Tyler hynes wife

Tyler hynes wife

Tyler hynes

This year, Hallmark has gifted us with the most all-new, original festive films than ever before. If the slate of 41 movies in their Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas lineups feels overwhelming, let us help you plan your viewing schedule. After the shopping of Black Friday as worn you out, be sure to gather the family for the premiere of An Unexpected Christmas on Friday night. With subtle nods to a few of our favorite contemporary classic rom-coms, and starring two juggernauts of the cheerful holiday genre, Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hynes, this one is a must watch. From a WW II drama to a unique hit comedy series-a romantic fan favorite to his work behind the camera lens, Tyler Hynes is experiencing a diversity so rare in the Industry and shared by few.


"I mean this is the thing like there can be an impetus in these movies to like just make him the guy that doesn't exist that you want to admire, that you want to wish would exist. And that's fine. And maybe there's certain movies for that. But where possible, when someone like Paul, the incredible writer that he is, writes a character that's got some things to him. You want to go, okay great. So, if this is what we're doing, let's do that and use it as a super power. Let's lean into it. Let's not shy away from it. And so that you can have that moment amongst liking him or understanding him, moments where you can go no, no I've dated this guy. This guy is messing up right now. There are opportunities I think in some of these movies to do that. It's important not to shy away from it."

Tyler Hynes was born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa, Ontario with the artist gene in his veins. He is an accomplished actor, director, producer, editor, writer and musician, and he is constantly striving to create and star in new and innovative projects. Hynes got his professional start at the age of eight performing on stage, touring Canada in the role of young Tommy in the rock musical The Who’s Tommy. From there he went on to television and films. By age 13, Hynes was on television screens everywhere starring as a main character in “Amazon” and he hasn’t stopped since. Some of his greatest accolades and achievements include a Best Actor Gemini nomination for “Tagged: The Jonathan Wamback Story,” which told the real-life tragedy about a Canadian high school student who was beaten and left for dead. (Source: www.hallmarkchannel.com)


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