BTS Return Empty-Handed From the Grammys 2023

BTS Return Empty-Handed From the Grammys 2023


BTS return emptyhanded from Grammys

BTS Return Empty-Handed From the Grammys

For the second year in a row, K-pop superstars BTS returned empty-handed from the Grammys. Despite receiving nominations in two categories, they failed to bring home the prize.

BTS is a seven-member Korean boy band that has captivated millions of fans worldwide with their music. Their lyrics speak to issues like mental health, loss and individualism.

They were nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

The Korean pop supergroup BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) returned empty-handed from the Grammys on Sunday, March 31, despite earning multiple nominations for their collaboration with Coldplay. They were nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, as well as Album of the Year as a featured artist on Coldplay's Music of the Spheres.

The seven-member group was up against Taylor Swift and Sam Smith, among others. It wasn't their first appearance at the Grammys, as they previously performed onstage during the 61st edition in 2019.

While they weren't successful at the awards show, fans in Singapore aren't bothered by BTS' lack of Grammy wins. They're still proud of the K-pop sensations, who are "the best thing that happened to me in a long time," according to fan Ms Elizabeth Liew.

As a result, she says she's looking forward to seeing them on the Grammy stage in future years. She's also hoping to see the group's members continue to create their own music about their own stories, as this will lead to them leaving a socially meaningful mark on the US music industry.

Even though the group didn't win the Grammy, their nominations indicate a change in attitude toward non-Western artists. As a result, they may one day be welcomed on the Grammys stage and given much-deserved respect.

If they can work with another Academy favorite, like Coldplay, their chances of winning a Grammy might be even better. That's especially true if they're able to take the stage and perform a song in their native language, something the band hasn't done yet.

Many fans agree that if the group can improve their vocal abilities, it could help them reach a higher level of success. Currently, members' voices are often debated online and have stirred some controversy, including the group's maudlin ballad "Blood Sweat & Tears" that has been criticized for its melodrama.

While BTS has shown incredible talent in their self-written songs and jaw-dropping performances, critics have noted that their vocals haven't always matched their other achievements. That's especially true in their live performance of the maudlin ballad.

They were nominated for the Best Music Video

The world’s most prestigious award show returned empty-handed this year, as BTS were snubbed in both the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Music Video categories. Despite this, fans of the seven-member band showed their support through social media. ARMY (the term used for the group’s fan base) were quick to post pictures and videos of themselves celebrating their favorite K-pop stars, and it was clear that the love was mutual.

The Best Music Video award is a Grammys honor that’s awarded to a director and performer of the best short music video of the qualifying year. The category features a range of genres and styles, from up-and-comers like Adele to heavy hitters, including Doja Cat and Kendrick Lamar.

Several artists have been nominated for Best Music Video, but few have taken home the prize. A few other notable winners include Taylor Swift, who directed her "All Too Well" short film in 2016, and Duran Duran, who won the first Grammy for Best Music Video back in 1984.

While it’s unlikely that a K-pop star will win Best Music Video this year, it’s worth noting that many of these nominees have received their share of buzz on YouTube. The award’s YouTube views don’t necessarily predict the winner, but they do highlight which videos are the most popular with viewers.

As expected, the field for Best Music Video was stacked with some of the biggest hits of the year. The finalists included Adele’s “Easy On Me,” Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 5,” Doja Cat’s “Woman,” and Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.”

BTS’ nomination for Best Music Video is particularly special, considering that this is their third time nominated in this category since the category was introduced as part of a Grammy revamp in 2011. In fact, the group has already been nominated for two previous songs, both in 2020 and 2021.

It’s also the first time that a Korean-language song has been nominated for this award, which makes it even more special for BTS and their fans. The video, helmed by LUMPENS’ Yong-seok Choi and Tiffany Suh, takes the boys on a nostalgic journey of their greatest moments, from their humble beginnings to their most beautiful collaborations.

They were nominated for the Best Recording Package

The Grammys rewarded BTS for their artistic achievements with a nomination for the Best Recording Package. It's a rare honor for an Asian artist in America, and it comes as a huge surprise, considering that voters often ignore K-pop acts for a variety of reasons (the most obvious one is their lack of ubiquity).

But the septet's Love Yourself: Tear album deserves this accolade. It's an innovative, sleek, and stylish statement piece for contemporary Korean music.

What's more, the nomination highlights a critical, under-appreciated tradition in the Korean music industry: album art. Many artists -- including girl group F(x) and SHINee, as well as rapper G-Dragon -- use album artwork as a way to express their artistry.

That's important for the reason that a well-designed album can sell more CDs, and help an artist earn a reputation as a creative genius. That's especially true for a booming genre like K-pop, where album art has become a key part of the culture.

When it came time for BTS to make their debut in the American music industry, their meticulously designed album "Love Yourself: Tear" became a critical market force. The record was a major hit, breaking several records and launching the group as global sensations.

While "Dynamite" is a great song, it's also a sliver of the full extent of BTS' artistry and musical identity. The group has always been unapologetic about their Korean heritage, singing and releasing majority-Korean songs in a bid to show that their music transcends language, something that they've been known to promote by donning traditional Korean costumes and visiting fans around the world.

With a nod to their album artwork, BTS becomes the first K-pop act to earn this award, and the nomination marks an important milestone in music's biggest awards show.

But there's still a long road ahead for the septet and for the music industry as a whole. The Recording Academy is notorious for its skewed system, which makes it difficult for people of color to gain entry into top categories and disproportionately rewards white artists.

The Grammys' skewed system and historical reluctance to reward pure pop has made it hard for K-pop artists to get their due. It's a shame that it took the Grammys this long to finally give them their first nod in the Best Recording Package category.

They were nominated for the Best Song Written for Visual Media

The 2023 Grammys have come and gone, and BTS returned empty-handed. It’s not surprising — the band announced in October that they were preparing to enlist into their mandatory military service, which is expected to begin in January 2025, and members are now focused on solo projects.

But the K-pop superstars still managed to pick up three nominations at this year’s ceremony — which was an incredible accomplishment for any act, let alone one as big as BTS. Not only did they pick up nods in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (“My Universe” by them and Coldplay), but they also snagged an honor in the Best Music Video category for “Yet to Come.”

While ARMYs were thrilled that BTS received so many nominations at the Grammys this year, it was a bittersweet moment for them to see that RM, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, V, and Jin didn’t attend as a group or individually. It was especially jarring considering how important this ceremony is to the band.

They had never been nominated for a GRAMMY before this year, and this was a big deal to them. They felt that this was a huge step forward, paving the way for them to achieve more in the future.

It was the first time that a Korean group had been nominated for this award, and it is a great sign for their growth. This is the most prestigious award in the world of music, and it means that their hard work was noticed.

The song is a great representation of the band’s nine-year journey, and it features every bit of their personality as they’ve evolved over the years. It also pays tribute to their past, present, and future, and it’s an excellent reminder that they’ve got more to give.

In addition, the song is filled with all of the nuances that have made BTS such an important part of K-pop history. It’s a nod to all of the ARMYs that have supported them along the way, and it’s an honor for them to receive this nomination from the Grammys.

No Grammy nods for BTS Fans in Singapore are not bothered

No Grammy Nods For BTS

K-pop superstars BTS did not get any golden gramophones at this year’s Grammy Awards. But fans in Singapore are not bothered.

They’ve racked up multiple prestigious music awards over the years, including American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. But one coveted prize has evaded them for quite some time: a Grammy.

1. It’s not a big loss

If you follow K-pop (Korean pop) at all, you know that BTS has been racking up the awards lately. They were crowned artist of the year at the American Music Awards last November, and they received a Grammy nomination for their hit single “Dynamite” earlier this month.

Throughout the group’s rise to international fame, BTS has always been adamant about making majority-Korean songs. They’ve donned traditional Korean attire on tour and have been incredibly respectful of their fans and their culture, so it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to compromise their artistry and heritage.

So, when they were nominated for a Grammy this year, many people were worried that their hard work would go unnoticed. After all, it was the first time BTS had ever been nominated for a major award and their biggest success of the year so far.

But a lot of people were also focusing on the fact that BTS was one of only two ongoing groups or duos to be nominated for best pop duo/group performance this year, and that they were passed over in the marquee record of the year category – something that could’ve hurt their chances of gaining some serious attention from the Grammys.

While it’s easy to be frustrated by this, the truth is that BTS isn’t exactly a huge loser. In addition to their nods at the Grammys, they’ve been nominated for countless other awards and have won a ton of accolades.

They’re a global superstar, breaking countless world records and imparting a positive influence on their fans through their activities. Their love for humanity has led them to partner with UNICEF, and they’ve even given speeches at the UN on the issue of violence against children.

And if they can make it to the Grammys in 2022, you can bet that BTS will bring their infectious energy and high-energy performances. They’re nominated for their second big hit, “Butter,” and it’s sure to be a roaring success!

In the meantime, ARMYs across the world are still getting involved in their own ways. They’re volunteering with local charities, organizing food drives to feed the homeless, and donating clothing to those in need. They’re also working on their own projects that will be released in the near future. So if you’re a fan of BTS, be sure to keep following them on social media and support their work!

2. They’re better than the Grammy Awards

BTS fans have been hoping for a Grammy nod this year, and it looks like they may finally get their wish. The seven members of BTS landed three nominations at the 65th annual Grammy Awards on Tuesday, including Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with "My Universe," a collaboration with Coldplay, and album of the year as featured artists on Coldplay's Music of the Spheres.

BTS has been nominated for the Grammys before, but this year's trio of nods represents a record high for them. They have now been nominated for four times throughout their career, and they are currently the only K-pop group to ever be nominated for three or more Grammys at once.

While many critics of the Grammys believe that they are a show that rewards the most popular releases and ignores the musicality of the artists, this argument is a bit flawed. There are countless songs that receive no Grammy nods even though they were the biggest hits of the year. In fact, The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" was one of the biggest hits of last year, but it was snubbed entirely at the awards.

However, the Grammys do place a higher value on musicality than other award shows do. This is because the Recording Academy votes on what it thinks is the best song or album of the year, so musicality is more important to them than a popularity or trending topic.

As a result, some people have questioned why BTS has been unable to win their first Grammy. They have been nominated a number of times in the past, but they have never won.

The snub of their latest single at the Grammys is not only disappointing, it's also a huge setback for the band and their fans. This is especially true for the Army, who has been campaigning for the group to get their first Grammy nod.

In the end, it's just a matter of time before BTS gets their chance to win. They are a very talented group, and they deserve a chance to shine.

If BTS is able to win their first Grammy, it would be an historic moment for the group and their Army fandom. It would be a testament to their hard work and commitment, and it would also serve as a reminder that there is a whole world of fans out there who are rooting for them to win.

3. They’re taking a break

Fans in Singapore are not bothered by the lack of Grammy nods for K-pop superstars BTS. In fact, they’re excited that the band has finally gotten recognition in America.

In the nine years since their debut, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook have become nothing short of an indomitable force of K-pop music. They’ve racked up an incredible list of accolades, becoming the first Korean group to hit No. 1 in the US with their album Love Yourself: Tear, and even made history by appearing on the Grammy Awards stage, where they became the first K-pop band to ever be nominated for a major award.

It was a long and hard journey, but one that they ultimately won. In 2018, BTS won the Best Alternative Music Album at the 63rd Grammy Awards, and were also nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year for their smash hits “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On.”

They’ve won countless other prestigious awards in recent years, and earned two more Grammy nominations this year. They’re the first Korean act to ever be nominated in three different categories in a single year, and their latest single is up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

The boys, however, decided that they needed to take some time for themselves and their mental health – so they’re going on a break!

According to a video posted on YouTube by their management Big Hit, the group will be taking a multiyear hiatus from their pop music career as they comply with South Korea military conscription rules.

This break is not just to give them some time off; it’s also a chance for the boys to re-energize themselves as artists, and recharge their creative energies. They’re also taking this time to relax with their families, which they haven’t spent much of in recent years.

In addition, they’re also taking the opportunity to work on some new solo projects. RM, for example, will be working on his own album while the other five members are on break.

The boys’ announcement came as a shock to many, but their devotees flooded social media with messages of support. Many praised the band’s courage and determination, while others said that they were proud of them for taking such a bold step to re-energize themselves and their art.

4. They’re doing something else

Fans in Singapore are not bothered by the fact that BTS did not receive any Grammy nods. According to Ms Elizabeth Liew, they consider it as “not a big loss” because the group is better than the Grammy Awards.

The South Korean boy band has been making waves around the world since their debut in 2013. They are known for their lyrical prowess and they have managed to become the fastest act to score five US number one singles.

They have even made a Guinness World Record for the most Twitter engagements by a music group. The group’s latest album, Map of the Soul: PERSONA, has been a huge success. The song, “Boy With Luv,” has even topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

There are plenty of reasons why BTS should have received nominations for this year’s Grammys, not the least of which is their massive fandom. They have a dedicated, active fan base called ARMY (pronounced “army”) that loves to show off their love for the band in everything from Twitter posts to concert photos.

Their new album, Map of the Soul: PERSONA, was a massive success with over three million sales and two songs reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s no secret that sales and chart numbers are a big factor in the Grammy Awards, as they can often determine who wins a category.

However, a nod at the Grammys would have been the first time that BTS had been nominated for an award. It would have been an incredible honor, especially considering their popularity.

It was also a chance for the band to prove that they were more than just a pop act. The band has grown a lot as a group and they are now capable of performing incredibly complex songs that require a high level of skill.

On the night of their Singapore concert, ARMY crowded the National Stadium to watch the seven members perform. They filled all 45,000 seats and the venue was a sell-out.

Compared to the 2014 event, the crowd was much larger and BTS were more likely to interact with their fans. They even had a special section for ARMY members to meet and greet them, which had its own line. The difference is quite apparent in the crowd and it’s definitely a good indication that ARMY has grown a lot in the last few years.

Grammy 2023 BTS Snubbed Third Time In A Row Doja Cat  Coldplay Given A Co

BTS Snubbed At Grammy 2023

During Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, many artists suffered snubs despite being nominated in multiple categories. Coldplay, BTS and DJ Khaled were some of the biggest names who failed to win any trophies.

K-pop star BTS were shut out in two categories, including pop duo/group performance. Their fans were furious and reacted to the news on social media.

Album of the Year

The Grammy Awards are music's most prestigious honor and the only peer-recognized award. They're the only awards that require the vote of every member of the Recording Academy.

But even with the voting process, the Grammys are notoriously slow to catch up with major trends in music. That's largely due to the awards' inherent biases toward commercial success and popularity, which can be problematic for some genres of music that don't have enough of either.

This is especially true for rap artists, who have long had to settle for the Song of the Year category at the Grammys. The biggest surprise this year may have been Taylor Swift's "All Too Well," which didn't make the cut for her album Midnights but was nominated for Song of the Year.

That's also a shame for 78-year-old Motown queen Marvin Gaye, who hasn't won a competitive Grammy in her legendary career despite 12 nominations. The chanteuse's emotional performance of her hit song "Cuff It" helped to salvage some of her reputation, though it was still a disappointment.

Doja Cat, on the other hand, was awarded her first-ever Grammy in the pop duo/group performance category for "Kiss Me More" featuring SZA. She was on crutches when she won, but she was able to sprint to the stage for her victory and took the microphone to talk about how she "felt really proud" of herself.

It's a rare moment for an artist to feel like she's finally achieved something worthwhile. She was tearful during her acceptance speech and thanked her husband and children for their support.

There was one other big winner at the Grammys that night — Harry Styles, who took home the Album of the Year for his album Harry's House. He beat out a field of ten that included ABBA - Voyage, Adele - 30, Bad Bunny - Un Verano Sin Ti and Beyonce - Renaissance.

BTS, meanwhile, were shut out in two categories – including pop duo/group performance – for the third time in a row. It's a real shame, as the K-pop superstars are one of the most popular acts in music today. They've topped the Billboard Hot 100 multiple times and are set to perform at this year's award show.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

A lot of BTS fans and Korean media are disappointed with the group's performance at the Grammys on Sunday. The South Korean band was snubbed for their hit song "Permission to Dance," and they were snubbed in two other categories as well, including the best pop duo/group performance category.

In a big move to streamline awards categories, the Grammys eliminated the award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and shifted all duo or group performances in the field of pop music to the newly formed category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The category was introduced in 2012, replacing a series of smaller award shows.

It was a major overhaul, and it also reshaped the nominations process. The nominees in this category are ranked by voting members of the Recording Academy.

The nominees for the 2023 GRAMMYs have now been revealed, and there's a lot of buzz around who will be vying for the most prestigious music awards in the world. Beyonce leads the pack with nine nominations, while Kendrick Lamar and Brandi Carlile both have eight.

One of the most popular nominees is BTS, who are up for three different awards in the 2023 Grammys: Best Music Video, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Album of the Year. Their 'Yet to Come' music video is up for Best Music Video, making them the first Korean-language act to be nominated in that category.

Meanwhile, Coldplay and BTS have also been nominated in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for their collaboration track 'My Universe'. This is their third nomination in the category, following 'Dynamite' and 'Butter'.

They're up against a tough slate of competitors, though, with Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran, Post Malone and Doja Cat, and Sam Smith and Kim Petras all up for a prize. The winners will be announced in the pre-telecast on Sunday.

BTS's nomination comes after a successful run of hits, including their current single "Butter," which has topped Billboard's Hot 100 for six weeks. The song is also up for Billboard's Hot R&B Songs chart and the Top 30 on Billboard's Digital Song Sales (DSS) chart. It's currently ranked as the most streamed song of the year, and it's set to go even further in 2023 with an upcoming remix featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Best Music Video

The Grammys have been criticized by many for ignoring the K-pop group BTS in recent years. They were snubbed for two categories at the 2021 awards and one at the 2022 awards. The group's fans are outraged and are calling for the Academy to take notice of them and give them their due.

The best music video award is one of the most coveted prizes at the Grammys. It's an honor that should go to someone who has had a major impact on the music industry. This year's nominees include Adele, Taylor Swift, BTS and Coldplay.

It's a tight field for the best music video, with Kendrick Lamar and Harry Styles also in the running. If either of these artists wins, it would be the first time a solo artist or duo has won this category since the 1990s.

BTS is nominated in the best music video for their song "Yet To Come." They've won a total of three Grammys, including album of the year and best pop duo/group performance.

Another nominee is rap superstar Doja Cat, who won four Grammys last year for her single "Woman." Her dark glam look was inspired by latex, featuring a black Versace gown with a long train. She paired it with cropped hair and a smoldering smoky eye.

While Doja Cat's chances of winning this award are slim, she should not be denied. She has a huge fan base, and she has been nominated for many other prestigious awards.

Similarly, Lamar should not be denied for his impressive performance in "The Heart Part 5." The video has 41 million views on YouTube and uses deep fake technology to morph Lamar into six prominent African-Americans.

It's a bold move and a polarizing approach. But if it works, it could be the most important music video of the year.

This is not the first time that BTS have been nominated for the best music video, but they have failed to win it each and every time. ARMY, the group's fan base, has been outraged by the snub.

They have even started a campaign, #Scammys, to bring attention to the snub and to try to change the way the Grammys choose winners. The hashtag is trending on Twitter and has gained traction amongst K-pop fans.

Best Song

BTS were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the Grammy Awards this year, but lost to Doja Cat and SZA for 'Kiss Me More'.

This comes on the back of another loss at the Grammys last year, where they were beaten by Sam Smith and Kim Petras for 'Unholy'. This is a big blow to ARMYs who have been following BTS for years and will not be happy about the latest loss.

The nominations for the Grammys are coming out today (February 5). The ceremony is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, California, and a record-breaking number of artists are up for the award. Beyonce leads the field with nine nominations, while Kendrick Lamar and Adele both scored eight. Other leading nominees include Harry Styles, Mary J. Blige, DJ Khaled, Future, The-Dream, and Randy Merrill.

Meanwhile, BTS are also nominated for a third time in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category with "My Universe," which they collaborated on with Coldplay. This is the first time that BTS have been nominated in more than one Grammy category in a single year.

On the other hand, Coldplay have been nominated for Best Album of the Year with their album Music of the Spheres. The album is also nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Song of the Year.

In addition to these three awards, Coldplay are nominated for the Grammys in a total of five other categories. They are nominated for the Best Music Video for 'Yet to Come', which is also the title track on their album, and they are nominated for the Best Song of the Year with "Hymn For the Weekend."

The group’s nominations are a welcome surprise, as it’s been nearly two years since they’ve released any new music. They are taking a hiatus as the members prepare to serve their mandatory military service, so they’ve been working on solo projects.

The Best Song of the Year category is a bit of a catch-all, and there are plenty of contenders this year, including Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran for their work on the hit "Havana." Post Malone and Doja Cat for "Sweetly," which was featured on the 'Kiss Me More' video; Sam Smith and Kim Petras for the track "Unholy"; and Renaissance for their collaboration with Swift and St. Vincent, which has a lyric that’s both heartfelt and high-stepping.

BTS Fans React As Group Misses Grammys Again

BTS fans were disappointed again as the group missed out on winning Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2022 Grammys. 'Butter' was defeated by Doja Cat and SZA’s song ‘Kiss Me More'.

The K-pop band is a phenomenon, attracting global attention and creating a dedicated fan base known as ARMY. However, they have also been subjected to racist and xenophobic comments in Western media.

K-pop fans slam Grammys for snubbing BTS

After seeing the group miss out on two Grammy nominations last year, many K-pop fans are not pleased with their snub again. ARMYs are expressing their anger online. They are calling the show a “scammy” and have launched the hashtag #Scammys to share their feelings.

Several K-pop groups have received nominations for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category, including BTS for their songs Dynamite and Butter. The group also teamed up with Coldplay for the song My Universe, which was nominated this year.

However, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande beat out the eight-member Korean band for a Grammy Award in the category. The band’s snub has incensed the fans, who are now taking to social media to call out the Grammys for a snub they believe is racially motivated.

The snub has led to an explosion of angry messages on Twitter from ARMYs, who are claiming the Grammys snubbed the group. Some are even threatening to boycott the awards ceremony.

While many are feeling a little frustrated, there is a silver lining to this disappointment. Some are finding the snub an opportunity to promote the K-pop genre and its powerful fandoms.

These fans are not only passionate about the music, but they are also organized in a way that Hollywood would be jealous of. Through coordinated actions, these so-called "armies" make sure that their idols are trending topics on social media and sell out stadiums in South Korea and around the world.

As a result, these fans have become the driving force behind K-pop’s global success. They have formed a series of fandoms around their favorite artists and have even begun to create physical merchandise that has become part of the culture.

Some of these fandoms have evolved into elaborate networks that allow their members to connect with one another through social media, meet-and-greet events and even televised performances. These are known as “High Touch” events, and are a big part of K-pop’s appeal.

For a group like BTS, this means that the members can become friends and form bonds that span countries across the globe. For fans who aren’t able to travel to Asia, these events are often a great way to experience the music and connect with their idols in a more intimate way.

The K-pop phenomenon is a fascinating cultural powerhouse that continues to grow and inspire other music fans all over the world. Its catchy and polished music has sold millions of copies of albums and is constantly influencing new artists and trends.

Despite its growing popularity, K-pop is still an enigmatic industry. Its rapid growth is being driven by a variety of factors, from the viral videos that are popping up on Billboard charts to the marketing strategies used to boost album sales.

ARMYs react to Grammys snub

K-pop superstars BTS have racked up a number of trophies over the years, but this year's Grammy snub has sent shockwaves through their ARMY fandom. The group's megahit English-language single "Butter" was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at last night's ceremony, but lost out to Doja Cat and SZA's "Kiss Me More."

Those who are disappointed with the snub have turned to social media to voice their concerns. They've started a new trend hashtag, #SCAMMYS, to express their anger at the group missing out on the award this time around.

In a tweet, one user wrote: “It's hard having to see your favorite artist lose something they deserved to win #Scammys”. Others resorted to writing letters to the Recording Academy or simply expressing their disappointment in BTS’s latest snub.

Many fans are using the snub to point out the unfairness of the awards show and how it uses popular global acts like BTS for ratings. The snub is also fueling a long-standing sense of resentment about how American music industry promotes K-pop without fully acknowledging its cultural impact on an equal level as Western artists.

This isn't the first time that BTS has been snubbed at the Grammys; last year, they fell short of a nomination for their chart-topper “Dynamite.” The group's fans are not ready to accept this latest snub and are taking to social media to voice their discontent.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, ARMYs were furious at their band's lack of a nomination. They pointed out that the boy band is eligible for multiple categories including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop/Duo Group Performance.

However, ARMYs aren't only feeling betrayed by the Grammys; they're also upset that the American music industry is using their success to boost its own clout and influence. It's an issue that has gotten under their skin since the group's debut.

Despite the snub, the ARMY's support is still strong. As a result, BTS continues to be a huge hit worldwide and their fandom is thriving.

The group has toured the world and performed at several major events. Their music is constantly breaking records, and they're now considered the biggest K-pop group in the world.

They're also ranked among the most-streamed artists of all time. They've even become a household name in the United States, as countless people tune into their music videos and social media posts.

Their loyal ARMYs have also come together to express their displeasure with the Grammys, especially because they aren't seeing any representation from non-Western artists at the awards. They're adamant about their belief that the Grammys are racist, and aren't fair to K-pop artists in general.

As you can probably guess, ARMYs aren't the only ones who feel this way; women rappers were also snubbed out of this year's Best Rap Album category, and Taylor Swift's Lover didn't make it to the Album of the Year category at all. Despite their frustrations, ARMYs are standing by their boys and their upcoming tours. They're resolute to continue streaming their songs and supporting their members, regardless of whether they win an award.

ARMYs respond to Grammys snub

For the second year in a row, K-pop group BTS failed to take home the Grammys for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. As a result, ARMYs, or BTS fans in the online sphere, have reacted furiously to the snub. They have even started a trend on Twitter, calling the award show a "scammy" for denying them their due recognition.

ARMYs, as they are known in the online world, have always taken a vehement position against the Grammys. They have a love-hate relationship with the American music award show as it has often snubbed them in their attempts to gain clout on the Western music scene.

In the recent years, BTS has managed to gain worldwide fame for their chart-topping songs and albums. This has pushed them to a place where they have been able to compete with Western artists in the music industry. However, it seems that their popularity has been used by the Grammys to their advantage and has not allowed them to win any major awards.

The snub is not just about BTS; there are a few other K-pop acts that have also been overlooked in the past by the Grammys. Some of these snubs have led to fans reacting negatively on social media, including country singer Morgan Wallen.

It was a surprising snub for Wallen. He spent 10 weeks atop the Billboard charts with his latest album, “Dangerous: The Double Album,” and was expected to win for both the album and song of the year.

While he is disappointed that his album didn't win for album of the year, he is confident that it will come around. He also notes that he is very proud of his group, citing their global influence as one of the reasons he is so proud to be a part of it.

RM has a very good point with his tweet. He explains that his team worked hard to get to where they are today and he feels that the snub is just another example of how the Grammys don't seem to value the music industry.

He goes on to say that his team worked hard to make sure that they won the awards and that they will continue to work on their songs and albums to ensure that they have the best chance of winning in the future. He echoes this sentiment with many of his followers and has even said that it is only a matter of time before they finally take home the award for Album of the Year.

In fact, he has a strong chance of getting the award in the near future because he has been nominated for a few different awards already. He has also managed to break the record for most number one songs in a single country. He's just one of the many artists that are looking to get their EGOT and is hoping that the Grammys will finally give him a chance at it.

is steffy on the bold and the beautiful pregnant again  2023

Is Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful Pregnant Again in 2023?

The Bold and the Beautiful has seen a lot of ups and downs for Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). She has been through a lot but has always managed to come out on top.

She and her husband, Elan Ruspoli, want to grow their family. So they are thrilled to be expecting another baby!

What will happen to Steffy and Finnegan’s baby?

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news about The Bold and the Beautiful, then you know that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is pregnant again. It’s been a long time since she’s had a baby, and now, with her new addition on the way, she’s looking forward to seeing her family grow.

However, before the new baby comes, Steffy will have to face some major challenges. First, she’s going to have to deal with the fact that her husband isn’t a father yet.

It’s also important to note that Steffy still hasn’t shaken the image of Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) in prison. That’s something that doesn’t make Finn happy, and he hopes that his wife can take her mind off of it until the baby arrives.

The other major challenge for Steffy is that Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) is back on the show and threatening to kidnap their newborn son, Hayes. Sheila has been down and out before, but she’s always managed to get the best of people around her, so it’s not a surprise that she would try to do the same thing again!

Sheila’s actions have already left Steffy and Finn in a bad place, but she can only take it so far. If she’s able to figure out that Steffy is seeing her, she could use this to her advantage and make everyone think that Steffy’s mental health isn’t so great.

That’s why it’s so important for her to stay calm and cool — and not let Sheila get to her too early. She can’t allow her to hurt Steffy and the baby.

In the meantime, she’s trying to get as much sleep as possible and eat as healthy as she can. If she can manage this, then she’ll have the strength to fight off Sheila and make sure that baby Hayes has a happy life! With the help of her friends and family, Steffy will be able to do what she needs to do. It’s just a matter of time before she wins the battle and becomes a mom for real.

Will Steffy and Finnegan’s baby be a boy?

When Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) found out she was pregnant again, it was a huge surprise. It was also a happy one, especially since she’d finally found love again with Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) on The Bold and the Beautiful.

However, there were still a few things that were unclear. The first was who the baby’s father would be. She was unsure whether it was Finn or her ex-husband, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). So she had to take a paternity test.

Once she found out that Finn was her baby’s father, she decided to make the relationship official. It was a good thing they did, too.

It turned out that she wasn’t the only woman in his life that was determined to get his attention. His birth mother, Sheila Carter, had been stalking him for years and had even come to steal him away from his adoptive parents Jack and Li Finnegan.

While Sheila isn’t a fan of the Forrester family, she knows that it was only a matter of time before she got her way. Sheila had been keeping a close eye on her son, even when he was in a coma.

Sheila was very determined to have a relationship with him and had already been stalking his Malibu home. Sheila even lured him to the alley behind II Giardino so she could get a look at him.

Thankfully, she was caught and detained before she could go to his apartment and get into the fight with him. She was later rescued by Bill Spencer Jr., who had also gotten Sheila out of her apartment before she killed her husband, Bill.

Now, Sheila is back in town and she wants to meet her grandson Hayes and Steffy’s new husband Finn. She hopes that she can become a bridge for them so she can continue to have access to her grandson.

Sheila’s plans might work, but it looks like Finn will have to do some serious thinking if he wants to be the best dad ever. He’s definitely going to need to learn to respect his birth mother a lot more. If he can’t, then he’s going to have a really tough time keeping his son.

Will Steffy and Finnegan’s baby be a girl?

A new baby could mean a lot of different things to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and her handsome boyfriend, Finnegan. He’s her doctor and they’ve been growing closer together after she was rushed to the hospital in July 2020 due to a motorbike accident. They’re now nesting and preparing for their newborn.

As the pregnancy continues, B&B spoilers say that Steffy is unsure of whether or not Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is her baby’s father. She is hesitant to reveal her pregnancy because she doesn’t want to saddle Finn with the responsibility of another man’s baby.

But he reassures her that he is her baby’s father and he even attends her ultrasound appointments. The two bond over past emotional trauma and pain that they’ve suffered.

While Steffy and Finnegan’s relationship looks promising, it’s not sure that they will get to experience a traditional happy-ever-after. B&B spoilers suggest that they’ll both try to make the best of their circumstances. They’ll work hard to build a family that’s not the same as Liam’s.

With a gender reveal promised for next week, it’s not clear whether or not Steffy and Finn’s baby will be a boy or a girl. But it’s not hard to imagine that they would decide to give Kelly Spencer a sister, which sounds like a sweet idea to fans of the show.

The couple already has a daughter, Phoebe, and now she’s expecting another child. If the B&B predictions pan out, this little one will be Steffy and Finnegan’s first child.

In the meantime, Steffy tries to find out where Finn comes from and what his family is like. She’s incredibly curious about his past and wants to know what made him the person he is today.

He has a long history with his mother, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown), and is a close family friend of Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). While Sheila is a big part of the storyline for Steffy and Finnegan, their romance doesn’t have to be about Sheila anymore.

Steffy and Finnegan’s relationship has changed a lot since their first meeting and it looks like this new baby will bring a whole new chapter into their lives. It’s a chance for the couple to start over and have their own happy-ever-after.

Will Steffy and Finnegan’s baby be a twin?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have revealed that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is expecting a baby with John Finnegan “Finn” (Tanner Novlan). And while it looks like the couple is building a strong bond together, there’s still one thing they don’t know yet – will this baby be a boy or a girl?

As of this week, the answer to that question may come sooner than fans think! According to a new video shared by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Steffy is going to learn the gender of her unborn child in just a few days.

In the meantime, Steffy and Finn are nesting and preparing for their little one’s arrival. And with the arrival of a new baby, comes a lot of excitement!

It sounds as though Steffy and Finn are excited to be a family again. They’re busy gathering everything they need for their newborn, and it looks as though they’re really enjoying this special time together.

However, Steffy’s happiness will soon be tested when Sheila Carter returns to town wanting to become a part of her husband’s family. Thankfully, Taylor Hayes (Taylor McHale) has moved back to LA so she can help Steffy and Finn keep Sheila out of their lives.

She was thrilled to be a part of Steffy and Finn’s life when they gave birth to their son Hayes, and it’s clear that she hopes to be a good bridge for her to keep connecting with her son.

So, when Steffy reveals that she’s pregnant, she and Finn decide to take a DNA test. But to their dismay, the results say that Liam Spencer fathered the baby.

In the end, Steffy and Finn are determined to make this family work! After all, it’s not easy to raise a second man’s baby, but Steffy wants to do what’s best for the baby.

Steffy and Finn have both worked hard to overcome a lot of challenges since their wedding to celebrate their love. And after a lot of heartbreak, they found themselves married and pregnant again!

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