All 7Fates Chakho Characters in the BTS Manhwa From Webtoon

All 7Fates Chakho Characters in the BTS Manhwa From Webtoon


Namjoon All 7Fates Chakho characters in the BTS manhwa from Webtoon

BTS' seven members are featured in a manhwa released by their label HYBE. The action-packed urban fantasy draws inspiration from Joseon Dynasty tiger hunters known as "chakhogapsa" and Korean folklore.

This webtoon follows seven boys as they work together to overcome hardships (including tigers). Together, they form a team to combat supernatural creatures known as "beom" in the near-future city of Sin-si.


BTS member RM is an intelligent and perceptive individual, making him a valuable addition to the Chakho team. He's proficient with guns and an extremely hard worker; having lived in Sin-si's back alleys since childhood with a strong criminal background. However, his compassion for the underdog has allowed him to form strong friendships with most members in the group.

Hybe LABELS have announced the release of their webtoon, 7Fates: Chakho, on WEBTOON and Wattpad on January 15. The manhwa will feature all seven members of BTS as well as TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN.

The webtoon will be accompanied by an original soundtrack produced by SUGA and featuring Jungkook's voice. As this marks the first collaboration between all three teams under HYBE LABELS' care, fans can look forward to more updates about '7Fates: CHAKHO' in the coming days.

On Twitter, concept photos and character names for HYBE LABELS' manhwa have been revealed. '7Fates: Chakho' will be released on WEBTOON and Wattpad on January 15th and is set in an urban fantasy world inspired by Beom (tiger hunters) of the Joseon Dynasty.


BTS members have been featured in a number of webtoons over the years. Most recently, they took center stage with 7Fates: Chakho, an animated series produced by their label HYBE.

This webtoon is an urban fantasy inspired by Joseon Dynasty tiger-hunting officers known as chakhogapsa and Korean folklore. Set in a near-future city named Sin-si, seven boys come together through hardships to form one strong unit.

They form the Chakho team, a tiger hunting squad. There they engage in battle against supernatural creatures known as beom - which are actually types of tigers and incredibly powerful.

Jin stars as Hwan in the manhwa, an archer who becomes a beom hunter after his family is taken away by beom. At first he's playful and mischievous, but eventually grows into an impressive beom hunter.

He seems like a formidable individual, making him an invaluable addition to the tiger hunting team.

The main soundtrack for the webtoon is "Stay Alive," composed by Suga and performed by Jungkook. It can be streamed on WEBTOON as well as digital streaming platforms for fans to listen to, with 300 subscribers winning a CD of it as a prize!


Suga (Min Yoon-gi) is a member of the Korean pop band BTS and an accomplished rapper, songwriter, and record producer under Big Hit Music's label. With over 60 songs to his credit, he is widely renowned in the K-pop industry as a well-versed singer.

He was born in Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea. During his studies at Global Cyber University he earned a degree in Liberal Arts.

Suge is an accomplished musician with a devoted following among high-teens worldwide. As an accomplished songwriter, his songs have reached the top of the charts around the world.

He achieved success as a member of BTS, breaking into the international music industry and becoming one of the most renowned and sought-after rappers worldwide. Additionally, his abilities as an accomplished producer have been widely acknowledged.

His personality can be best described as an introvert-intuition-feeler-perceiver (INFP). He is a socially engaged artist and always eager to give back.

Sugas character in 7Fates: Chakho is Cein, a young beom hunter who suffered serious injuries after an attack by beom. With the help of the team, Sugas was healed and rehabilitated for his role.


BTS is set to revolutionize the webtoon world with their upcoming fantasy webcomic '7Fates Chakho'. Inspired by Joseon Dynasty tiger hunting officers called chakhogapsa, this story follows seven boys bound together by fate as they tackle life's obstacles together.

Rap Monster (RM), also known as Rap Monster, is one of the main characters in this webtoon. He portrays Dogeon, a crime expert who has been living in Sin-si City's alleyways for many years. RM has an intimidating physique and can handle all types of firearms with ease. Additionally, his keen perception make him formidable on his own.

Jin, BTS' youngest member, stars as Hwan in a manhwa drama. Tragically, his family has been taken away in a tiger attack.

Suga (aka Agust D) stars as Cein in this manhwa. After escaping a beom attack, it takes him some time to recover from his trauma. Luckily, he meets other members of Chakho who help him cope with what has happened to him.

J-Hope, the fifth member of BTS, stars as Hosu in this manhwa. Although he's a tough guy with an uplifting spirit, J-Hope possesses a kind heart.


BTS and WEBTOON have collaborated on the webtoon 7Fates: Chakho. This tale follows seven boys whose paths cross in order to discover who they truly are. Through it all, they experienced both good times and bad; yet their bond remains unbreakable.

BTS's main singer and dancer Jimin stars as Haru, a powerful deity in the manhwa world of Haru. Originally an immobile rock that guarded the gate between humanity and death, Haru eventually becomes human with all of the qualities of a great master for others to aspire to.

Haru, the protagonist of the series, is wise beyond his years and uses that knowledge to guide his friends along their chosen paths. Additionally, he exhibits compassion and caring in unexpected ways - it will be interesting to see how that manifests throughout the course of events.

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga and J-Hope all have characters in the manhwa series. Unfortunately, each member has a tragic backstory which drives much of its drama.

Jungkook is an intricate character in the series. He holds a secret that only he knows: He's half-beom, meaning that he possesses the power of a tiger. He uses these abilities to hunt beoms and fight off enemies while being fiercely protective over those close to him.


V, born Kim Taehyun, is a member of the iconic Korean group BTS. He's one of their youngest members and boasts one of the deepest voices within their ranks.

V is renowned for her kind and compassionate personality, similar to other members in the group. This trait has made her one of the most popular members and a fan favorite.

The group has joined forces with webtoon production company HYBE for the popular series 7Fates: Chakho, inspired by Beom (tiger) hunters' stories. This compelling tale follows seven boys as they grow up together through trials and tribulations together.

In 7Fates: Chakho, Jimin plays Haru - a rock that guarded the gate to Beom's world. After living for some time, this rock became human and took on the qualities of an wise master for others to look up to.

This marks BTS' first collaboration with a webtoon and they can't wait to share the story with their fans. Furthermore, Suga produced an original soundtrack for the series that features vocals from Jungkook.


All seven members of BTS are featured in an upcoming manhwa from HYBE and WEBTOON. Inspired by Korea's Joseon Dynasty, 7Fates: Chakho follows a group of seven tiger hunters as they strive to stay together in a city plagued by supernatural creatures known as beom.

HYBE's contemporary interpretation of traditional Korean tigers and bears is combined with Webtoon's urban fantasy setting to bring the story to life. Set in Sin-si, where beoms roam free, terrorizing humans and endangering their lives, this tale unfolds over several chapters.

Suga stars as Cein, who endured a beom attack that left him traumatized. Eventually, Cein meets the other six boys at Chakho and forms an intimate bond with them as they struggle through their trials together.

J-Hope portrays Hosu, who was taken hostage by a beom and brutalized. His complex character elicits much sympathy from fans.

Jimin's character Haru is a powerful god who takes the form of a rock before changing into human form. With so much life experience under his belt, Haru possesses immense wisdom and insight.

Character names, Twitter emojis and concept photos have also been released. ARMYs can expect more details about the upcoming webtoon when it launches January 15. Stay tuned for more updates!

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