Beat Making Equipment For Beginners

Beat Making Equipment For Beginners


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Are you able to start making beats and sell them online to rappers? While beat production is lucrative and a good option for folks that enjoy good music, you are doing have to understand some BASICS.

Apart from the proper education and skills, there's some beat-making equipment for beginners that you simply need.

Once you've got your budget ready, you wish to make sure you understand what form of beat-making equipment should obtain priority in your buying process. Some pieces of beat-making equipment are critical for any kind of beat-making studio — whether beginner or advanced.

In this post, you may discover the four primary equipment types you ought to specialize in for your music production — together with our personal preferences in each category.

Digital Audio Workstation

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When it involves making beats, you may need a computer, of course. While this can be the foremost basic piece of beat-making equipment, don't fail to comprehend the importance of a decent digital audio workstation.

A digital audio workstation is additionally called DAW for brief. it's a program that's installed on your laptop or computer and provides you the functions you wish to line up your own beats.

A digital audio workstation could be software to record vocals, record music, and for creating beats — sometimes bundled as a whole software suite. The beat-making software will generally provide you access to an interface where you can:

  • Add multiple samples and loops
  • Apply effects to every of those
  • Utilize channels to possess multiple loops playing simultaneously

and MORE

Sure, it’s possible to use a number of the more basic audio processing applications to urge started, but I find that creating an investment in an exceedingly DAW timely may be a good way to urge that initial HEADSTART you wish.

There are some different DAW options that you simply can utilize. Prices and features among these differ. You don’t have to invest thousands into the world’s best DAW platform if you're only starting out — but ensure the choice you choose for is ready to satisfy a minimum of the strain of a beginner.

We Recommend: FL Studio

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For a comprehensive solution that offers you access to any or all the functions you would like, without the necessity for spending thousands, FL Studio is certainly an option you would like to contemplate. Previously called Fruity Loops Studio, this production software has become an INDUSTRY STANDARD.

FL Studio comes with an attempt offer that helps you explore the interface and see what it's capable of. The trial isn't time restricted, which suggests you'll use it indefinitely until you opt to upgrade. it's a completely functional trial that provides you access to the FL Studio Producer Edition, but some limitations are applied until you upgrade.

FL Studio isn't only great for mixing multiple samples, but also allows you to use an enormous selection of both free and paid plugins. These plugins instantly expand on the functionality offered by the platform, allowing you to make unique effects, combine multiple sample types, and connect more realistic virtual instruments to MIDI channels.

The purchase of FL Studio comes with free updates for the rest of the product’s lifespan — which suggests there'll be no additional expenses on your side within the future.

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There are four versions of FL Studio available, so make certain to review them well and see which one works for you. For beginners, the quality FL Studio Fruity edition is typically enough. It costs $99.00 for a lifetime subscription to the software and comes with all the features you wish to form great beats.

An upgraded version, called FL Studio Producer, offers a range of more advanced plugins and effects that you simply can use while creating beats. There are more advanced versions available, including the FL Studio Signature edition, but these are generally tailored toward the more advanced producer.

The specific features that include FL Studio depend upon the version of the software you get. a number of the highest features that individuals utilize within the software include:

  • Edison (editor and recorder for audio)
  • NewTone pitch editor
  • Elastique time-stretch plugin
  • Playlist functionality
  • Compressors
  • Limiters
  • Equalization plugin
  • Filtering plugins
  • Multi FX functions
  • Reverb plugin
  • Sample playback and manipulation
  • Synthesizers (BassDrum, Autogun, 3x OSC, Drumpad, Drumaxx, and more)
  • 5 different visualization settings
  • A total of 18 configurable tools, including Balance, Big Clock, Control Surface, and more

MIDI Controller

Apart from digital software, there are some physical pieces of hardware and equipment that you just need when preparing to create your own beats. this could essentially start with a decent MIDI controller.

Different types of controllers are available. a number of them connect on to your laptop or PC, whereas others require additional audio interfaces.

A MIDI controller essentially works together along with your DAW. The controller is connected to your computer and syncs with the digital audio workstation you've got launched.

Once connected, a range of elements inside your DAW will be assigned to keys, buttons, knobs, and pads found on the controller. the utilization of a MIDI controller allows you to create beats through the utilization of a keyboard.

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Virtual musical instruments are generally assigned to keys on a MIDI keyboard controller. You then play the keyboard like how you'd play the piano — but rather than standard piano key sounds, the virtual instrument sounds are mapped to the keys.

MIDI pad controllers are also available. These will often not contain keys like a MIDI keyboard controller. Instead, a range of pads can be found. The pads are assignable to various samples, loops, and even full channels on your DAW.

At the press of a button, an effect or sound can be turned on or off during a recording session. If you have followed the recommendations thus far, then you are likely to look at the best MIDI controllers for FL Studio.

A few options are available with a custom design that is made especially for FL Studio. Many options also offer universal compatibility — which means you can use them with any type of DAW that has been installed on your computer.

We Recommend: Akai Professional MIDI Controllers

Man using a MIDI controller

If this is often the case, you would like an option just like the Akai MPK Mini MK2. The MPK Mini could be a portable controller that offers you adequate functionality while also being more travel-friendly. This mini MIDI won’t take up an excessive amount of space, which may be a plus for those with smaller recording spaces.


If you're fixing a home studio and may afford to pay a touch more for your beat production, a MIDI controller just like the Akai MPD 218 is also a more ideal solution. Even beginners will appreciate the total set of keys that include this MIDI keyboard controller. The addition of touch-sensitive knobs adds more precision to adjustments you create to effects, FX settings, and plugins furthermore.

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  • When choosing a MIDI controller, take care to contemplate a number of the foremost basic features to confirm it complies along with your needs:
  • Look at your BUDGET first and judge what you'll be able to afford. A smaller budget generally concerns a more compact solution, but there are still powerful MIDI controllers available at budget-friendly prices.
  • Consider the scale of the controller and make sure you have enough space available in your home studio. If you're traveling, go for a MIDI controller that matches into your equipment bag.

Note the keys on the keyboard if you choose for a MIDI controller that connects to virtual instruments. Some include only 25 keys, while larger 49-key and 61-key options also exist. The more keys, the higher the range of your sounds and music, and therefore the greater opportunity you have got to attach virtual instruments.

Apart from these, there's also a variety of MIDI toys that serve the aim of novelty items. While these don't offer the functionality of a typical MIDI keyboard or controller, they provide a pretty addition to your home studio setup.

Audio Interface/Sound Card

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Some people connect amps, microphones, studio headphones, and other recording equipment directly to their computer. While this is useful when you have a low budget and want to do recordings, the quality of your audio will be significantly reduced. Additionally, it can be hard finding hardware that is compatible with standard USB connections on your computer.

With this in mind, even when starting out, you should consider opting for an additional audio interface. This particular set of hardware acts as a centerpiece within your studio setup.

Different types of audio interfaces exist on the market. As you are still in the beginning stages of music production, you have no need to spend too much on this equipment. Several affordable options are available that can give you the specific inputs and outputs you need to make beats.

An audio interface will usually connect to your laptop through a USB cable. Once connected, the interface gives you an entire arsenal of input and output ports to utilize.

The goal of the audio interface is to help you organize your input devices used for recording, as well as the outputs you use to record or provide feedback.

With an audio interface, you can connect microphones, guitars, amps, and several other recording equipment to a single device. These inputs are then sent directly to the connected computer or laptop. There will usually be an option to connect a set of studio monitors to the audio interface too. This helps you get live feedback on audio sent from the input devices, such as mics.

Studio Monitors

studio monitors

You have your DAW, a good MIDI controller, and an audio interface to assist streamline the recording process. There is, however, still another piece of music production equipment for beginners to think about — which would be a group of studio monitors.

A lot of beatmakers tend to depend on their laptop’s built-in speakers or a collection of desktop speakers connected to their computer once they start producing. Unfortunately, these speakers are nowhere NEAR powerful enough to offer you true feedback on the beats that are found in your DAW.

Laptop and computer speakers lack volume, frequency, and quality — which means your studio setup lacks the power to form the simplest beats possible.

Studio monitors are generally the more ideal solution in these scenarios. Sure, there are studio monitors which will easily set you back thousands of dollars, but these don't seem to be needed during a small home-based studio setup. Instead, consider choosing a more budget-friendly solution. There are more cost-effective studio monitors on the market that also offer superior quality compared thereto pair of desktop speakers you're using.

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Make sure you get a minimum of a PAIR of studio monitors and place them at the correct locations throughout your home studio. you would like to experience TRUE stereo sound with the monitors to confirm the alignment and balance of your beats

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