25 Best Talent Show Ideas for Talent Shows in [NY] [CA]

25 Best Talent Show Ideas for Talent Shows in [NY] [CA]

Everybody loves talent shows. However, participating in a talent show is more fun than watching them. The reaction one gets from the audience is validation for one's hard work and provides a sense of excitement found nowhere else. Of course, it's always challenging to find an activity that one can do.


 Although 'serious' acts in talent shows get impressive attention from the audience, there is always a demand and place for humorous, lighthearted acts. It may sound a little off axiom, but cheerful shows always make their way to the hearts of crowds.


This article makes it simple for you to find an activity that will be humorous and delight your crowd. Let's break down the talent show ideas for kids and adults and those who think they have no talent.


How Do You Create a Talent Show?

In a talent show, participants perform the arts of dancing, acting, martial arts, playing an instrument, comedy, poetry, singing, or other activities to presents the skills.

Creating talent shows can be a lot of fun, but alternatively, they can also be many loads. If you are an organizer of the talent show, here are the things that you must do to make your job a bit cleaner and smoother. With the help of good scheduling and arrangements, you can organize a talent show that will thoroughly impress your audience.

·       Set up a strict schedule.

·       Try to space out your talent. Otherwise, your audience will get bored.

·       Must create a master tape of your performance.

·       Practice and then relax!


Kids Talent Show Ideas

Firstly, you have to decide if you will perform your act alone or with one or more other kids. Solo performance is different from group performance. But if you are not much confident, the best is to get some of your friends to join you.


1- Perform a Dance Medley

Get with your friends and choose the best moves for different songs, themes, and styles. Then create several thirty to forty seconds choreographed segments. Dress in the manner that fits the songs, i.e., rap, romantic, etc., or as the original performers.

Prepare the performance from start to end with the two segments that present the most of one or more of the following: creativity, originality, or something unforgettable and unique. Alternatively, you might wish to end the performance with all the same dance routines.


2- Mime It

Miming is stage art where an individual narrates a scene, a story, or a situation with the help of body language and facial expression. It is a unique killer act idea for any growing actor and best to present on the kid talent show.

For this, you need a rough and ready stage, lighting for a theatrical effect if needed, with the help of an artist in the wings to support those who would like to perform with the familiar white mime face. It's bound to be a very pleasurable show!


3- Face Painting

This is one of the most popular attractions for kids. The basic idea about this – you paint a face creatively, and the best one will be the winner of the contest. You will have to provide the paint and the brushes as an organizer.

Make sure that you use colors that are skin-friendly and can be washed off easily. You can have multiple themes like Most creative face' 'Best scary face,' 'Best funny face,' 'Most surprise face,' and many more. 


4- Sing or Play an Instrument

If you ever take singing lessons or learned how to play an instrument, this is the ideal time to let your talent known. Decide on a song or instrumental piece that suits your skill level. A more straightforward tune played with perfection is more inspiring than a problematic piece you struggle to perform.

Even if you have never displayed your talent before and you get a chance to show what you can do, face the music.

Practice, record, Listen and then make necessary changes. Ask family members or friends for their honest opinion. Choose a costume that fits the mood of the act you have chosen to perform. Then go confidently on the stage of the talent show and present the best version of yourself.


5- Enjoy lip-sync song

If you cannot sing a song correctly, do not worry; lip-sync a piece can carry down the house and best way to engage your audience. When you choose the music and costume, you can play it straight or go for laughter.

Some previous show tunes make perfect funny talent show ideas. Make sure that you choose a song that will appeal to your audience culturally and geographically. Also, consider your appearance as well as the age of the audience.


Talent Show Ideas for Adults


1- Paint a Picture

You may be thinking it is impossible to turn your artistic talent into a performance, but there are ways to do it successfully. People will be impressed watching you make a drawing or painting on stage from start to end.

 Start with an enormous canvas or piece of paper you can find. If necessary, use a ladder to reach the peak. You can bring very light charcoal to make a sketch that helps you place everything correctly.  Make sure light is abundant – if possible, use a spotlight. Add some music and paint in time with the lyrics.

Either you can wait until the drawing is completed and turn it around for their viewing, or you can paint with your back to the audience and let them observe your progress. Before creating your painting on stage, practice at home and watch how long it takes time. Try to manage the time of the event.


2- Cooking

The talent of creating cooking dishes is always a perfect idea to impress the audience in a talent show. It can refresh an art that mostly loses practitioners in packaged food, and cooking brings quality in the most vital ancient skill.

You can have a theme-based competition dedicated to particular cuisines or focus on delicious but healthy food variety. This contest will need many arrangements, including a stove, tables for the participants, and cooking supplies.


3- Whistling

You can organize a whistling show to impress the audience, as it is a scarce talent. Some artists can whistle a whole song, full of all the ups and downs in pitch variation. If there are sufficient participants in your group or community, it can be a very pleasurable show to arrange.


4- Scholarly Competition

It would be perfect if intelligent writers got the chance to participate in a talent show. There should be a show where high school and college students, senior citizens, college professors, and everyday people all submitted their articles, journals, books, and essays.

Judges of the show could be a combination of an experienced writer and regular citizens. The prize could be a chance to meet with a literary agent or any other thing related to the writing.


5- Hacking

If you happen to plan to show talent to the community related to computer science students or geeks, a hacker showdown is a beautiful idea. All candidates will be challenged by an adequately tricky computing problem, for which they must find a solution in the form of a program that runs proficiently.

The complete coding could be done in any programming language of the candidate's choice in each period. Declare the winners of the competition as they complete all the problems.