A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag

A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag


aap rocky purple swag

Rapping since he was nine, A$AP Rocky has been writing music after his father was imprisoned for dealing drugs and his older brother tragically died in a shooting. Inspired to pursue music professionally by A$AP, Rocky began creating songs to cope with life's hardships.

A$AP Rocky's breakthrough singles "Purple Swag" and "Peso" caught the attention of the national rap scene, leading to his first mixtape Live Love A$AP in 2011. This earned him a $3 million deal with Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music.


The Harlem-born rapper grew up in a rough neighborhood and has adopted an adventurous attitude, which has enabled him to achieve great success as one of the most successful musicians to ever hail from his hometown. His music displays this same spirit, whether he's showing off his hip-hop chops over an uptempo beat or sharing heartfelt lyrics on a track with Sam Smith.

Rocky's impressive rapping skills have catapulted him to global stardom. His debut album, Long Live A$AP, reached number one on Billboard 200 and earned him two Grammy Awards. In addition to that, Rocky has featured in movies, appeared on Red Hot Chili Peppers' critically acclaimed album ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE and even joined them during a tour this year.

He quickly gained notoriety for his fashion sense, often aligning himself with designer brands such as Gucci, Dior and Raf Simmons. Furthermore, he's modeled for many of these labels (DKNY, Dsquared2 and Dior Homme to name a few) plus Rick Owens x Adidas luxury clothing lines.

Therefore, it's no shock that he's amassed an admiring following of followers who appreciate his taste in high-end luxury clothing. He's been seen wearing outfits from designers like Balenciaga, Gucci and Rick Owens - the latter of which he featured in his Peso video - plus recently shared a photoshoot with fashion blogger Xochia.

His enthusiasm for luxury fashion is evident in his lyrics, which often feature lavish outfits to showcase his appreciation of designers like Gucci and Dior. On tracks like "Fashion Killa," he extols the virtues of wearing designer labels like Gucci and Dior while showing off what he's been up to in the city.

His fashion house-inspired looks in his videos reflect that same confidence he brings to his music. Whether he's wearing an embroidered Gucci vest over a black Gucci sweatshirt or sporting a Dior womenswear t-shirt, his choices reflect the confidence he exudes through his music.

His video for "Peso" showcases his ability to modernize classic rap songs while maintaining its lyrical style and distinctive identity. Utilizing dice games, 40s-era fashion, posse shots, the video proves that he can add an authentic flavor to his music while still remaining true to himself as a Harlem MC.

Purple Swag

Rap Rocky and his cohorts produce great quality music without taking themselves too seriously, although they won't shy away from making the occasional cheesy rap music video if it suits the purpose. Their latest venture is Purple Swag, which you can download in all its sultry glory below. This track has helped make them one of Harlem rappers' most sought-after acts. Despite their differences they've come together as one awesome yet dysfunctional group and we can't wait to get our hands on some of it all. It is no wonder then that these inmates continue producing some of the best music in the business - we just can't seem to get our hands on it all!

Live Love A$AP

Before A$AP Rocky became a household name, he was an up-and-coming rapper whose 2011 mixtape, Live Love A$AP, had already begun to garner some major buzz. Now the rerelease of that project is available on major streaming services in celebration of its 10-year anniversary.

LIVELOVEA$AP's production aesthetic was reminiscent of Rick Ross, Game and early Game; it successfully combined post-geographical internet culture with its best microtrends - such as celestial weirdness, country rap's funky pace, screw's stoned rhythm and Memphis tape-warp - to create an exciting new swag-rap generation.

The album became a sensation on streaming platforms, with lead singles "Peso" and "Purple Swag" propelling Rocky to stardom and landing him a record deal with RCA Records and Polo Grounds Music. Additionally, Schoolboy Q, Rick Ross, Thundercat, Vince Staples and Mike Jones made appearances on the mixtape as well.

On this album, A$AP Rocky displays his confidence in his abilities without ever doubting himself. It's unmistakable why this album has become one of the greatest debuts in rap history - his assurance is unmistakable.

He also shows his versatility by taking his lyricism and style in a different direction than most rappers. On "Houston Old Head," he swaggers along to Neil Young's classic "Old Man" over an infectious Clams Casino beat, showing that he's willing to learn new sounds.

At first listen, I thought "Houston Old Head" would be a dud, but it ended up being one of my favorites on the entire album. Though it starts off a little slowly, its beats are so great that it quickly picks up speed. With plenty of energy and catchy hooks throughout, this song quickly became one of my favorites.

The production is flawless, and the chemistry between A$AP Rocky and Clams Casino is unmatched. They don't fear to push each other's limits or make each other look good - an admirable trait in today's rap world.

Long. Live. A$AP

For hip-hop fans in the last decade, A$AP Rocky has likely come to your attention. His viral videos "Purple Swag" and "Peso," which garnered millions of views on cool kid blogs, earned him a deal with RCA/Sony records.

Though those videos only marked the start of Rocky's meteoric rise, his fan base soon followed suit and enabled him to quickly expand beyond touring and recording studios; he spent much of 2012 traveling from rap club to rap club, cementing himself as one of music's biggest names.

He began to garner serious mainstream recognition with the success of his radio single, "Fuckin' Problems." This wasn't A$AP Rocky's first real hit; he already had several other songs that got airplay and won an award for rap's biggest song.

As the year progressed, he released more singles and mixtapes to stay at the top of the charts, but they mostly went ignored by mainstream radio. So in 2013, he decided to release a full-length album which proved successful: Long. Live.

The debut album's lead single, "Goldie," was an uptempo summery cloud-rap anthem set against Harlem's vibrant backdrop. This marked A$AP Rocky's first attempt at art-inspired visuals and set him on his path towards creating his signature style.

A$AP Rocky's "Fashion Killa" was another standout from his set; a collaboration with Rihanna, it took on a more upbeat musical direction than his previous tracks and marked the first time he started to blur the lines between pop and rap music. Additionally, it marked an evolution in his visual aesthetic as it included mainstream fashion brands such as Balmain and Maison Martin Margiela into its design aesthetic.

On the following track, "Suddenly," A$AP showcases his psychedelic influence and pays homage to DMX. He employs horns and synths for a more layered and diverse sound. This song brings together all elements of the album -- its forward-thinking beats and chameleonic vocal distortion.

A$AP Rocky and FKA Twigs Do Better Things Together

A$AP Rocky is one of the most influential rappers in the game. His style is unparalleled and he never hesitates to try new things.

He released a song that caused controversy due to its critical remarks about Rita Ora. Though Rocky later apologized for the words, they still cause people distress.

2. Fukk Sleep

A$AP Rocky and FKA Twigs have joined forces on the track 'Fukk Sleep', which appears on A$AP Rocky's 'Testing' album. Directed by Diana Kunst, the video for 'Fukk Sleep' features surreal visuals that give it a sci-fi movie vibe.

It's the ideal summer song, featuring quick drums, captivating background humming and an infectious beat that makes you want to jump around and bob your head. One of my favourites from Testing, this track will remain in my collection for years to come.

Diana Kunst directed this video which showcases an array of stunning characters straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. It also has an absolutely beautiful aesthetic with vibrant colors and captivating imagery.

This track is an excellent showcase of A$AP Rocky's creativity and experimental rap style. It showcases a brand-new brand of psychedelic rap that I had never heard before, making it a must-add to your collection of A$AP Rocky songs.

It's also a very upbeat song that can help boost your self-esteem. Adding it to your repertoire of A$AP Rocky songs will definitely get you nodding along throughout its entirety.

Another song I think is an underrated gem by A$AP Rocky called "Purity." This soulful track features plenty of Frank Ocean, and it will surely have you nodding along throughout its duration.

3. Peso

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4. Babushka Boi

Are you searching for an entertaining music video to watch? A$AP Rocky's new track "Babushka Boi" is worth checking out. He debuted it during his Injured Generation tour earlier this year and it is now available through A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds Music.

Boys Noize and A$AP Mob's musical director Hector Delgado created the song, which pays homage to Al Pacino's 1983 film Scarface. It also features a confrontation between an anti-gang gang led by Babushka-clad Rocky and police.

It's easy to see why this song has gained such traction, as it offers an intriguing take on a classic movie. In addition to referenceing the film, Rocky also includes a powerful lyrical message about belonging in this world.

As always, Rocky doesn't hesitate to exalt himself in this song. He boasts about his wealth, luxurious cars and intimate encounters with women.

He also mentions his commitment to veganism and environmental conservation. Despite all of the assertiveness, this track still manages to inspire others to make the most of their lives.

Nadia Lee Cohen directed the music video for "Babushka Boi," featuring rapper A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q, A$AP Nast and Kamil Abbas dressed up in vibrant Looney Tunes-themed costumes.

5. Good For You

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aap rocky albums

A$AP Rocky Albums - Don't Be Dumb

A$AP Rocky has been one of the most successful rappers to emerge from the internet age. He masterfully blends decades of rap history into an infectious sound that appeals to both mainstream audiences and sophisticated listeners.

He possesses an eye for visuals, too, with his early work featuring contemporary fashion brands that set him apart from other rappers of his era.


In the social-media era, A$AP Rocky earned more return on investment than any rapper. His combination of fashion and gritty street rap combined with some swagger and blog buzz knowledge to create an instant icon for post-regional, post-generational hip-hop. Furthermore, he secured himself a secure niche within the landscape by taking less risks than his predecessors and collaborators while placing more emphasis on visual refinement.

His debut full-length, 2013's Goldie, generated a lot of hype due to singles like Noah "40" Shebib's radio-friendly hit "F*#kin' Problems," plus guest appearances from Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. But after that it was an extended wait until another hit for this Harlem rapper.

Rocky took some time to break out of his niche, but by 2021 he'd become a festival headliner. This shift in focus stems from Rihanna joining him onstage, but also requires Rocky's music to become more introspective.

As such, the album often felt like an extension of Rocky's natural environment rather than a daring venture into new sounds. Tracks like "Fashion Killa" and "LVL," featuring cold synthetic synths inspired by his breakthrough tape, blended seamlessly with Kodak-supported bluesy "Purple Swag" and groovy R&B of "Unicorn," all classic A$AP material.

Though his approach to songcraft on Testing was generally successful, his ideas remain too simplistic for an exciting creative process. On the icy synth-heavy track "LVL," for instance, Rocky's narrator sounds more like a crash dummy than an octonion horn or ethereal rap solo; his vocals are garbled and gnashed, more about capturing sound collision than providing any meaningful purpose.

At. Long. Last. ASAP

After two years, A$AP Rocky is back with his second album. Though the enigmatic Harlem rapper had been quiet on social media and in the press, this album marks one of his most important endeavors.

He's the kind of artist that can make you stop everything you're doing to listen to his music. He may not be active on social media and easy to forget, but when he releases something we can't help but get excited. This time around he brings us plenty of options to choose from and all are top notch.

His previous albums focused heavily on vintage rap and Houston influences, but At Long Last takes things even further with influences ranging from blues rock, G-Funk, Wu-Tang Clan to psychedelic folk music - creating an eclectic sound that blends forward thinking with nostalgia. It serves as proof that hip-hop can be an art form that not only celebrates modern technology but also pays homage to its past impact on our present.

The album begins with a powerful hit from Hit Boy (the producer behind Niggas in Paris and Backseat Freestyle tracks), setting the mood for what's to come. The beat is massive and gives off an immediate sense that this track will be something special.

One major aspect of ASAP's sound is his distinct lyrical style, which he seamlessly incorporates into songs. Some of his lines on the track are quite humorous and insightful - just what we've come to expect from him.

Another excellent track is Jodye, which pays homage to the iconic James Dean. This song should not be missed by any James Dean fan and promises to be a hit among today's new generation of rap music listeners.

As with his first album, this one is packed with stirring music and lyrics. However, it may be a bit too lengthy at times with some tracks running too long and becoming confusing at certain points.

However, the album features many standout tracks that will become classics. I particularly enjoyed Max B, which paid homage to Harlem rapper Max B; it set the pace nicely for new listeners and featured Pharysde - a young artist quickly becoming fan favorite.

Don’t Be Dumb

In December, A$AP Rocky announced his upcoming album Don't Be Dumb at his Rolling Loud New York concert. Although an exact release date is yet to be determined, Rocky has already teased several songs and confirmed he'll be teaming up with Metro Boomin on Testing 2.

In celebration of his major album release, Rocky decided to unveil its latest addition - a music video. Directed by Louis Mackay and featuring Ocean Wisdom, "Don't Be Dumb" is an eye-poppingly vibrant realm all its own.

Though not the biggest or most expensive video, it certainly ranks as one of the funniest. Set in a vibrant jungle, Dizzee and Wisdom rap from within portraits of some of their idols.

What an incredible way to cap off an incredible year. For fans of the duo, be sure to check out their latest release E3 AF and watch the video for "Don't Be Dumb" below!

It's no secret that A$AP Rocky's creative output has been on fire since his first child's birth. He's remained true to his musical roots while adding new elements into his sound, leading to an impressive body of work which includes several notable LPs and singles like Testing; plus upcoming projects Don't Be Dumb and All Smiles promise no signs of slowing down as he continues delivering top-notch projects.

All Smiles

For A$AP Rocky, this year has been one filled with many accomplishments. He became a father this year, has an upcoming album and was featured on GQ magazine's cover. But most importantly, there is much to be thankful for.

He and Rihanna have taken an exciting step toward parenthood - they're getting close to having a baby boy together! Additionally, the duo is working on their new album All Smiles together and took a road trip across America together as part of their preparations.

In a recent interview, the rapper discussed his relationship with Barbadian pop superstar, Fenty Beauty mogul and future mother of his child, saying they are "soulmates" and have experienced many ups and downs together. He even recounted how they met. Additionally, he revealed that 90 percent of his new record is completed.

It's hard not to think his latest album could be the best yet. He remains an impressive rapper with a powerful flow and poetic style to match.

His style is kept fresh with his experimentation and willingness to explore different sounds, especially in his raps. That doesn't have to be a bad thing as long as he does it correctly and consistently.

Rapping-wise, some songs stand out like the title track and his love song to Rihanna. Both are more thrilling than most of the rest of the record but don't always work harmoniously.

His raps often sound like they're trying too hard to be cool and hip. While they may not be particularly exciting or memorable, they still manage to hold your attention.

Despite this, he's got an eye for melody and his vocals aren't as flat as they could be. Additionally, his ability to express different emotions through singing is a plus on this album; unfortunately though, the rest of the record fails to live up to all that promise from the first half.

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