Angela Peralta: Historic Opera Singer

Angela Peralta: Historic Opera Singer


Angela Peralta

Opera Singer

Angela Peralta is one of the most influential and recognized sopranos to come out of North America today. And she carries a tremendous influence both inside and outside of the opera world.


The current occupant, Angela Peralta is a performer in the opera scene in Milan. In the past, she's been a trainer in Osteria del Portico di San Basilio, an ad hoc production company. And a troubadour when she was in school. In the past few years, she's been a soloist in the world's most prestigious opera houses.

Angela Peralta

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Born in the Eastern New Mexico City of Las Vegas, Angela Peralta now sings at the Metropolitan Opera. Where she has shared the stage with stars like Luciano Pavarotti, Roberto Alagna, Tatiana Troyanos, Maria Guleghina, and Pilar Ron, to name a few.


She's known for her beautiful voice and powerful presence on the stage.


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Angela Peralta has traveled to more than 40 different countries within just 7 years of her career as an opera singer. She doesn't share her secrets as to what it takes to travel extensively. But does state that she would not have learned as much as she did. And thus exposed herself to so many different cultures and ideas without traveling.

Google Doodle have honored the late Ángela Peralta’s 175th birthday with an inspired drawing. As many view the artwork on the search engine’s home page. Some want to know more about Ángela Peralta’s life as well as her cause of death. (Source: www.thefocus.news)

Angela Peralta


The world-renowned Spanish opera singer, Angela Peralta, is well known for her talent and talent alone. Born in 1974 in La Coruña, Peralta was told by her father that she had a huge operatic voice. And that she was just as well suited for jazz, pop, and classical songs. Now, at 45 years old, she has released four albums and received countless awards. And honors, and has even performed in the presence of the Pope.


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Angela Peralta, a famous singer, and artist has taken inspiration from Mexican culture with her operatic album «La Noche de Los Muertos». She has just released another album, «Noche Mía», that is set in the Caribbean.

Peralta's husband, Eugenio Castera, died in 1877; Peralta subsequently formed a scandalous liaison with her manager, Julián Montiel y Duarte. Ostracized in Mexico City, she took her company to remote towns, including Mazatlán, where she contracted yellow fever and died at age thirty-eight. In 1937 her remains were moved to the Panteón in Mexico City. (Source: www.encyclopedia.com)


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