Chicken Song

Chicken Song

Chicken Song

One of the most popular commercials on YouTube is the chicken dancing to the chicken song. The ad has been watched over 2. 2 billion times. Our chicken once tried to talk to the chickens in her yard, as you do, as if they would understand her. What she learned was that we can't really know what an animal is thinking. The chicken ad campaign for Union Bank was exactly what we expected: we got it all: animation by Fred, music by David and a simple and direct message. It was perfect for this audience. We pushed it hard. We followed the marketer's lead -- chicken punching, chicken dancing, chicken blowing.

The Chicken Song (unison ) by Carol Troutma

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The Chicken Son

This article is about the Spitting Image song. For the instrumental novelty track sometimes known as "Chicken Song", see Chicken Dance. They raised their heads and thanked God happily.  



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