A Livestream Fails

A Livestream Fails

Livestream Fails

Livestreams are powerful ways to connect with your audience. Advancements in technology have made it easy to start one yourself, but there’s a catch: once you stream it, you have to actually do it. Plus, livestreaming an event has quite a few down sides.


One of the most common fails is, reading out an inappropriate username. This has happened to pretty much every streamer on Twitch. This could be something harmless like ‘MikeOxmaul’, but there are also some more questionable names out there which you should be careful of. Make sure you always read a username in your head before you read it out loud, this will hopefully help you avoid any trouble.

Another regular fail you will see on Twitch, rage quits. Video games are stressful. Sometimes it’s a little harder to keep your cool about it too, especially after losing several times in a row. Just make sure for any big rage quits… Turn your camera off, or you might end up in an article like this being painted in a more negative light! (Source: www.streamscheme.com)


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In order to view the video streams you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your windows computer. The ABOR Live web stream has been successfully tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on the Windows and Mac platforms. Apple iOS devices, (iPhone, iPod, iPad) work as well. If you're having trouble seeing and hearing the video, please email ABOR Tech Support (Source: www.azregents.edu)


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