Beginner Piano Songs

Beginner Piano Songs

Beginner Piano Songs

There are songs everyone should learn, whether you're just starting out on the piano or rediscovering the instrument. We all started somewhere, right?

What If You Are Tone Deaf?

www.musictoyourhome.com)Unfortunately, numerous individuals are tone-deaf, meaning they can’t distinguish between sounds. However, just because you are not able to perceive tones now, doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream to become a musician– you can learn how to identify tones.  

7 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

If you’re just venturing into the world of playing the piano, you might be wondering what the best easy piano songs are to get you started. Music is made up of pitch - the actual sound of the note - and rhythm - how fast or slowly you move from one note to the next. When you’re starting out on the piano, the easy piano songs are going to be the ones that don’t move around on the notes too much, and have a fairly simple rhythm. 

32 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners You Can Learn Today

One of the best things about learning piano is how quickly and easily you can get started. Unlike string instruments where you have to learn how to use your hands to fret or pluck strings first, you can start playing the piano just by hitting the right keys. That means there are loads of easy piano songs you can learn today.  

31 Best Beginner Piano Songs

www.nonamehiding.com)Some people believe the best way to learn piano is to start with the songs you like. These might be pop songs with recognizable piano riffs or a classical piece you heard in your favorite film. It helps if you can read music. So if you’re not familiar with staff notation, take a few tutorials. ( 


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