Perfect Girl

Perfect Girl

Perfect Girl (2014

A coming of age romance for anyone who's ever had a crush. Since high school, Stan and Jenny have had crushes on each other. They wrote letters to one another over school holidays but in per... (Source: www.imdb.com)

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The Pressure of Perfection: Five Women Tell Their Stories

www.theguardian.com)Chardine Taylor Stone, feminist and art curator talks about the pressures she feels to be perfect. Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian 

Lotta Sampson-Stone, 22, a Student and Single Mother From Plymouth

I am quite critical of myself as a single parent. I am conscious of trying to portray myself online and to family as the perfect mother and now I am at university I also want to be a perfect student. It can be hard to juggle everything. (Source: www.theguardian.com)


Considerable research has been published on society's expectations and attitudes toward females. Men think the most important qualities in the ideal woman are attractiveness, sexiness, and kindness. The media suggests females should value physical beauty and marriageability. Girls should be obedient, caring, pretty, and polite. These unreasonable expectations and attitudes can create serious internal strife and negative self-perceptions for gifted girls. When females are told from a very young age that looks and sex appeal are what count in this world, they begin to hide their talents and abilities. They begin judging themselves through the eyes of those around them, craving approval, while losing a sense of who they are and what they want to accomplish. Gifted girls' increased levels of awareness, sensitivity, and potential can also magnify their conflicts and losses. Parents and teachers need to be aware that their attitudes and beliefs have a great impact on female self-perception. This article discusses the roles of parental influences, school influence, and specialized counseling services in helping gifted females overcome perfectionism and become satisfied and successful adults. Suggested resources and strategies for parent and teacher interventions are included. (Source: eric.ed.gov)

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