Babytron Crocs - Ypsilanti's King of Scam Rap

Babytron Crocs - Ypsilanti's King of Scam Rap


babytron crocs

Babytron: Ypsilanti's King of Scam Rap

Babytron has emerged as one of the most exciting rappers in the game. At 21 years old, this Crocs-wearing con artist mixes Detroit slang with basketball references and nods to freestyle sounds from the '80s to create an original sound that sets him apart from his peers.

Ypsilanti’s King of Scam Rap

Scam rap is a genre that criticizes hip-hop for being too lenient with criminal activity. While rappers have long boasted about their legitimacy while labelling rivals as fakes, scam rap takes this debate to another level.

Scam rap is not a new phenomenon, but its appeal has grown exponentially in recent years - particularly among younger listeners. This subgenre of hip-hop focuses on deceiving individuals, businesses and credit card companies through various methods.

Music fever started in Detroit and is now spreading throughout other US cities, led by BabyTron born James Johnson III of Ypsilanti. At 21 years old, this 21-year old has become a viral sensation for his ability to rap on any sample - from Harry Potter's iconic theme song to Darth Vader's signature tune.

Though many of its most renowned artists hail from Detroit, scam rap is actually a product of digital culture, drawing its primary influences from social media platforms and online scams. Teejayx6's 2017 breakout hit "Swipe Story" serves as an exemplary illustration of how technology has created this seemingly straightforward musical genre that bears little resemblance to reality.

Scam rap draws heavily from other genres and draws inspiration from hacker culture and dark-web scamming. As such, Teejayx6 has amassed an enormous following, particularly since his debut album Black Air Force Activity 1 was released late last year.

Ypsilanti's King of Scam Rap has an innovative style that's hard to describe. He blends upbeat beats with high synths and drum hits, creating a vibe reminiscent of loading screens from low-budget video games.

Megatron is Babytron’s Best Album Yet

Last year, Babytron released two major solo projects -- Luka Troncic and Bin Reaper 2: The 2nd Coming -- before wrapping up Megatron, his sixth mixtape. Set to drop March 4 via EMPIRE Distribution on March 4, the 23-track collection includes guest appearances by DaBoii and Glockboyz Teejae for special guests.

Babytron has become a cornerstone of Michigan trap music with his unique flow, scamming skills and offbeat beats. The Ypsilanti rapper's unconventional take on rap has earned him regional and national popularity among fans of other kings of the genre such as Babyface Ray or Payroll Giovanni; yet his sound remains much lighter and more niche than some of their peers.

He's an impressive writer, with clever wordplay and pop culture allusions that give his verses a unique flair. Whether spitting over Harry Potter's iconic theme on "Half-Blood Prince," Darth Vader's signature tune on "Sith Lord" or Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," his punchlines always sound unique even if they echo similar sounds elsewhere.

On this album, he's taken his signature style of rapping and added some new elements, reimagining some of his earlier material in an intense and focused manner. Still providing grimy street scriptures over wicked samples, but also showing off his pen game by including harder beats in a more direct manner.

Megatron is one of the best albums to come out this past year, boasting an array of hyped horns and snapping snares throughout its runtime. While these elements never overwhelm you, they provide just enough tension and entertainment.

On Megatron, Babytron displays his braggadocio style of talk with abandon; there's plenty of boastful confidence throughout. Additionally, his serious delivery on this record sets Megatron apart from previous works and provides for an intriguing listen that showcases his diverse artistic ability.

Though some of his tracks may seem repetitive, there are a few standout gems here that really stand out. The opening track, "Drake and Josh," features an infectious drill beat from an up-and-coming New York rapper combined with Babytron's signature hard-hitting delivery.

On his next track, "15 '16' Curry," he steers away from reciting his own lines and instead focuses on creating a beat that calls to mind the classic D-tier rappers of the mid 2000s. With ease, he manages to deliver the witty wordplay which made him famous on other projects.

Megatron is one of Babytron's best albums to date and it serves as a reminder why this young rapper is considered one of the top lyricists in his generation. Overall, Megatron is an impressive achievement for any music fan.

Babytron Glasses

ShittyBoyz BabyTron is a Detroit rapper known for his high-end clothing and often sporting Cartier sunglasses. With their long history of creating luxury eyewear, these sunglasses boast exposed screws, panther embellishments and Godron decorative motifs.


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One of the most frequently asked questions about Babytron glasses is their price point. These high-end frames are produced by a dedicated manufacturer in France near Paris and renowned for their noble finishing and superior craftsmanship. Each frame boasts strong Cartier branding with exposed screws, panther embellishments, Godron decorative motifs and c-decor symbols. Popular among celebrities worldwide, these frames can be found at major retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman or Selfridges in London.

Kenzo is another popular trending brand that had previously faded away as a luxury label but is now making a comeback. The French label recently released their newest eyewear line and has become increasingly popular with young consumers due to their reduced prices and iconic tiger mascot.

babytron merch

Babytron Merchandise

ShittyBoyz rapper BabyTron is one of the most sought-after rap artists right now. His catchy style features nasal swipe talk, NBA references and catchy '80s synth samples - plus he's one of many who have taken up wearing Kenzo tees!

Five of his Instagrams feature him wearing a gray Kenzo tee. Get the same look with this Megatron Tour t-shirt!

Megatron Tour T-Shirt

Are you searching for a memento that expresses your devotion to Babytron? Look no further than this Megatron Tour T-Shirt. Crafted from heavy cotton, it's comfortable and looks great in any wardrobe. Featuring classic v-neck lines in multiple colors, the relaxed fit design and double stitching throughout the neckline and sleeves provide flexibility.

Are you a fan of Babytron and want to get your hands on some music-inspired merchandise, Printerval has just what you need! They boast an expansive selection of products at great prices on everything from clothing and accessories - plus, they provide free shipping on all orders! Don't wait any longer - visit Printerval today!

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Megatron Tour Hoodie

The Megatron Tour Hoodie is sure to be the envy of all your friends. Crafted from a heavy cotton-poly blend, it looks great on both men and women alike. It has an attractive ribbed collar as well as double stitching around the neck and sleeves for extra comfort, plus one of our favorite name brand logos ever! Available in multiple colors, there's sure to be one perfect match for everyone's style. Best of all? This shirt is made in the US and ships within a few days - make it part of your wardrobe today!

Megatron Tour Sweatshirt

This Megatron Tour Sweatshirt, designed and printed in the US, is a must-have for Babytron fans. This heavy blend crew neck sweatshirt offers comfort and style with double stitching on the neckline and sleeves for extra versatility. When looking your best on casual outings, this tee makes an ideal choice - ideal for Megatron Tour or Super Nintendo events!

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