Perry Mattfeld

Perry Mattfeld

In the Dark Star Perry Mattfeld on Portraying Addiction and Blindness - and Saying No to Lip Gloss

Ahead of the season 3 premiere, the actress discusses her role as a flawed woman at the center of a criminal underworld. (Source:

Is Perry Mattfeld Blind?

In the television series titled In the Dark, the actress portrays the character of Murphy Mason. Perry Mattfeld In the Dark character is blind and antisocial.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Perry Mattfeld

Perry Mattfeld is an American actress who is known for her roles in popular television series including “Escape from Polygamy,” “Shameless” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Her face is familiar to most Americans who’ve viewed these programs as she’s on the list of the most popular celebrities, ranking up there with the likes of Julia Roberts and other well-known celebrities. There is a lot about her that fans are interested in finding out. Here are 10 things about Perry that you probably didn’t know but might like to discover.

Lifetime Greenlights 3 Original Thrillers, Casts Amber Riley, Letoya Luckett & Tatyana Ali

Cox and Walls are exec producing with Mark Comora, Kyle David Crosby, Roger Goff, Brett Cravatt, Keith English, Robert Ogden Barnum and Rick Sasner. The film is being made in partnership with the United States Marine Corps Entertainment Office, and with the support of the Montana Film Office.

What Makes Into the Dark Unique?

It is really an interesting fact that more than 80% of the writers of the show comprise women. In fact, there are members belonging to the group of LGBTQ and the community. Therefore, it is evident that the makers believe in gender and racial inclusion. Perhaps this is what makes the show more balanced, presentable, and real to the audience!

Murphy From “in the Dark”: Is Perry Mattfeld Really Blind? Is It Really Dark for Her?

Many movies and TV stories about people with disabilities have always done well in America and even in other countries. They are fascinating to everyone both disabled and normal because they inspire and are very interesting. Especially stories about people with a seeing disability. That’s because sight is probably the most fundamental of all the senses and if you can’t see then you can’t figure out how the world is. One such instance is the TV series In the Dark where the lead protagonist is a young woman in her twenties who is blind and is trying to lead her life when something happens and it gets impossibly more complicated. It’s been on the air for the last couple of years and has gotten popular and now many more people are curious to know more about it. The lead character is named Murphy Mason and the series revolves around her and many interesting characters interact with her. People want to know more about Murphy from In the Dark and are asking questions like – Is Murphy from In the Dark really blind and is Perry Mattfeld really blind?



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