A$AP Rocky Diskography

A$AP Rocky Diskography


aap rocky discography

a$ap Rocky boasts an extensive and varied discography. He has released three studio albums, 42 singles and 8 promotional singles.

If you want to get a taste for the man's music, be sure to explore his discography. There are some wonderful tracks that you're sure to appreciate.

1. Angels Pt. 2

Over the last decade, A$AP Rocky has achieved a great deal - three studio albums, an acclaimed furniture line and a family. To commemorate his 10-year debut anniversary on April 1, A$AP Rocky dropped off a special video for one of his more popular tracks "Angels", showing that he wasn't afraid to go all out.

Luke Monaghan directed this entertaining video that runs just over two minutes and features plenty of eye candy as he and his cohorts engage in some heavy duty urban mischief. The video includes several impressive effects, from a stunning light show atop an elevated subway train station to some impressive gold grills.

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2. Everyday

After making his mark with a mixtape in 2011 and major label debut in 2013, New York rapper A$AP Rocky returns with his sophomore solo album, At. Long. Last.

On Testing, A$AP Rocky strives for greater heights while also exploring his identity as an artist. He often draws inspiration from broader themes than what's popular within rap music - as evidenced by songs like the stunning Frank Ocean collaboration "Purity" and the darkly simmering "Fukk Sleep," featuring FKA Twigs.

Testing takes a more experimental approach to hip-hop production, though his experiments weren't as successful as those of earlier releases. He still uses plenty of vocal samples and left-turning mid-song transitions, but he also experiments with less structured improvisational style sounds and ambient elements.

Tracks like Juicy J's "Gunz N Butter" showcase A$AP Rocky's musical abilities, but it only makes up a portion of his album. A$AP Rocky often explores personal issues in his lyrics, such as depression, insecurity and rejection in candid and vulnerable fashion.

This album is more mature than A$AP Rocky's previous releases, yet it can still be challenging to listen to if you aren't used to his experimental style. While not his most acclaimed work, this is certainly worthy of consideration.


A$AP Rocky's first single off the upcoming album, "Everyday", features a poignant vocal sample and catchy synth-pop hook. It may not be what you expect from him, but he successfully balances his esoteric aesthetic with commercial appeal.

This track conveys a feeling of loneliness, but it's also deeply relatable. The lyrics take into account the downside to fame - an overwhelming sense of self-deprecation that affects so many celebrities.

The music of "Everyday" is more melodic and less chaotic than some of A$AP Rocky's earlier releases, suggesting he may be growing in confidence. While he still raps about girls, it's not as fast-paced or overly focused on them like some of his earlier tracks. Plus, the chemistry between Mark Ronson, Miguel, and Rod Stewart in this video is truly smooth - making this one of A$AP Rocky's best videos yet this year.

3. Back Home

A$AP Rocky's discography is extensive, and all worth exploring. From his debut album to various collaborative projects, Rocky has produced some of the greatest hip hop tracks this decade - whether it's a collaboration with Metro Boomin, 21 Savage or Gucci Mane - that will remain timeless classics for years to come. His sound has earned him critical acclaim around the world.

For the first time in a long time, it appears A$AP Rocky is ready to release an album. At his performance at Amazon Music Live last month, the rapper revealed his forthcoming project would be called Don't Be Dumb and played three unreleased songs including one titled "Same Problems?" with images of late rappers projected onto a screen.

This track was released in collaboration with FKA Twigs and features some beautiful harmonizing. The hypnotic beat makes it perfect for a summer playlist or when trying to unwind after a difficult day.

On this track, A$AP Rocky sings about the difficulties of being away from home for an extended period. He laments how much he misses his friends and family when he does venture out of town, yet every time he does he realizes just how much he misses them.

It's not hard to understand why this song resonated with so many people. Being far away from those you care about and having to face life's obstacles are both heartbreaking experiences.

However, these difficulties could only be temporary. Ultimately, there's always a place to return home.

The artist continues to showcase his talent through hit singles, memorable guest verses and more. We can't wait for what the future holds for him!

A$AP Rocky always releases new music, and now we eagerly await what his next project will be. Following the success of Testing, we expect a full-length LP from the Harlem native soon!

We'll keep this page updated when more details about the upcoming album become available. In the meantime, take a listen to these songs from ASAP Rocky's extensive discography!

4. Max B

Before Max B began his downward spiral into legal trouble, he was an influential rap star with a catchy vocal style. He flooded New York with multiple mixtapes in the Public Domain and Million Dollar Baby series as well as two volumes of Coke Wave with French Montana.

At around this same time, Max B became affiliated with Diplomats member Jim Jones but left one year later in 2009 due to contract disputes. These included claims that Max B had been paid inadequate wages and did not receive credit for work done on Jones' albums or other projects.

He also took issue with Jones' management for not acknowledging his work in the studio. Furthermore, they engaged in numerous off-camera confrontations.

As Max B and Jones' friendship progressed, it began to deteriorate. Max B eventually separated himself from the Dipset movement and started hanging out with South Bronx rapper French Montana - a rival of Jones'.

In February 2009, French and Max released their debut collaborative tape titled Coke Wave. This spawned numerous back-and-forth videos in which French and Max took aim at Jones, his management, Hell Rell, and others.

Max B and Drake would remain embattled throughout the following years, culminating in a brawl at a Brooklyn club in January 2009. Throughout this time, Max B continued to release music as well as collaborate with producers and fellow rappers.

He was released from prison in 2021 after serving 14 years for conspiracy charges related to armed robbery, kidnapping and felony murder that occurred in 2006. That same year he released Negro Spirituals, his most recent album.

Now, Max B is gearing up to return to the scene of the crime and has released a brand-new music video for his first song in years, "Lemonade." Shot inside an East Jersey state prison, Biggaveli exhibits his infectious flow during this raw clip.

Max B is back in the studio and also working on a program to assist newly released inner city inmates. Additionally, they've collaborated on a track that could potentially be featured on French Montana's forthcoming album Heroes & Villains.

aap rocky x vans

A$AP Rocky and Vans Make a Fire Fit This Year

Rapper A$AP Rocky is a fashion icon with an eye for high-end styles. Recently, he collaborated with Vans to launch a line of sneakers.

PacSun (Pacific Sunwear of California Inc) announced that Harlem rapper Questlove had become their first guest artistic director, giving him full creative control over all collaborations and campaigns for the brand. Their initial drop - featuring flame-emblazoned trainer-mules - sold out quickly.

Black & White

When brands utilize the colors black and white, they convey two opposing perspectives. Black evokes sophistication while white conveys innocence. No matter why these hues are used together in any collection, using them together creates a powerful tool to convey an overall sense of completion and harmony.

Last year, A$AP Rocky announced his collaboration with Pacsun on several limited-edition collections. His most recent offering is a pair of slip-on sneakers and mules inspired by Vans' iconic Old Skool shoes.

Vans x ASAP Rocky Classic Slip-on Shoes ($80) come in black and white designs with flame graphics on both lateral and medial sides. Crafted on the brand's signature rubber waffle outsole, these reworked models also boast a co-branded footbed as well as white rubber toe caps for durability.

The mules-inspired style is an example of the rapper's relaxed aesthetic. He typically dresses in tees and shorts, so his new sneakers are ideal for leisurely strolls and errands paired with a simple trucker hat.

However, they could also be styled with high-waisted jeans and a casual cardigan to seamlessly incorporate them into any wardrobe. While its backless silhouette may not be for everyone, those searching for an easy, comfortable shoe should definitely give it a try.

A$AP Rocky's backless Vans are an attractive alternative to many celebrity collaborations at $75 each, making them ideal for sneakerheads who don't want to pay the hefty resale prices often associated with popular brands like Nike or Adidas. A$AP's sneakers are meant as casual pick-ups and he likely hopes they'll be noticed by everyday mall shoppers at some point.

This collaboration between A$AP Rocky and Pacsun offers the Harlem rapper's laid-back, flame-friendly attitude to a much wider audience. It includes reworked versions of Vans' classic slip-on sneakers and mule shoes, as well as apparel designed in partnership with Russell Athletics.

The Russell Athletics collection offers a range of t-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies in green, blue, rust, black and red. The Russell Athletics logo T-shirts boast contrast stitching, a kangaroo pocket and chenille "Russell" graphic across the front while matching hoodies boast skull print details with contrasted stitching as well as the iconic "Russell" logo in green, black or red.

Red & White

A$AP Rocky and Vans have unleashed a fiery collaboration this year, featuring classic Slip-On sneakers and mules in black and white colorways. Designed with an ultra minimalistic backless shoe, it also features flame graphics on the side along with a rubber toe cap for durability - sure to please A$AP Rocky's loyal fanbase!

These shoes are an ideal choice for anyone seeking the relaxed aesthetic that A$AP is known for. They also come at an affordable price point, making them suitable even if you aren't too particular about fashion choices.

Slip-on sneakers may be seen more often on women, but men also enjoy wearing them due to their versatile look and comfortable feel.

These shoes are easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for those wanting a casual look without sacrificing style. Furthermore, their mudguards on the sides ensure that your footwear stays dry while out and about.

In addition to these shoes, A$AP Rocky also designed a hoodie and sweatpants for his collection. These pieces will keep you ahead of the latest trends in 2021 and guarantee to turn heads wherever you go.

Following the release of his first collaboration with PacSun, A$AP Rocky has unveiled a second collection in collaboration with Vans. This time around he's reinventing the Slip-On and Mule models from the California skatewear label.

He also designed the Old Skool shoe for this collection, which will be released in three colorways. Crafted from durable canvas and suede materials with flame overlay panels on the sides, these shoes feature an ASAP Worldwide x Vans label on the tongue, co-branded footbed with flame graphics, white rubber toe caps for durability, and a rubber waffle outsole for grip.

Blue & White

Blue is a classic hue with timeless appeal that can be found in textiles and ceramics alike. When combined with white, it offers the perfect opportunity for creating an airy and modern aesthetic.

For their latest collaboration, Cheap Rocky and Vans have designed two styles of iconic slip-on shoe with flame graphics designed by Rocky. Additionally, there's a co-branded footbed with red flame graphics and an ultra durable white rubber toe cap for extra stability.

As Pac Sun's guest artistic director, A$AP Rocky has collaborated with Vans to release a pair of shoes featuring an embroidered flame motif from his first collection. Both styles feature black canvas uppers with the flame motif emblazoned across one side.

Rocky's first release featured three embroidered Old Skools in various flame colorways, but for this drop he's returning to one of his favorite Vans styles: the Slip-On. The Classic Slip-On features "Jazz" Sidestripes from the Old Skool while the Classic Slip-On Mule keeps with the same flame design from before.

Both pairs of shoes come complete with a selection of apparel. Russell Athletics logo T-shirts and valley shorts come in green, blue and rust colorsways; there's also hoodies featuring skull print with contrasted stitching and kangaroo pocket; drawstring sweatpants in black or red are also available.

A$AP Rocky has long been known for his collaborations, working with a variety of fashion brands. Additionally, the rapper advocates for affordable fashion accessibility for all.

He's collaborated with a number of renowned companies to produce sneakers and apparel for his fans, but this marks the first time he's collaborated with a brand that doesn't hike up prices. As such, this collaboration represents an excellent value for both A$AP Rocky fans and the brand he is working with.

Orange & White

Orange & White is the newest collaboration from A$AP Rocky and Vans, who recently joined PacSun as their guest artistic director last July. For this vibrant colorway of their Slip-On and Mule sneakers, both styles have become instant classics among customers worldwide.

Early this year, A$AP Rocky hinted that he was "reinventing" the classic Slip-On shoe with bold flame graphics that adorn every inch. These kicks will be available starting January 14th at select PacSun stores and online for an affordable $75 price point.

It's worth highlighting the shoes for their fiery piping and Vans Side Stripe detailing. Additionally, the iconic logo from '80s-era Vans appears on both styles' laterals while a backless silhouette completes the ensemble.

A$AP Rocky's forthcoming single, "Orange and White," is the ideal accompaniment to his collaboration with Big Machine Label Group. The track expresses A$AP's devotion to the Tennessee Volunteers while simultaneously exploring a unique love story told through football.

Though the song is still in development, its captivating vocal and captivating lyrics have already earned plenty of airplay. If you haven't heard it yet, be sure to take a listen below!

In other news, Rocky's latest release follows his highly sought-after collaboration with AWGE, the fashion-forward label he co-founded in 2012. To celebrate their third AWGE x Needles collection launch, the brand is dropping a series of items including flame-accented A$AP Wordwide x Vans Slip-Ons that were seen on the rapper during a recent trip to PacSun's Soho flagship in New York City.

This sneaker is crafted from a combination of pig leather and suede, featuring flame details throughout. Finished off with classic Vans logo, Side Stripe, and backless silhouette, these '80s-era Vans x A$AP Worldwide Slip-On Mule and Slip-On are now available at PacSun for $75 and $80 respectively.

aap rocky shirt

A$AP Rocky Shirt

A$AP Rocky is an internationally renowned rapper, fashion designer, and songwriter with millions of devoted followers around the globe.

He has collaborated with numerous renowned designers such as Off-White and Raf Simons.

Rocky is a true fashion icon, his sense of style and impeccable taste in clothing are testament to that. He often sports street-style casual looks inspired by American Hip Hop culture.


Asap Rocky has always had an eye for fashion and wears stylish clothing items to match. He's known as The Fashion Killa and has collaborated with Guess and Under Armour on projects. In turn, Asap Rocky offers his own merchandise like shirts and hoodies to support his own projects.

T-shirts are a ubiquitous piece of clothing. Lightweight and comfortable, they make for the ideal casual or smart casual ensemble. T-shirts come in an array of colors and designs with options like v-neck, crew neck, short sleeve, baseball tees, and long sleeve options available too. Plus they come in different fabrics like light weight or medium weight options for added durability.

They're an excellent way to express your style and are suitable for any event. They provide plenty of warmth when outdoors in cold temperatures, making them great to wear while running errands or spending quality time with friends.

Hoodies are essential items to have in your closet for cool nights out. Not only are they versatile enough for parties and hangouts with friends, casual office days or dinner dates with your significant other - but their thick lining and cozy fit keep you warm too!

When looking for something unique and stylish, the Asap Rocky t-shirt is your top pick. Crafted with high quality materials, this shirt guarantees to turn heads wherever you go! A must have for any rap fan - guaranteed to get noticed for all the right reasons!


A$AP Rocky is an internationally-renowned American rapper, singer, and record producer with millions of fans around the globe. He began his music career as part of ASAP Mob and quickly rose to become one of the most acclaimed rappers of the 21st century. His songs serve as motivation and inspiration as well as a way for listeners to relax and unwind.

Asap Rocky is also an avid fashionista and enjoys wearing street style casual clothing inspired by American Hip Hop culture. He's collaborated with different designers such as Guess and Under Armour to create a diverse range of products.

He produces his own merchandise through the AWGE creative agency and personal brand. His selection of hoodies are ideal for all casual occasions, whether you're heading off to a party or meeting up with friends.

These hoodies are crafted from a midweight cotton blend and feature kangaroo pockets for extra comfort. The classic black color keeps things classic while the drawstring hood keeps you warm. With this hoodie, you're guaranteed to look your best all season long.

Asap Rocky is renowned for his style, but he also advocates using ethically sourced and sweatshop-free apparel. Together with various designers, he has created a collection of quality hoodies and sweatshirts that are comfortable, unique and look great.

These A$AP Rocky hoodies are perfect for everyday use as well as casual events like parties, hangouts with friends, office days and dinner dates. Made of ultra soft fabric that provides superior comfort, these hoodies will have you feeling great while wearing them.

Hoodies have the advantage of being versatile enough to go with any look, as well as perfect for layering up with jackets or coats in cold weather to stay warm.

Fans of Asap Rocky and anyone wanting to stand out in an eye-catching way should check these hoodies out. They're comfortable, stylish, and come in various sizes so you can find the perfect fit. Additionally, Asap Rocky hoodies come in various colors so there's sure to be something that matches your personal aesthetic perfectly.


A$AP Rocky has made a name for himself on the music scene with numerous top-notch albums, but it's his fashion sense which truly sets him apart. His looks combine classic, contemporary and futuristic elements for an eye-catching combination.

Sweatshirts are the modern-day version of jeans, and Asap Rocky has perfected the design of them. Wearable to any casual event while looking stylish, their collection features colors and prints ranging from basic black and grey to vibrant oranges and reds. Whether you need a swagger-worthy sweatsuit, hoodie to keep warm in style or pair of joggers to match your running shoes, Asap Rocky is your go-to brand for stylish comfort wear.

A well-designed hoodie is sure to impress your friends, whether for formal or informal occasions like business meetings or outings with the kids. A quality hoodie should be part of every urbanite's wardrobe; the biggest challenge will be deciding which one to get. Your local department store offers an impressive selection of high-end branded hoodies tailored to both taste and budget - so start shopping there today!


Since 2011, ASAP Rocky has been one of the most style-conscious rappers to come out of hip-hop. His signature look of oversized suits, sneakers and swervy sunglasses has earned him a devoted fanbase and been linked to fashion brands like Dior Homme and Alexander Wang for years.

His passion for streetwear doesn't end with T-shirts; he also appreciates denim jackets and track pants. Additionally, his relationship with Dior Homme's Kris Van Assche and Raf Simons is no secret; last year, he donned an oversized navy blue and olive green winter coat from Simons' 205W39NYC collection during New York Fashion Week.

This season, Rocky's collaboration with Japanese multi-hyphenate Nigo is an example of his minimalist approach to streetwear. His "Human Testing" capsule pays homage to his latest album's theme of testing with black varsity jackets, denim jackets, hoodies and trucker hats in colors reminiscent of caution tape. Graphics of a crash test dummy and checkered heart accents add an edge while branded pins give each piece some personalization.

Rocky is also a proud ambassador for Dior Homme, wearing pieces from their latest Fall/Winter 2019 menswear collection - including this jean bomber jacket featuring Christian Dior's neon photo across the front. His love affair with Dior continues unabated!

The jeans bomber offers the classic rock concert aesthetic with an urban edge. While it may not be as fashionable as other cropped jeans, you can easily recreate this style at home with a band t-shirt and cargos.

This jacket is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to bring the brand's minimalist aesthetic into their own closet. Crafted from fleece and viscose fabric, it features full-length leather sleeves. Additionally, rib-knitted cuffs and snap tab closure add to the stylish appeal.

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