Shen Yue OR:

Shen Yue OR:

Shen Yue


The COO of a VC-backed Chinese startup team, Shen goes from school to business in just three years and falls in love with technology from the start.Shen Yue is a digital nomad who travels the world. He's originally from China and now divides his time between the US, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


Shen Yue is a Chinese actress and model. After garnering initial fame for portraying the character of Zeng Zhi in the web series ‘A Love So Beautiful’, she landed the role of Dong Shancai in Hunan Television and Netflix’s ‘Meteor Garden’. A native of Hunan province, Shen Yue was a student at the Hunan Normal University, studying journalism and communication, when one of her friends took a picture of her and posted it online. She was subsequently recruited by her future agent. In 2017, Shen Yue made her acting debut in ‘Autumn Harvest Uprising’, which was followed by her playing a supporting role in ‘Let's Shake It’. The series ‘A Love So Beautiful’ started to air after this and helped her establish herself as a leading actress. Her portrayal of the female lead, ‘Dong Shancai’, in ‘Meteor Garden’ has made her an international celebrity. On Sina Weibo, she has over nine million followers while on Instagram, she has more than 250 thousand followers.

www.thefamouspeople.com)Shen Yue made her television debut in 2017, in the TV series ‘Autumn Harvest Uprising’, a story about the 1927 insurrection in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, led by Mao Zedong. Shen Yue portrayed a village girl named Zeng Zhi. She then was cast in the fantasy comedy web series ‘Let’s Shake It’. Based on Zifeng Diuzi’s fiction ‘Shake It, ET’, the story revolves around an alien named Abu, who, after coming to Earth, takes on the identity of a woman named Tang Qingye. Shen Yue portrayed Xiao Yue, one of the supporting characters in the first season. The show has become an immense hit, garnering two billion online views and a 7.8 rating on Douban, a Chinese social networking site that gives the users the ability to record information. (Source:



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