Peach jars

Peach jars

Peach jars

One day in the garden, I made a series of peach jars to plant plants in. They came out really well, so I wanted to share them with you.

Peach jar

District - Peach Jar


She got her nickname through her 8th grade teacher who she had a crush on and who called her ‘a beautiful jar of peaches.’

This jar candle is designed to be burned in a Vase Candle Dish, Vase, Set or Alone. (Source: us.amazon.com)

I gave this to my daughter, who is 10 months, and she did like the flavor, but it was very thin and runny, which made it a challenge to feed her with a spoon. I ended up putting it in a silicone feeder and freezing it, giving it to her later as a "popsicle", which she loved! I did recieve this jar free in exchange for my honest review. (Source: www.beechnut.com)


Succulent peaches capture the taste of summer in this single fruit baby food puree. Our Stage 2 peach is a bright, fruity puree that is Non-GMO Project Verified with nothing artificial added. As a Stage 2 baby food, it is a great choice for babies starting around 6 months old, when they are sitting upright. For a slightly older baby’s breakfast, try serving it in a bowl, or mix into whole-milk yogurt or oatmeal. All Beech-Nut (Source: www.beechnut.com)

Ingredients: Peach puree (peach puree concentrate, water), lemon juice concentrate. (Source: www.beechnut.com)Baby food with real peach (Source: www.beechnut.com My daughter is 6 months old and this was her first time trying beechnut peaches, and she loved it! The food is liquidy but I had no problem serving it to her with a spoon. Since she was new to this every time I fed her she would make a funny face. I’m guess it was sweet but she still wanted more. (Source:www.beechnut.com))

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