In 2016, Moneybagg Yo received the Memphis Hip Hop Award. The rapper has a love for luxury jewelry and was recently connected to social media star Ariana Fletcher.

His recent achievements and net worth can be attributed to his popularity on YouTube and his substantial fan base. He currently has 2.40 million subscribers on YouTube. The rapper also owns his own clothing line and has purchased real estate with Yo Gotti. This income has allowed him to buy several luxury vehicles, including yachts, private jets, and even a luxury apartment. With so much fame, his net worth is sure to rise.

The rapper's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million in 2022. He is a famous rapper in the US and has released several mixtapes. He also has a record label, Bread Gang Entertainment, which released a mixtape entitled '2020.' As a result of his popularity, Moneybagg Yo has a six million dollar net worth. And the income he has earned from music is only the beginning.

As of 2019, Moneybagg Yo has an estimated net worth of $6 million. He had a net worth of one million dollars in 2018 but has increased by three million dollars in the last two years. By 2020, he is expected to earn an additional $ 4 million dollars. His recent Twitter post revealed that he charges $ 200,000 for each concert. The rapper has four other women. One of them is his current girlfriend, Ariana Fletcher.

Key Glock's net worth

The Atlanta rapper is a multi-platinum recording artist with a net worth of $16 million. He has performed on several major stages and has collaborated with other big-name rappers. In addition to releasing his own mixtapes, Key Glock has collaborated with Young Dolph, who featured him on his debut album. His mixtape "Dum and Dummer" peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200 chart.

Key Glock grew up in an unstable household and has had an incredibly difficult childhood. His mother was sent to prison when he was 18 months old, and she spent 16 years behind bars. His father was in and out of his life and died in 2018, leaving Key Glock with his grandmother. He spent most of his childhood listening to rappers like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane, and he is an avid fan of the hip hop group Three 6 Mafia.

The rapper earns money through merchandising and brand endorsements. He has collaborated with Burberry and Air Jordan. He has also appeared in many magazines, including The Fader, VRTX Mag, and Hype. The rapper has also sparked interest in a number of brands, and his net worth is growing exponentially. In addition to merchandising, Key Glock has spent an estimated $40K on jewelry, as well as various other accessories.

The rapper has worked as an actor and rapper. His biggest hit in 2017 was his mixtape "Glock Season". Young Dolph's record label has signed him to a major contract. His birth name is LaShun Markeyvius Cathey. His mother was incarcerated when he was only 20 months old. He was raised by his aunts. He spent fifteen years in state prisons.

In 2017, the rapper signed with Young Dolph's Paper Route Empire and released his first single "Racks". He released a mixtape titled "Glock season" and a full-length album titled "Dum and Dummer." His breakout song "Burrow That" was produced by Project pat, who dubbed Key Glock the 'Drake of Memphis'. The track's main instrumental was a freestyle cover of Future's 'Bad to the Bone.' Currently, Key Glock has a net worth of $1.1 million.

Movin' On by Playa Fly

playa fly movin on

Movin' On is a song by playa Fly, a hip-hop artist from the South, released on the Super Sigg Records label in 1998. This song became an instant hit and made Fly an overnight star in Southern rap. The single "Movin' On" is still being played on radio stations to this day. Although he died shortly after recording the album, he still managed to sell over 80,000 copies.

Movin' On

After becoming an overnight Southern rap sensation, Playa Fly released his Movin' On album on Super Sigg Records in 1998. The album's title song is still played on radio stations today. Bill Chill, Fly's producer, passed away before the album was complete, but the album still sold over 80,000 copies. This Southern rap icon's next album, The Flow, will be released on June 22.

The second Playa Fly album, Da Game Owe Me, was released by Super Sigg Records in November 1999. It was a re-release of Fly's earlier underground solo album, Just Gettin' It On, featuring Gangsta Blac, Bill Chill, Minnie Mae Mafia, and Cool B. The Movin' On album features songs like Funk-N-Bonnin' Bonp, Write Sum Bump, and Movin' On. In addition to Fly, Movin' On features guest appearances from Gangsta Blac, Situation, and Criminal Manne. The album also features the Playa Posse and Icy K.

The next album Fly released was titled Mafia All Day, and it was a massive success. Fly's first single, "From Da Darkness Of Da Kut", reached number one on the underground hip-hop chart and was later featured on Gangsta Blac's Breakin Da Law album. Later, he joined the Three 6 Mafia crew and teamed up with DJ Paul and Juicy J.


Fly2K was released in November 2002. The album includes tributes to Bill Chill and features songs "Here Fly Come" and "Flexxin' Skit". During his time in prison, Fly rapped over the phone for two tracks, "Sap Sucka" and 'Flexxin' Skit. In 1999, Fly was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison for possession of narcotics.

Fly originally belonged to Prophet Entertainment. His first single was "Out Da Darkness Of Da Kut," and later was featured on the album Breakin' the Law by Gangsta Blac and "Mystic Stylez" by the Three 6 Mafia. Fly later signed with Super Sigg Records and was involved in the rap scene, influencing young rap cliques throughout the south.

Da Game Owe Me

Da Game Owe Me is a 1999 album by Playa Fly. It was released on Super Sigg Records. Listen to Da Game Owe Me online or download it on your favorite music service. Da Game Owe Me is a hip hop album that will be familiar to fans of the genre. The rap artist is best known for his work on the Super Sigg label. The album contains a number of standout songs including "Wool," which became the band's biggest hit.

Gangsta Blac

Playa Fly is an American rapper born in 1977. He is based in Memphis, Tennessee. He was a member of Three 6 Mafia, known then as Lil' Fly, but the group eventually broke up due to philosophical and monetary differences. Playa Fly later pursued a solo career, releasing an independent album before signing with Super Sigg Records. While touring the South, he often collaborated with Juicy J and DJ Paul from the Triple 6 Mafia.

After joining the New Prophet Camp in early 2006, Playa Fly released a new album called Movin' On. The album featured the songs "Blast Off" and "Nobody Needs Nobody." The album also included appearances by Bill Chill, D-A-V, Thaistik, and Playa Posse. However, the single "Movin' On" was not released until mid-2008.

Why Someone Should Be Crownin'Me

Pimpin blessed above all, someone should be Crownin'Me. This is a pimpin' philosophy that has a great deal of merit in hip-hop, as well as a positive impact on the rap community. In this article, we'll explore why someone should be Crownin'Me and what the benefits of this approach are. After all, nobody's perfect, but everyone deserves some crowning glory.

Just gettin' it on

Just Gettin' It On by Playa Fly is a hip hop album from the 1995. Most of the songs on this album were written by Lil' Fly, who was the artist's stage name during the year 1995. The album was released on Diamond Records, and featured the bonus track "Fuck A Wanna Be."

Playa Fly started out in a group called Prophet Entertainment and released his first single, "From Da Darkness of Da Kut." He later left the group and started his own label, renaming it after his grandmother. He then signed to Diamond Records and began the production of his next album, Fly2K. His second album, 'The King Of Memphis,' was delayed to 2002 due to his arrest for narcotics. While in prison, Fly released a series of rap songs over the phone.

Just gettin' it on 2

Just Gettin' It On 2 is the second album by American rapper Playa Fly. The album is an instrumental mix of hip hop, rap, and soul. The album consists of 11 songs. Each track focuses on a different emotion. For example, the album contains "Gettin' It On (Outro)", "Location," and "Positive Thinking."

The album has a tense and dark vibe, with plenty of dope tracks. It was released in the wake of a beef with Three 6 Mafia. However, Playa Fly later left the group because of his dissatisfaction with their management. He decided to continue his solo career and signed a three-album deal with Super Sigg Records. The album was released in the same year that he served his seven-year prison sentence for drug possession.

Just gettin' it on 3

Just Gettin' It On is the third studio album by Playa Fly. Released in 1995, this album features rap legends such as Lil' Fly and Big Daddy Kane. It is a re-release of his previous solo album, Da Game Owe Me, which was released on Super Sigg Records. The album also features guest artists such as Bill Chill, Lil' Yo, and Minnie Mae Mafia. It has a bonus track called "Fuck A Wanna Be" and a video of the same name. This is Playa Fly's only music video.

"Just Gettin' It On" is a compilation of twelve tracks. The playtime is 1:06:39 minutes. The songs are mostly dance-oriented, and it's the type of hip-hop that's best for people who enjoy rap music. The rapper's fans and critics alike have praised the album, which has been delayed twice as long as the previous one.

While in the ranks of rappers, Playa Fly is a southern favorite. The Atlanta rapper was once a member of the Three 6 Mafia, but left the group because of some philosophical differences. He released a first independent album under the name Lil' Fly before signing with Super Sigg Records. His early music career was a success and he even influenced some young cliques in Decatur, Georgia.

Just gettin' it on 4

Just Gettin' It On is a music album by Playa Fly. It was released in 1999 on Diamond Records. It is one of his most popular albums, and it has a lot of good songs on it. This album includes the bonus track "Fuck A Wanna Be".

Previously, Playa Fly was an associate of the Triple Six Mafia, but left after beef with Lil' Fly. Playa Fly subsequently released his first underground album, Triple Bitch Mafia, which was re-issued in 2004 as Just Gettin' It On 4. His first album features a decent number of dope songs, and dark production with a memphis sound.

Just gettin' it on 5

Just Gettin' It On is a 1994 album by Memphis rapper Playa Fly. Fly goes by Lil' Fly throughout the album. This album was released on Diamond Records and included a bonus track, "Fuck A Wanna Be". The title track, "The Playa Fly Way," is a dope song about the power of love. The album also features diss tracks about the 3-6 Mafia.

Playa Fly is an influential rap artist from Memphis, Tennessee. He began his career as Lil' Fly in Three 6 Mafia at the age of 16. During this time, the group split due to monetary and philosophical differences, and Playa Fly pursued a solo career. In 1999, he was arrested for narcotics, and his album release date was delayed from 2000 to 2002. During his stay in jail, he rapped a song on the phone.

We all have some favorite celebrities. We anxiously sit up for new drama, film, music, or interviews of our favorite celebrities and wish to understand their personal life. When we see people with careers within the industry, you may have dreamed of being one in every of themselves within the current trends of the entertainment careers and tracking the competitive landscape.

shallow focus photography of man in suit jacket's back

Entertainment industry career and jobs

There is little doubt that some people are making billions a month through the industry and live an opulent life.But everyone can't make progress, talent is important for each field.

If you've got talent,then nobody can stop you from achieving success. There are many careers in the industry, let's discuss one by one:


There is lots of labor for artists like a number of them are dancers, singers, musical instruments and a few just act. But before being an artist's skills are necessary.

man in gray jacket standing on stair

Artists spend money on classes and training then get employment in the industry. No doubt, some well-known artists are making huge money but there's plenty of exertions behind their success. You'll even be an artist if you've got talent.

Costume designer 

Fashion designers are named costume designers who designed dresses for artists per movie scenes, TV, or theater productions. For this job, you wish a bachelor's in fashion designing.

purple and gold long-sleeved dashiki dress hanging by a window

In a survey there's an estimate that fashion designers generally earned a median annual salary of $67,420 in 2017. This is a high-paying job in media.


For animated images or videos, the animator is important within the show business and nowadays animator jobs are in high demand. Some animators use computers to animate images or videos and a few use handmade paintings. It's supported talent, no highly qualified degree is important.

But if you've got a bachelor's or academic degree in arts then it is a plus point for you.


Production is thought because of the business and financial side of films, dramas, etc. There is no demand for a degree for this,but if you've got a bachelors degree in production with the talent of utilizing money in an exceedingly proper way then you'll be able to join this job.

man looking flat screen computer monitor

In music production, Warner Music Group programming through its network of local production operations in 13 countries to form a number of UK's Affair music.WB international TV Production produces local scripted and non scripted film,TV ,radio,VFX,animation,acting,production, post-production and sets.For these facilities, WBSF oversees production-related services including costumes,set-dressing,crew, production acting, casting notices, TV,film production internships, these all services WBT's vast portfolio provides


Many bachelors earn a degree of the writer to enter during this field. Writing a decent script for any program, serial or movie may be a basic thing for a successful project. Many writers are earning a decent income after attaching with some famous media production companies. Writing plays a soul character in any project so if you're an honest writer then must try your chance in this field.


When a movie or serial has been started then from the choice of scripts to the choice of artists, all work is finished by the director.

They collaborate with producers and writers for strong script and management. They are accountable for the choice of the best artists consistent with the role.

man wearing gray suit jacket and dress pants

There is no need for a particular degree to hitch this job, many students with the degree of writer or artist joined this.

Makeup Artist 

Makeup artists give other artists a flawless look and make them beautiful for his or her projects. This field needs the diligence to be perfect because perfection is important during this work. This could need long shifts, so there's a high demand for the simplest makeup artists who can work fast.

How to get a job?

In the above discussion, we told you about the careers and opportunities within the media. Now hope you understand all the items about careers. In the next we are going to tell you the methods of getting a job with the industry, so let's discuss these methods which can facilitate you to seek out the above mentioned jobs.

There are many platforms who announce a job with the passage of your time in media. Some platforms are quite common for each job posting like Indeed.

Just try and search for new jobs daily on indeed about media and you'll definitely get your ideal ones very soon. They offer jobs in several countries so must attempt to don't afraid to be rejected because rejection causes you to be perfect. You simply must make an attractive covering letter with a nice portfolio.

Give all the small print which they required, your name, employment status, salary, resumes, etc. Then attach a CV with samples of your work if you have got.

Besides this, there are many platforms where you'll find jobs associated with media and may apply. Many TV channels promote different tv shows within which people perform and find selected for various projects. Like singing shows, acting shows, if you do not get selected then it's another benefit that you just will get in reality with celebrities, and may your show your face on the screen to the planet and media industry. Hope so someone likes your work and hires you. So opt for it and do not miss the prospect to be famous on the bigger screen. Complete your resumes and apply when jobs opening at Sony and Warner Bros.

The role of Human Resources in the media industry

Human resources management plays a significant role in every field. Its basic purpose is to take care of the items and take action in any problem consistent with the law.

We often listen about the harassment cases with female artists in the industry. Producers, directors and better authorities try and harass new girls. In any case of harassing you'll contact to human resources department, they will facilitate yours.

Legal and business affairs

Legal and business affairs are main part of this industry. Finance and law is necessary for every field,so in this field like others ,an institute is working for legal affairs.For example,in issuing licenses,cancel someone license on the behalf of demolition of rules,income related issues of artists,applicant and artist privacy policy, these all affairs have controlled by legal and business authorities.

The legal group oversees company compliance with the law, communications, finance, HR, legal, public affairs, and our business development.

The best thing about this industry is that, it has jobs for every degree holder of any country, we just see the artists who are playing their roles on screen but behind the scenes, there is a lot of teamwork. Actually, this team plays a vital role in the success of every project.

Basic Media Jobs Platforms



Warner Bros Studio


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