A Closer Look at Whitney Houston's Life and Music

A Closer Look at Whitney Houston's Life and Music

A Closer Look at Whitney Houston's Life and Music

American singer and actress Whitney Houston passed away on June 11, 2005. She is one of the most successful recording artists in history, selling more than 200 million records worldwide. Known for her powerful soulful voice and vocal improvisation, she was dubbed "The Voice" by the media. She had a distinctive sound that made her stand out among other recording artists. However, she was not as well-known as she would like to be. Here, we take a closer look at her incredible life and music.

Whitney Houston

Although she had already been a pop icon for decades, her rise to fame was hardly smooth. There have been several scandals surrounding the pop singer, including her drunken outburst at a pre-Grammy Awards party. A recent article in Rolling Stone magazine, by Adam Nagourney and Joel Flatow, gives some background on her tragic life and the impact she had on the world. Luckily, we know that Whitney's death was preventable.

Before her death, Whitney Houston's career took a dramatic turn. She entered a private rehab for addiction and was treated for alcohol and drug abuse. In addition to her fame, she also made a film based on her childhood memories. The remake of the 1976 musical Sparkle starred her as a Fairy Godmother, and the music video was released on November 17, 2007. Despite the negative publicity surrounding the singer, she had a very successful career.

Many have credited her career with making her voice heard. In addition to her many hits, she was one of the greatest voices of her generation. Her work has influenced generations and she had her fair share of controversy and success. It is fitting that a song sung by an artist with such a diverse background as Whitney Houston's is ranked among the top 35 best selling records of all time. Its popularity has led to a number of awards and honors for the songwriter.

In 1995, Houston launched BrownHouse Productions with her business partner, Debra Martin Chase. The goal of the company was to improve the way African-Americans were portrayed in the media. In the fall of 1992, she was offered the role of Cinderella. This was her first television appearance and was widely regarded as a success. The film became a Top 5 R&B hit. Further, she continued to work as a singer until her death.

The movie Waiting to Exhale was the most anticipated film of the decade. It was released in December 1995 and featured Houston's hit song "Count on Me" and Alicia Keys. The movie grossed over $80 million, which is not bad in today's '90s dollars. The soundtrack was also a major success, releasing three new Whitney tracks - "Why Does It Hurt So Much?" and "Count On Me."

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