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Sarah Cameron

Sarah Cameron is a writer and a teacher who specializes in a few different fields of writing, from creative nonfiction to technical writing, from content marketing to public speaking. Sarah is a fiction writer and editor by day, but spends most of her time writing, teaching, and researching all things writing, instructional technology, and online content marketing for corporations and individuals. She lives in western North Carolina with her husband and their two dogs.

Does Sarah Cameron Die?

www.elle.com)Well, technically yes. Her heart stops, and John B performs desperate CPR while Mr. Arthritis Cure embodies the human equivalent of the shrug emoji. “She's just lost too much blood, kid,” he tells John B as the monitor flatlines behind them. For several minutes, Sarah remains technically dead while her boyfriend screams at her to wake up. It's only after he tells her he loves her that the Sleeping Beauty kiss of life works its magic, and her fingers twitch. (Source:

Is There Any Part of This That Was Realistic?

Not really. But if we're digging into the literature, there is a difference between “clinical death” (heart stops beating) and biological death (actual, irreversible death). A delayed return to life following resuscitation is known as the Lazarus phenomenon, named after a Biblical character who returns to life four days after his death. Technically, it's possible for a heart to stop and then restart several minutes later. But, according to Healthline, this is an incredibly rare phenomenon: One 2015 study found only 32 cases of the effect between 1982 and 2008. The likelihood that Sarah would have experienced it moments after John B's “I love you” is remarkably low. The likelihood that she'd be up and about hours later, with no discernible trouble walking or neurological damage, is even lower. (Source: www.elle.com)

Does Sarah Die at the Beginning of Season 2?

Showrunners wasted no time when it came to giving fans cliffhangers — there's already one in the second episode of the newest season. After Ward and Rafe run off in their truck with $400 million in gold, Terrance and Cleo send kids to slash the tires in an attempt to trap them at gunpoint. When Ward and Rafe are captured, John B and Sarah make a run to escape in the truck, which prompts Rafe to opens fire in an attempt to prevent their escape. Sarah — yes, his own sister — ends up with a gun wound. (Source: www.seventeen.com)

Does Sarah Cameron Die in Netflix's Outer Banks Season 2?

Netflix's "Outer Banks" remains one of the platform's most popular dramas. It's easy to see why people show up for the eye candy and stay for the mystery and intrigue surrounding its plot. "Outer Banks" takes place on the coast of North Carolina with rival factions known as the Pogues (the poor kids) and the Kooks (the rich ones). The Pogues follow John B. (Chase Stokes), who lost his father when he was still a young boy. When he grows up, he learns of a strange treasure his father left behind for him to find and change his life with. However, other people at the Outer Banks would love to get their hands on those riches, too. (Source: www.looper.com)



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