Samaya White OR

Samaya White OR

Samaya White


Samyaya got her start after her grandmother died and she felt guilty for not spending enough time with her. Since then, she’s been especially interested in exploring the topic of family, which is fitting considering she’s a first-time grandmother herself.


Samaya White is the daughter of a well-recognized American writer, actor, comedian, and producer “Jaleel White.” Jaleel White had the little with his formal girlfriend “Bridget Hardy” in the year 2009. I will reveal the full Samaya White Biography, Age, Career, Wiki and Net Worth on this page with the unknown fact about her. In my last post, I announced the full Harry Styles Biography, Age, and Net Worth.Though he is forever etched in our minds as Steve Urkel, the accident-prone nerdy neighbor from the ’90s sitcom Family Matters, Jaleel White is all grown up. Not only that — he is crushing fatherhood on the daily with his mini-me Samaya right by his side. Before the pandemic, Samaya asked Jaleel to be the one to drive her to school. Although they shared many moments together, the actor noted that his daughter's graduation day marked their final drive. “From the first day of school to the last day of school, every year, since the first grade, I started snapping pics. I knew this day would come,” White gushed. “Back before COVID she wanted no one else behind the wheel but me and today marked our final drive,” Jaleel said on Samaya’s graduation day.

Jaleel White is a family favorite competing on this season of Dancing with the Stars , but the former child star’s baby mama has made the shocking claim that he’s an abusive cheater! White, 35, who played the beloved Steve Urkel on Family Matters, has a 2-year-old daughter named Samaya with Bridget Hardy, and she… (Source: rollingout.com


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