Babytron Poster

Babytron Poster


Recently, Babytron from Ypsilanti, Michigan was arrested for illegal drug possession. Police discovered him with cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana. This arrest has caused quite a stir online and left fans curious about his personal life. This babytron poster is perfect for any fan of his music!

About the Artist

Babytron, from Ypsilanti, MI, is no slouch when it comes to music. He's behind one of the best bands around town but keeps a low profile lately. Despite having one of the longest names in the business, Babytron has managed to maintain an undercover image while producing some major albums including one of pop music's all-time greats: The Black Eyed Peas' debut album. And don't worry: there's always alcohol available when needed; though sadly he no longer takes breaks for well deserved rests.


Babytron is a Michigan rapper whose genre of music has been making waves in Detroit. As one-third of the ShittyBoyz collective with StanWill and TrDee, they have released six albums in four years - an astounding feat!

He's part of a new wave of Detroit rappers who are defying all musical norms. Their lyrics combine goofy references and puns with hilarious yet powerful lyricism, giving their genre its own unique spin that has been around since Eminem and Big Sean, but these new kids on the block are doing it better than ever before.

His most recent release, Megatron, is a 23-track album produced by Helluva and Danny G with special guest appearance from LA rapper DaBoii. Released on March 4 via The Hip Hop Lab/EMPIRE label, the album can be heard now.

It's the third installment of Babytron's Bin Reaper series, and it continues to showcase his distinctive brand of rapping. The album opens with "Forever $cams," a slower-paced number that highlights his upbringing and struggles.

Babytron displays his versatility throughout the rest of the album with his style and cadence. He raps over various samples and beats, such as Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal remix or Nardo Wick's Who Want Smoke?.

He's renowned for his humorous, self-deprecating lyrics that include obscure sports and pop culture references. It is no surprise that he made it to the XXL Freshman Class; however, his music isn't just about money or fame - he also has a deep affection for his hometown of Ypsilanti.

On the album "Jesus Shuttlesworth," Jesus showcases his unique rapping style. This track is a reflection of his personal struggles with poverty and hard work as well as how he managed to succeed today.

The music video for "Jesus Shuttlesworth" became a massive hit on YouTube last year and helped propel Babytron's success in the Michigan rap scene. A native of Ypsilanti, his unique style of music has won him an enthusiastic following - proof that hard work pays off in the long run.


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The Big Picture

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Personal Life

Babytron poster is a 22-year-old American rapper who has achieved great success so far in his career. He's renowned for his humorous wordplay and pop culture references on outlandish instrumentals.

The Ypsilanti, Michigan native started rapping while still in high school. He formed the group Shit*yBoyz with friends StanWill and TrDee during those formative years. As his popularity grew, in 2017 he launched his own YouTube channel to showcase his music.

He released his debut album in October 2019, featuring a guest appearance from Lil Yachty. Since then he's been touring alongside other rappers like Danny Brown and Sada Baby; he also performed at a Thanksgiving concert that year.

His songs have amassed millions of streams on various streaming platforms. As an avid fan of '80s freestyle music, his preference for uptempo dance beats has given this genre a renewed energy.

BabyTron's breakthrough single, "Jesus Shuttlesworth," went viral in 2019 and quickly earned him notoriety for his comical flow over an '80s synth pop background. His sharp lyricism and clever punchlines have catapulted him to stardom within the regional rap community.

He describes his style as "a whole different thing" than what his regional contemporaries offer. His humorous lyrics often include crude jokes and obscure sports references.

The 21-year-old rapper hails from Ypsilanti, Michigan - 30 minutes east of Detroit. He is biracial and was born to a black father and caucasian mother.

As a teenager, he lived at home with his mom and dad but began writing rap songs at the age of 12. He was inspired by older rap artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Nas while growing up.

After graduating high school, he relocated to Detroit and pursued his musical career. He formed the group ShittyBoyz and quickly rose to prominence within Detroit's rap scene.

He released four projects last year and quickly gained notoriety among regional and mainstream rap fans alike. Additionally, he's collaborated with renowned artists like Lil Yachty, Teejayx6 and GTP Daidoe.

babytron shirt

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He's an avid collector of jewelry and often sports pearls or Gucci pieces on the red carpet. Additionally, he sports a ring that bears his initials H and S that he wears frequently.

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5. Harry Styles Accessories

Fans of Harry Styles will adore these accessories. From a personalized lamp to an adorable necklace, there's something here for every One Directioner in your life - these items are sure to please their One Direction admirer.

Harry Styles fans can all agree that he has an eye for fashion. The former One Directioner has worn plenty of pieces from Alessandro Michele's Gucci line, with Michele complimenting his "incredible sense of style" in a Vogue interview earlier this year.

Marc Jacobs is another designer Styles has a longstanding relationship with. They've provided looks for his tours and promotional campaigns, and Styles and Marc have shared many joint photos on Instagram - one featuring Styles wearing a Gucci floral suit at the American Music Awards.

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