Sinqua Walls OR

Sinqua Walls OR

Sinqua Walls


Sinqua Walls’ graduation from college in 2010 launched her into social entrepreneurship, where she now works with people in pain and systemic change. Her recent book, Point of Impact, explores what it means to exist in a system as it changes.


Originally from Louisiana, Sinqua moved to Los Angeles with his Family and Attended Beverly Hills High School. He is a Graduate of the University of San Francisco arts program where he studied Theater and Film. He is also of French, and Native American Descent. When not acting, Sinqua is a published poet, who also enjoys playing Guitar and a variety of sports, he also cares along for the homeless and fighting hunger in America. His Break Through role was came when Walls was cast as the character Jamarcus Halls on the critically acclaimed series 'Friday Night Lights.' He is perhaps best known for his role of Daniel in 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager.' His work has included guest appearances on 'Californication,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Chuck,' 'CSI', 'Blue Mountain State' and 'Savage County,' as well as the dramatic short 'The Second Half' which garnered him Several Independent film festival Awards. In 2011 Walls appeared in his first Studio Feature Film Lead role in the Relativity Media Suspense film 'Shark Night 3-D.' Before Landing the Legendary Role of "Sir Lancelot" on ABC's Once Upon A Time.

This summer everyone can catch Walls in the new Netflix romantic comedy Resort to Love starring Christina Milian — an aspiring pop star who finds herself as the musical entertainment after begrudgingly taking a gig for a wedding at a luxurious Mauritius island resort. Naturally, the nuptials just happens to be for her ex Jason, played by Jay Pharoah. Sinqua plays Caleb — an ex-military vet who woos Christina’s character, Erica. Like with any good rom-com, there’s a twist & a love triangle after Erica discovers Caleb is Jason’s brother. Like his character, Walls plays Caleb with equal parts charm and confidence; oozing charisma and giving a layered, dynamic performance that not all male leads are able to achieve in romantic comedies. (Source: 1883magazine.com)




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