Baby Got Back:

Baby Got Back:

Baby Got Back:

If you’ve ever received an email that begins “baby got back”, you might be at risk of Fomo (Fear of Missing Out.



Whether you love anal sex or have never tried it, Baby Got Back, edited by award-winning author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, offers a peek at what happens when men and women check their inhibitions at the door. You'll find bend over boyfriends, butt plugs, "A Taste of Jamaica" and "Body Heat." In "Rectified," when Lela gets bored with every sex position out there, Brad arrives to teach her about one she learns is everything she'd hoped for and more. In "Delivery," Lynn takes a break from a Vegas bachelorette party so Wesley can show her a very good time. Whether exploring a new side of backdoor pleasure or affirming their passion for this sometimes taboo activity, the characters in this book savor every moment.

“I wanted to piss everybody off!” Mix says. “But I didn’t think it was going to be a hit. Originally, it was going to be a slow song. Before ‘Baby Got Back’ I really didn’t do up-tempo stuff. [Famed prodder] Rick Rubin had this song he really liked that I did called, ‘I Got Game’ and he said, ‘Make it sound like that song.’ So, I did. I made it faster, it had more energy. Then I really hated it. But Rick said, calmly, ‘Okay, it’s done.’ But I still didn’t want to put it out as a single. So, I pushed ‘One Time’s Got No Case’ instead and Rick said, ‘It’s not going to hit.’ But I did the video and everything and it bombed just like he said. ‘Now you ready to do it my way?’ Rick asked. And finally I said alright. Boy, was he right.” (Source: americansongwriter.com)



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