10 Real Stars from the Star Search Show

10 Real Stars from the Star Search Show

    10 Real Stars from the Star Search Show- Top 10 People who compete in Star Search Show


Do you remember Star Search Show? Do you know these Top 10 stars of Star Search Show? Let us introduce to the 1980s 1990 stars of this show.

Sometimes people eventually become famous. Not all people are born with talent within, but they work hard on achieving their Dream. Catching your dreams isn't comes easy; you have to pay for it. And the price is effort and potential. Yes. 

Do you remember the Top 10 stars of Star Search Show? Let us introduce to the Star Search

1980s stars. Some of the stars Search 1990 shows are still being watched. To search the star, this show was conducted. These Star Search

winners almost worked nonstop throughout their life, and they are still working. Many Star Search 1990 stars get their first break from Star Search Show. These stars didn’t have social media insights to grow their brand.

Let’s look at the Top 10 Real Stars of Star Search Show. Below are not Top 10 Star Search Winners; however, they followed their passion even though they lost in star Search.

1: Aliyah

Image Source: CBS / FanPop





Aliyah was just ten years old when she conquered the hearts of the audience by singing “funny Valentine” on the show. She became a solo popstar at the age of 11. Sadly, she couldn’t pursue her love for singing. She died in a plane crash in 2001.

2: Christina Aguilera

Image Source: CBS / InStyle

Christina Aguilera style=



In 1990 this talented girl sang “A Sunday Kind of love” in the popular show Star Search. The beautiful voice of the voice judge and Powerhouse was discovered long ago through The Star Search show. Like other contestants, she didn't win; however, later on, she joined the Mickey Mouse house Club and started her career,

 and there she began her career as an adult singer.


3: Usher

Image Source: The Grammys




Usher Raymond IV, yes Usher appeared in the Star Search show in 1991. Even though Usher holds a 12-second note, the judges choose the opponent of him. His mind-blowing performance in the Star search show captured the attention of a music producer. And the rest of Usher’s life story is in front of everyone now. He is the Sparkle of Every Event that is held in his regard.


4: Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali


Image Source: CBS / NBC


Before Tatyana was working alongside the freshman prince himself, she decided to try to her passion for singing. Her enthusiasm was reaching at the top of mountains by singing "Ain't no Mountain High enough" on Live TV,  but the judges were sadly not able to see that coming.

5: Beyoncé



Image Source: The Grammys


Beyoncé Knowles performed with the group Girls Tyme on the famous show Star Search in 1993. You can see that in the Video that the legendary Hip Hop girl Beyoncé has got talent from the day she was born. She Catches the Media’s attention by her Singing power every time she sings.

6: Drew Carey

Image Source: CBS

Drew Carey




The cherished host of Whose Line is it Anyway, and The Price is Right appeared in the reality show. He was known for its beloved Fans as a Shining Star.

7: Kevin James


Kevin James

Image Source: FilmMagic


The King of Queens star was very much fun. When he made an appearance in Star Search, he appeared as a multi-episode winner. Rather than working virtually,

 he focuses on working for people and making them smile.

8: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake


Image Source: CBS / TV Guide


The Most Charismatic personality a heartthrob man gave his country performance as "Justin Randall," However, because of some technicalities, the judges decided to provide an upper hand to his opponent Anna Nardona.

9: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Image Source: WireImage


Even though no other rising star was able to make its way on the internet,  Adam Sandler was the best comedian who competed on Star Search before he made his big break.

10: Tiffany


Image Source: CBS / Bucks Happening



The Famous "I Think We're Alone Now" singer was performing since she was just ten years old. This star Search Reality show was the source of Stairs she climbed up through her Singing Video and became a famous pop star.


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