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Using Natural Light in Lingerie Model Photogr... | Future Starr


Using Natural Light in Lingerie Model Photography

Using Natural Light in Lingerie Model Photography


in Lingerie Model Photography


As a lingerie photographer, you know how essential it is to capture models in their best possible light and with the appropriate angles for shots.

Boudoir photography with two models can present unique challenges. Finding an angle suitable for both of them at once may prove tricky!

Natural Light

No matter if you're just beginning or are an experienced photographer, natural lighting is key to creating stunning boudoir photos. By applying just a bit of knowledge and practice, your photographs will stand out for years to come!

For an effective sexy shoot, it's essential that both model and subject be in an ideal state of mind at the appropriate time of day - sunrise or sunset are ideal times when using natural lighting.

This is because it allows viewers to easily spot flattering angles while also reducing harsh sunlight glare.

It is crucial to find an approach that incorporates multiple lighting techniques effectively, while taking full advantage of your location and your model's personality.

To show you how, we've produced an educational and entertaining video featuring one of the industry's premier boudoir photographers: Edin Chavez. During his demonstration lingerie photoshoot session, Edin will show how to produce stunning images that will truly wow your clients!

Watch the video to witness her employ various lighting methods and camera settings to achieve great-looking photographs!

Studio Light

Lighting is essential when shooting lingerie models; good lighting will allow you to highlight her features and skin tone in a more natural manner.

Photographers employ two main sources of light in their studios - natural and studio lights. Natural light usually comes from sunlight while studio lights provide artificial illumination.

In this tutorial we will compare both lighting setups to see their differences in terms of quality and creativity.

For our first shot, we used natural lighting and a simple reflector to achieve some softening in the image. It was an extremely straightforward setup process with great results!

We then used a small studio strobe with a standard reflector to her right, creating some strong highlights around her arm and legs and giving her an overall more flattering and bright appearance. For our second shot we attached another studio strobe that had a honeycomb attached - creating some interesting lighting on her left side for contrast in the photo.

As is true of any studio lighting setup, understanding where you should position your light to produce optimal results is of utmost importance. Experimentation may help - try placing your light on a clock face and taking test shots in different positions to see how shadows on your model's face shift as she moves and what overall effects there may be.

Consider how the angle of your studio lamp affects how it falls on your model's face and whether there are shadows. Aiming your light closer and slightly above their head may help ensure even illumination on her skin tone and reduce shadows that may arise from shadowy areas of her face.

Studio lights offer an extensive variety of modifiers to help shape the light and give you control of how it falls onto subjects. From beauty dishes to enormous umbrellas, there is an assortment of products designed specifically to give studio photography its desired look.

Blank Expression

As many lingerie photographers know all too well, taking photos with models wearing expressionless faces is an all too frequent misstep for photographers. While this might not seem like a big deal at first, this mistake could prove costly in terms of image quality.

Face expressions play a pivotal role in lingerie photography as they convey mood and encourage viewers to linger over each image. Model's facial expressions reveal much about her feelings - which makes them invaluable tools for brands wanting to convey an intimate, romantic feeling in their photos.

Lighting is another essential aspect of lingerie photography. Mastering how light falls on your model and casts shadows is key to producing professional-looking lingerie photos. When setting up the set lighting, visualize it like a clock face until you find an effect you like.

Your choice of lingerie will also have an impactful and aesthetic influence on your photographs. Some brands favor models with large visible tattoos and body modifications, while others may prefer more relaxed models with attractive body features and pleasing facial profiles - practice posing in front of a mirror before looking through catalogs and photoshoots for inspiration!

Tilted Angles

Photographing ladies of the night without compromising their dignity is never an ideal scenario, but there are other more effective approaches available to photographers to capture some truly captivating shots of this fascinating art form. Photographers utilize multiple angles and lighting techniques available to them to get just the right shots - usually featuring models in their best light with her friends in attendance. Using built-in flash or studio strobe lighting we have numerous tricks up our sleeves that take out some of the guesswork involved in creating beautiful boudoir images - visit LA Lingerie Photography today to discover more!

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