B7 Chord

B7 Chord

B7 Chord

A B7 Chord is a combination of 7 open strings on a guitar. If you strum, say, B-F-C-E-G-A-B, you'll sound something like this. Used in the context of songwriting, it is often used to express sorrow or loss. Some also use it to express tension, or other strong emotion. B7 chords are often used in rock music, blues, folk, country.

Learn 5 Ways to Play B7

Welcome to the latest installment of Chord by Chord, a series designed to build your understanding of harmony and the fretboard. In the last lesson, we went over the E7 chord. This time we’ll continue with dominant sevenths, this time working on B7. (Source: acousticguitar.com)

How to Play B7 Chord on Guitar

Now that you understand more of the musical theory behind the construction of a B7 chord, it’s time to play it. One of the most frequent ways to play the B7 chord is in the open position, in standard tuning. To play the B7 chord on guitar, you’d place your fingers on the following frets and strings: In this lesson, we’ll show you one way to play the B7 chord in an open position, learn about the notes that make up this chord, and show you a few songs that use the B7 chord. You’ll learn to play the chord and listen for it in popular music before trying your hand at playing it yourself. Let’s get started. (Source:

When learning to play different chords, you may hear a lot about the formulas that comprise minor chords and major chords. Seventh chords, like the B7 chord, use a slightly different formula, adding a flattened 7th note of the B major scale to your standard major chord formula. That extra 7th note is what gives the B7 chord its melodic twang. (Source: www.fender.com)



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