Concerts in Miami OR

Concerts in Miami OR

Concerts in Miami:

I did my own sightseeing, preferring to spend my time outside of the area adjacent to the stadium. After all, I had seen everything inside already, meaning the preliminary concert for these concerts was going to be about the outside. The drinks and souvenirs inside the stadium weren’t going to do it for me this time, but I had a lot of questions on the way.



“Due to increasing logistical and production challenges related to the pandemic and after consultation with the artists and their production teams, we have jointly made the difficult decision to cancel the Capital One Beach Bash originally scheduled for December 30, 2021 on South Beach at Lummus Park,” Capital One said Monday.Miami’s lost some great concert venues in the last few years (R.I.P The Stage and Grand Central) and if some Miami Beach commissioners get what they want, we’ll have to say goodbye to The Fillmore, too – but there are still a few spots you can catch a good show. From big venues like the American Airlines Arena to the grungy, grimy, beloved Churchill’s, here are a few spots to make some musical memories. Ah, The Fillmore, thank you for the memories. It’s been one of the best places to see live music in the area for a long time, although the Miami Beach Convention Center expansion could end up claiming it. The turquoise blue Art Deco building has been on the beach since the 1950s, when greats like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Jack Benny played there. In more recent years, classic greats like Phil Collins and indie stars like Little Dragon have set the vibe for this place.This classic has been around since 1961 – but since a renovation and reopening in 2011, the North Beach Bandshell has come back in full force, thanks in part to the masterful planning and programming of The Rhythm Foundation. They’ve brought everything from local favorites like Afrobeta and the Nu Deco Ensemble to big indie names like Bon Iver and Ibeyi, all of them performing on the seashell white open-air stage. They’ve also hosted yoga festivals, dance band nights, and a whole slew of free activities to really get the community connecting and moving against the backdrop of palm trees and sand.

Organized by the FIU School of Music and presented with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commi, then these concerts will certainly spice up your visit to Miami. (Source: miamivacations.com)

issioners, the City of Miami Beach, FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios, and the Kimberly Green Latin American and the Caribbean Center at FIU. The Betsy Hotel is the official host hotel for the festival. Temperatures might be cooling down but the fun is just heating up as Miami moves into holiday season. The 3-day Caribbean Music Festival, Miami Beach Pop Festival, and the Miami Food Festival are just some of the highlights for your visit along with the other legendary Miami sights to behold when the weather is perfect for being outdoors. There are a lot of concerts always happening in Miami every year especially during the summer. Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time as a tourist just admiring the bright city lights and party atmosphere of South Beach, or you are a hardcore partygoer who wants to experience the wild side of Miam

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