Brad Paisley Songs

Brad Paisley Songs

Brad Paisley Songs

Just because he's had hit after hit, doesn't mean you should stop listening. Here are some of the highlights of Paisley's incredible career.

How many BRAD PAISLEY songs in his in his career? Did you know this number? There are 56, and we've got them all for you!

Undiscovered: Five Brad Paisley Songs We Think You’ll Lov

Brad Paisley has been one of country music’s biggest personalities for over two decades. The West Virginia native has spawned hits that include “Mud on the Tires,” “Then,” and “Whiskey Lullaby.” Successful tours and numerous hosting gigs have helped Paisley become beloved by many. In honor of his birthday today, here are five Brad Paisley songs you might have missed.  

10 Best Brad Paisley Songs

Brad Paisley is a staple in country music with more than a dozen No. 1 songs to choose his best from. Solo efforts and collaborations with some of country music's hottest female artists make this Top 10 Brad Paisley Songs list. What's your No. 1?  

What Are Your Favorite Brad Paisley Songs?

Are you the biggest Brad Paisley fan ever and disagree with our list of the Top 10 Brad Paisley songs? The "This Is Country Music" hitmaker has so many great songs that we couldn't possibly fit them all into our Top 10, and we want to know what would have made your cut. Let us know your favorite Brad Paisley songs, or just share your love for the jokester of country music below!  

Brad Paisley's New Song 'city of Music' Is a Love Letter to Nashville

For all of the music that is made in Nashville, the city really isn't sung about all that often. Of course, there are prominent exceptions, like The Lovin' Spoonful's "Nashville Cats," Jason Aldean's "Crazy Town," Lacy J. Dalton's "16th Avenue" and Margo Price's "This Town Gets Around."  



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