Premadonna OR

Premadonna OR



Lately I’ve been questioning how much vanity matters in business and life. This is partly because of the data on the frequency of how often we share sentiment online, and how quickly those virtual relationships disappear into thin air. Thankfully, though, I’ve come across a few people who are all about the love.


Robin DeRosa from USA Today was disappointed with the release, saying that "it feels forced. This release is as unneeded as the hoopla surrounding Madonna's new born. Every artist has demo recordings in their early phases of career and they are generally not good. This one is not different."

Pre-Madonna is a collection of demos by American singer Madonna. The album was released in 1997 by Stephen Bray, who was the producer of the songs when they were recorded, and was distributed by Soultone. It was released as In the Beginning in European countries. Madonna met up with Bray, her former boyfriend, in 1980 when she was trying to establish her music career. She had left the band Breakfast Club and enlisted Bray's help to further her career. Together they started writing songs and recorded them at New York's Music Building studio. The songs recorded at that time—seven of which were written solely by Madonna—were released in Pre-Madonna. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


“You know my dad’s from Africa, so I’m Ghanaian; I’m half. My mama [is] from Carolina, so I’m Geechee…” she explained. “My daddy used to pick at me for years. He used to tell me how Americanized I was. I mean, he used to force it. He swears I changed my accent, I don’t think it was never there, you know, children grow up, they change. However the case may be, he always told me my roots, and I think that’s really where that hustle just come from because that man will sell you a car that don’t move. He different.”

She revealed that she is working on a cooking show to help people sharpen up their skills. “When I came into the cooking industry, it wasn’t no resources for me,” Premadonna explained. “I still turn on the TV, and I still see the same people on this cooking channel since 50 years ago.” And if you thought she wasn’t going to use that opportunity to promote her line of cookware and seasonings, think again. (Source: www.revolt.tv)


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