8Ball and MJG - The Pioneers of Hip-Hop

8Ball and MJG - The Pioneers of Hip-Hop


8ball and mjg

The friendship between 8Ball and MJG dates back to middle school, but the two were arguably even more influential when it came to the southern rap sound. Despite their shared love of the west coast sound, their debut album, Comin Out Hard, injected some southern flair. The album also introduced the world to Pen & Pixel graphics, which went on to create classic albums covers for Cash Money and No Limit.

Comin' Out Hard

Hip-hop is the most popular music genre in America, and it owes its popularity to the pioneers that made it popular. However, before the 1990s, hip-hop was not even in existence. Among these pioneers were 8Ball and MJG, two childhood friends from Memphis, Tennessee, who released their debut album, Comin' Out Hard, on August 1, 1993.

The film tells the story of legendary rap group 8Ball and MJG. These artists helped redefine Hip-Hop, and Comin' Out Hard reveals their journey. It combines the history of the group with the sound of rap and soul music. Both 8Ball and MJG's music was recorded at 86 BPM and 22 Measures/Bars/Minute.

EightBall and MJG's debut album was a major influence on the rap scene in the 90s. The group met in middle school and formed a hip-hop duo in 1993. Their debut album 'Comin' Out Hard' forever changed the sound of Hip-Hop and opened doors for many other artists. The album influenced millions and helped to establish the Southern rap scene as a powerful force in rap.

Eightball and MJG's debut album was a success in its own right. They released the album on the Houston-based independent label Suave House Records, which was a major influence for the rap scene in Houston. MJG and Ball & MJG were the label's flagship group, and the record's sound was reminiscent of the legendary Rap-A-Lot roster.

In Our Lifetime

In Our Lifetime is a song by the British band Texas. It was released as the lead single from their fifth studio album The Hush in March 1999. The song peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart, and reached number one in Spain. It also became the band's second number one in the Scottish Singles Chart. In addition, the song was featured on the soundtrack of the romantic comedy film Notting Hill. The song was a rousing success, with over four million single sales worldwide.

Ball & G

Rappers 8Ball and MJG met in the eighth grade and became friends. They signed with Suave Records, a Houston, Texas, record label run by Tony Draper. Their first release was a three-track single, "Listen to the Lyrics," which was widely successful and gave the duo a name for themselves. In 1993, they released their first official album, "Comin' Out Hard." The album received a lot of attention and increased 8Ball and MJG's national exposure.

In addition to working on their own music, the duo collaborated with several notable artists. During the '90s, they were part of the Dungeon Family, a group that brought Afro-futurism to the forefront of rap. In fact, their music influenced the rap scene in Houston. Because of their association with Suave House Records, 8Ball and MJG helped to establish the independent rap scene.

In 2004, the duo teamed up with Swizz Beatz and DJ Quik to release their debut album, "Living Legends." The album reached number one on the Hip-Hop charts and produced three hit singles. The duo also appeared on a track by Three 6 Mafia called "Stay Fly."

Living Legends

The album Living Legends by eightBall and MJG was released in 2004 on Bad Boy South. It featured three hits and peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200. It has since gone on to sell over seventy thousand copies. In 2004, 8Ball and MJG released separate solo albums, but remain together in spirit. MJG's newest album, Awaken the Living Legend, is due for release in January 2019.

In a world where hip-hop is often associated with gentrification and poverty, the sounds of rap and southern style music are rooted in the ghettos. 8 Ball and MJG painted hip-hop with blues. Despite their disparate backgrounds, both artists managed to transcend ghettos and achieve success. Their success, however, did not come without hardship. However, the duo still manage to stay together with a common voice and unified vision.

EightBall and MJG met while attending Ridgeway Junior High in Memphis, Tennessee. Their friendship soon developed into an unofficial rap duo. In 1991, 8Ball and MJG released their debut album, "Listen to the Lyrics." In 1999, they released another rap album, "In Our Lifetime, Vol. 1," which went platinum. They were hailed as the "Kings of the South."

Ball & G's influence on Houston scene

In 2000, 8Ball and MJG were already establishing a sound that defined the Houston hip hop scene. By the time they released their first album, Ball & G were one of Houston's most influential hip hop artists. Their sound was different from that of New York City's rap. The sound was slow and mellow, reminiscent of blues and rock. While their sound is not as hip hop as that of their New York counterparts, the Houston scene was already heavily influenced by their music.

The duo's popularity spread throughout the South as they teamed up with Juicy J and T.I. Eventually, they released solo albums. 8Ball's Lost album went platinum and reached No. 5 on the Billboard charts. In 2005, they teamed up with Three 6 Mafia and hit the chart with "Stay Fly." After the success of their album, they reunited with MJG and released In Our Lifetime Vol. 2. The two rappers' emergence on the Houston scene was largely due to their innovative formula and not hip-hop trends.

Ball & G's criticism of Gillie Da Kid

Recently, rappers Bun B and 8Ball came out to call out Gillie Da Kid. The former Cash Money Records rap star, who is known for saying, "Live your best life," made headlines after he was caught on camera joining HBCU Jackson State on the sidelines of the Orange Blossom Classic, a prestigious basketball game that hasn't been played in 43 years. The alleged incident occurred when Gillie erroneously portrayed the role of DJ Screw and Rap-A-Lot Records founder J. Prince. While the rap kingpin is not responsible for the situation, he is correct to criticize Gillie Da Kid for being a victim of a "cynical" system.

As a result of Wiz Khalifa's video, Gillie Da Kid has lost his Instagram account. Gillie believes that Wiz removed his account because of bullying him. After all, he trolled Wiz on Instagram while wearing a tight pair of gym shorts. But Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy against bullying, and they have tools to protect their users from harassment.

Eightball and MJG - They Don't Love You

8ball and mjg they dont love you prod by mjg

Eightball and MJG are two of the most gifted lyricists on the scene today. They have a natural ear for music and an uncanny presence on the mic. Their long discography is proof of their genius as a rap duo. Their new single "They Don't Love You" proves why they are one of the most prolific rap duos in the game.


The rap duo's debut album was largely produced by Ball & G. The duo's distinctly Memphis sound was reminiscent of the legendary roster of Rap-A-Lot. Their talents were evident in the music of the Geto Boys, whose debut album was also produced by Ball & G. However, the duo didn't shy away from making their own sound.

After their debut album, 8Ball and MJG released a second album, On the Outside Looking In. The album reached No. 11 on the U.S. R&B and Hip-Hop Chart. The album's signature track, "Lay It Down," was a top-selling single on the U.S. charts and went platinum in a short period of time. The song's lyrics, which feature Suave House labelmates Thorough and Crime Boss, are an example of southern rap's enduring influence.

The rap duo teamed up on 'Friend Or Foe' featuring E-40, Mac Mall, and Big Mike, and this laid the foundation for the 'no new friend' philosophy. JAY-Z shook the concept up on Reasonable Doubt in 1996, but MJG outshines the competition. The two rappers performed the track at the peak of their careers.

Despite the rap duo's longtime success, Eightball & MJG have remained relatively low-key. Unlike their contemporaries, they have remained under the radar of the hip-hop world. Their influence is well known in the south, but their emcees haven't spread it across the hip-hop landscape.


EightBall and MJG have a long history in the hip-hop industry. They worked with big names such as Outkast and Three 6 Mafia. 8Ball and MJG have worked with many famous artists and are known as pioneers in the Dirty South sound. This new album is the result of years of collaboration.

The duo is best known for their first album, "Comin' Out Hard," which was a snare-heavy track produced by Ball & G. This record reflects the duo's southern rap upbringing and combines the style of the time with a new sound. "We Don't Love You" is one of the standouts from the album, featuring a funky bass loop and a hook that straddles the mainstream. Another standout track is "9 Little Millimeta Boys," which features a gunshot and parodies the demise of an enemy.

Another track on "They Don't Love You" features a sample of Biggie's 1999 posthumous single "Dead Wrong" featuring Eminem. Both artists are linked to the Bad Boy collective, and the track is particularly vicious. MJG even claims that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is with him as he goes on his murderous rampage.

Pen & Pixel

Eightball & MJG signed with a major label in 2000. They were signed to JCOR/Interscope and Bad Boy Records. They recorded as a duo and separately, with 8Ball being the more prolific. However, 8Ball never made it into the mainstream, nor did they have any songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

Eightball & MJG were introduced to southern rap fans through their debut album. The song "They Don't Love You" features the Memphis rhymers in a car speeding through the city. The cover art of this album is reminiscent of the infamous "Tela" album, and shows both the chill beginnings of the group and their hotter later days.

Coming Out Hard

'Comin' Out Hard' by MjG and 8ball is a great rap album for those who like a good ole' crime story. The two rappers first teamed up on the independent project Listen to the Lyrics and then signed with Suave Records. The first single, 'Armed Robbery,' is a rousing tale of a bank robbery that uses the theme from 'Mission Impossible' as a musical frontline. The theme also serves as a cautionary tale about 'drug dealing' in general.

Comin' Out Hard was released on August 17, 1993, by MjG and Eightball on the Houston-based indie label Suave House Records. The album is a quick listen at 42 minutes. While the production and lyrics are lo-fi, MJG and 8Ball deliver the songs with a Southern drawl and a funk-tinged sound. The album also features a touch of hometown blues.

'Coming Out Hard' marked the beginning of a new era in rap. Ball & G made the first rap album on the Suave House label and helped establish Memphis' status as a viable rap city. It also influenced the Houston rap scene. The two rap duo was one of the pioneers in the independent rap game. They tapped into Memphis's rap culture and influenced the Houston rap scene.

"Lay It Down"

The first single from 8Ball & MJG's second album, "On the Outside Looking In," proved to be a sophomore slump for the duo after their stellar debuts, Comin' Out Hard and On Top of the World. The resulting song, "Lay It Down," is a potent reminder that the music scene in Memphis laid the foundation for crunk. With its catchy chorus, the rap duo made an instant hit.

Eightball & MJG are renowned for their lyricism and innate sense of music. Their long list of hits and albums demonstrates that they're among the finest rap duos in the world. "Lay It Down" is a standout single from the duo's discography, and is an excellent example of how they can work together without compromising their musical integrity.

EightBall and MJG - A Rundown of Their Best Albums

The Memphis hip hop duo are better known as the Da Volunteers. The up-and-coming duo are best known for their 2006 single "What's Yo Favorite Color?" that glorifies Orange Mound. Both have signed deals with Real Talk Entertainment and have a combined net worth of $15 million. Their influence is well-known in the Houston music scene. 8ball and MJG have also collaborated with other artists, such as T.I., Eminem, and LL Cool J.

Hip hop duo from Memphis

During the early nineties, Memphis rap was mostly characterized by double-time flows over slowed-down beats and lo-fi aesthetics. Popular artists of this type of music, such as Migos, EightBall, and MJG, established a following in the city. Three 6 Mafia, who gained fame by remixing a track by Mobb Deep, contributed to the legitimacy of Memphis rap.

The hip-hop scene in Memphis has a long and rich history. The city is famous for its blues and soul music, which later gave way to hip-hop. Today, the city is home to many rap stars, and its local hip-hop duos are carrying on that tradition. In fact, the city is home to a thriving hip-hop scene that has influenced rap music all over the world.

EightBall and MJG are a hip hop duo from Memphis, Tennessee. The two met while attending middle school in Memphis and quickly began making music together. Their debut EP, Listen to the Lyrics, was released in 1991, and their first studio album, Comin' Out Hard, was released a year later. The pair has continued to show their hometown their love, making their music and their city a better place to live.

MCs of the Future owe their success to the local hip-hop community. Although they began their careers as rivals, the three MCs have since gone on to work with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Young Dolph is one such artist. Their collaborations with Gucci Mane, T.I., and Migos has led to many promising careers. Currently, their names are synonymous with the city's music scene.

Three 6 Mafia is an American hip hop group, formed in 1991. They were originally called the Backyard Posse, but their name was changed to Three 6 Mafia. The band has released several albums on independent and major labels. In the 1990s, they collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion and Wiz Khalifa. They have also collaborated with rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, and Wiz Khalifa.

10 studio albums

EightBall and MJG's career has been filled with consistent, solid releases. They have always remained on point and represented the South with style. Despite the varying quality of their albums, 8Ball and MJG are two of the most consistent artists of this era. Each of their ten studio albums has something special to offer. Here is a rundown of their best work.

After leaving Suave in the early 2000s, 8Ball and MJG signed with a major label. Living Legends was their first album on the label, which was certified Gold. They soon signed to Real Talk Entertainment and released their solo albums. The duo's most successful album is Living Legends (2004), which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 album chart and sold over 500,000 copies. EightBall and MJG's next album, Ridin High (2004), wasn't quite as successful. It only reached number eight and featured the hit single "Relax and Take Notes."

EightBall and MJG are American hip hop artists from Memphis, Tennessee. They met during middle school and teamed up in 1991. Their debut album, Comin' Out Hard, was released in 1991, and their sophomore album, Ridin High, came out two years later. Both albums are considered landmarks in Southern rap. Listed below are a few of their most notable releases.

$15 million net worth

EightBall and MJG are two American hip hop artists who are collectively worth about fifteen million dollars. Both rappers were born in Memphis, Tennessee, and met at Ridgeway Middle School. Their first albums, On the Outside Looking In and Living Legends, hit the charts, and both have continued to release music ever since. 8Ball first collaborated with MJG in 1991, when they were students at the same school.

The net worth of 8Ball and MJG can fluctuate widely, as the amount of their assets is not always fixed. Their assets can be highly variable, however, due to taxes, investment gains, management fees, and more. Additionally, their marriage may have a negative effect on their net worth. In addition, there are multiple sources that attribute their wealth to other things.

Influence on Houston scene

In the early 2000's, 8Ball and MJG were making their mark on the Houston scene by establishing their own distinct sound. Those two artists went on to sign with Bad Boy South and feature on David Banner's Gangster Walk. In the early 2000's, a joint project was formed between Three 6 Mafia and Eightball & MJG. This fusion of Houston and New York rap music would create a sound that would remain iconic in Houston.

In 2004, 8Ball and MJG signed with Bad Boy Records and released their debut album, "Living Legends." The album became a hit and peaked at the top of the Hip-Hop charts. They had two hit singles and also featured on the Three 6 Mafia song "Stay Fly."

The duo's sound was reminiscent of Memphis hip-hop. It was a sound influenced by their Memphis upbringing and their early experiences in music. The sound was akin to the music of Memphis' legendary roster, including Scarface and The Geto Boys. MJG was also influenced by MJG's hometown, Memphis. Andre 3000 stated, "The south had something to say."

Eightball & MJG have been consistently top-tier emcees. Their collaborations with JAY-Z's "Big Pimpin" helped shape the Houston rap scene. While the two Houston artists were not widely known in the national scene, their work is still a mainstay in southern rap circles. The duo's success was not limited to Houston; they have also influenced other rappers.

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