Timmy Thick OR:

Timmy Thick OR:

Timmy Thick


He’s an interactive, fictional character and a bit of a bully. But he exists only in the minds of young children. Yet, he has an odd way of getting his concepts across. He’s not content to just tell in words, he has to demonstrate them as he goes. For young children, Timmy is way more effective than graphs, and a good way to illustrate something.


The social media personality is known only under his pseudonym – Timmy Thick is not his real name, and according to some sources, his real name is Justin – surname undisclosed – or Jason Thick, however, neither have been confirmed, so his real name is anyone’s guess. What is known is that he holds American nationality and belongs to White Caucasian ethnic group – assuming that his online photos are genuine – while other information regarding his parents, siblings, and education remains unknown.

The information age has produced a number of new professions and vocations, in relation to computers and the world of the internet. Many have used the internet to express themselves and make a living out of it, and a few have gone to great heights and are now considered internet stars; one of these is Timmy Thick. He rose to prominence through his Instagram page, which was later taken down because of inappropriate content; nevertheless, he remains a star. So, who really is Timmy Thick, what do you know about him? (Source: affairpost.com)


Timmy Thick has 39,700 subscribers on YouTube, 40.800 followers on Instagram and 10,000 Twitter followers. Timmy first started becoming popular on social media in 2016 under his “TIMMYTHEBARBIE” Instagram account, which no longer exists. Timmy became popular for posting provocative selfies and photos, and his account was reported for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions several times.

His Twitter account has now become a little more active, though it has yet to rival the peak of its popularity, and was also a means to confirm cryptically that there is actually someone new managing the account, implying that the old Timmy Thick is gone. His Instagram account continues to receive uploads, though it is now set to private so it doesn’t attract as much controversy as it used to. Time will tell if this new person will have the same impact that the old Timmy had. Over time, many people started to realize that the account was not an actual person, but was just made to spark some controversy online. This led to the dismay of many of his followers, though time will tell if more information will be revealed about the entire episode. As for now, it doesn’t seem to be heading in a direction where people’s questions will be answered. (Source: biographytribune.com)


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