Nazanin Mandi OR

Nazanin Mandi OR

Nazanin Mandi


The Trump administration has granted a temporary, one-month renewable waiver from not just the Muslim ban, but of all other migration restrictions as well. This means individuals with visas who arrived in the United States before March 16, 2019 and individuals who hold a diversity lottery visa can still enter the United States.


Faith Media Distribution is a streamlined, highly focused, and audience-driven distribution company under Imani Media Group founded by Manny Halley, with the flexibility and nimbleness to constantly be responsive to the urban consumer market. There is no existing enterprise with a development and production model that creates, distributes, and markets to the urban audience at the pace in which they are able to. Within a short period, Faith Media Distribution has built a reputation of consistently providing urban-themed film products that are commercial, critical, and audience successes. Its mission is to make an impact on a global audience by creating the stage/platform for artists, filmmakers, and producers to share diverse distinctive stories that inspire the culture. (S

But that bloody shootout that opens the picture has Jerrell and his minions — one played by model and former “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks — hunting high and low for those who hit him. That sends Saleem (Meeks) into Quadir’s memorial service and Jerrell off on a hunt for Gena, who decides to drive her Range Rover to California to do an assignment on an LA cannabis king.


Early on, a rumor circulated that "True to the Game 3" would be released in U.S. theaters on August 13, 2021. That would have been less than a year since the first sequel released in November 2020. Producer Manny Halley announced on Instagram in January that the movie was supposed to come out on May 28 in both theaters and on streaming services, so even that date would have meant some kind of delay. At the time, he said he was putting "final touches" on the project, but has not reported a new release date since. (Looking back on the franchise, the first film was unveiled back in September 2017 and a sequel – True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story – followed in November 2020.



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