Americas got Talent Winner: Got Talent?

Americas got Talent Winner: Got Talent?


Americas got Talent Winner


The 2017 winner of America’s Got Talent, Shin Lim, is a professional magician and performed his award-winning magic in front of a live audience in Las Vegas, in front of a live audience in the culmination of the show, including a card trick with no shuffling, cutting, or handling involved.

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Presentation Vega Presentation is a professional magician from Manila, Philippines, and winner of the 11th season of America’s Got Talent televised by NBC.

Tavella will take home the $1 million prize and the opportunity to headline a show in Las Vegas at America's Got Talent Las Vegas Live at Luxor Hotel and Casino this fall. (Source: www.newsweek.com)

Americas got Talent Winner


The winner of the three-weeks-long television event, Americas Got Talent, is a young, Spaniard singer and guitarist from Barcelona. Yayo, now 25 years old, rose from obscurity to win the competition. Becoming the first foreigner from outside the United States to win the show. In a world where music access is as diverse as it's ever been, Vega doesn't care about genre. He plays the instrument he wants, and that's that!

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NBC said Tavella’s performance dates in Las Vegas. As well as the other season 16 fan favorites that will be joining, will be announced soon. (Source: www.9news.com)

Americas got Talent Winner


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NBC’s America’s Got Talent show just crowned its winner in the category of singing. Jessie Magee, a 20-year-old, won the category in an outpouring of applause in the finale of the show. For the past year, she has challenged herself in various aspects of the music world with her very own music video. Which went viral on YouTube. Her cover of “Anaconda” has been watched over 27 million times.

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Aerialist Aidan Bryant finished in second place, with comedian Josh Blue landing in third. Singer Brooke Simpson in fourth, and quick-change artist Léa Kyle in fifth. Earlier in the night saw the elimination of comedian Gina Brillon, singer Jimmie Herrod. World Taekwondo Demonstration Team, opera singer Victory Brinker, and Northwell Nurse Choir. (Source: www.tvinsider.com)


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