Anna Song

Anna Song

Anna Song

Anna Song is of North Korean descent, living in the U.S., and an immigration lawyer of global renown.

Give Someone a Second Chance Today.

After reading a tragic story about a young girl being abused by her mother, Anna made a commitment to help those who were hurting and broken when she was just 12 years old. When Orange County Rescue Mission acquired a local teen girls shelter in 2015 called Laurel House, they acquired Anna as the grant writer with it. Now the Chief Development Officer of the Rescue Mission, she leads a dynamic team that oversees donor relations, grants, marketing and communications, volunteer engagement, events, and public relations. When Anna has received exceptionally great news in the office, you might catch her doing a little happy dance… quick enough that can be easily missed with the blink of an eye. Anna and her husband, Dave, live in Fullerton with their two children. (Source: www.rescuemission.org)

Marvin Gaye – Anna's Song Lyrics

While most of Here, My Dear is blatantly acrimonious commentary on his broken marriage to Anna Gordy and the legal fallout the divorce battle caused, “Anna’s Song” sees Marvin… Read More (Source: genius.com)

The Double Life of Anna Song

[…] At the time of her death, Anna Song’s legacy consisted of 102 CDs that included, among other things, the entire body of works for piano for by Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Ravel; the nine sonatas by Prokofiev; almost all of Chopin; major works by Liszt and Debussy; all the concertos by Brahms, Saint-Saëns and Rachmaninov; and the 54 etudes by Leopold Godowsky, inspired by Chopin and considered to be the most difficult pieces ever written for the piano. Only Arthur Rubinstein with his 94 CDs even comes close in comparison. However, Rubinstein recorded a number of works several times, and spread them out over an entire lifetime—this could hardly be the case for Anna Song. The majority of her recordings were made when she was gravely ill and had reached a time in life when most other artists are enjoying the pleasures of retirement, which they may on occasion come out of in order to impart their knowledge to the younger generation, with varying degrees of modesty.  



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