Travis Scott Braids OR

Travis Scott Braids OR

Travis Scott Braids


The hair stick switched bodies. For years, artists, photographers, and celebrities alike have been wearing a simple bobby pin on the right, above their right ear.


Travis Scott is one of those celebrities who inspire fans with their amazing fashion sense and style. Jacques Webster Jr. is an American singer, rapper, songwriter famous by his stage name around the world with a huge fan following. He is often seen in unique styles created by mixing statement pieces from big brands with streetwear, setting new trends that youngsters love to follow.

Scott is always spotted sporting the braids hairstyle in different variations from time to time. Box braids have become a prominent feature of the singer’s style, something that people use to recognize him. Braided hairstyles not only set you apart from the crowd but also look clean and require less maintenance. Braids also help you stay cool during the hot summer months. Best of all, they work for a variety of occasions, casual and formal. (Source: drhairstyle.com)


Though Scott keeps changing his hairstyle from time to time, he is most often seen in braids and box braids. These styles give a Hippie or Bohemian look and are an excellent way to achieve a makeover. To get a Travis Scott hairstyle, you can divide your hair into square sections and get the hair braided in a box-shaped look. If your hair quality doesn’t permit getting box braids, you can effortlessly achieve the style with the help of synthetic hair. Extensions give you a thick and full look, refreshing your style while protecting your hair from damage.

Both short and long braid styles look attractive and unique. If you like Scott’s long braids, you can easily achieve the hairstyle using extensions or grow your hair long to copy your favorite star. You can even experiment with the braids by adding things like fading to create a more unique look. Achieving a braided hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of skills. You can easily do them yourself with some tutorials or get a professional service. Consider using beads and other accessories near the end of the braids to add to the appeal of the hairstyle. (Source: drhairstyle.com)


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