Michael Haley Soldier

Michael Haley Soldier

Michael Haley Soldier:

Start with a story of a soldier. That’s what Michael Haley did — and almost thirty years later, he’s still writing and directing commercials that turn what might be a moment of pain into a moment of inspiration. Michael’s journey began in 1981, when he read a letter from a stranger called Carol who shared her loss after she lost her infant son to a stillbirth.

William Michael Haley[1] is a commissioned officer in the South Carolina Army National Guard who served as the First Gentleman of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017. He was the first man to hold the position. 

Who Is Michael Haley, Nikki Haley’s Husband? the National Guard Captain Served in Afghanistan

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley made big news this week when GOP bigwigs in Washington tapped her to give the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address. The move pushes Haley into the spotlight — but her husband, Michael, could also get a mention in her response, due to his 11-month tour in Afghanistan with the South Carolina Army National Guard. (Source: www.bustle.com)

Who Is Nikki Haley's Husband? Details About Michael Haley

Nikki Haley will speak at the first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention on August 24, and while we’re most familiar with Nikki Haley as the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, she’s one of President Trump’s most trusted members in his inner circle. But what you might not know is that Haley once served as the Governor of South Carolina, becoming the first female governor of the state, and is a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives.  

How Did Nikki Haley and Michael Haley Meet?

Michael Haley and Nikki (at that time, known as Nikki Randhawa) met as undergraduates while attending Clemson University in 1989. During governor’s weekend at the University, the couple hit it off! And even though Michael attended and graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in business administration, while Nikki graduated from Clemson, they stayed together. Awww!  



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