Michael Eklund

Michael Eklund

Michael Eklund

I was born in a family where a lot of traditions and rules were passed down from generation to generation. It wasn’t a tight-knit tradition, with a specific time and place you would practice for example, that was passed down from father to son, but rather general rules that were more of a guideline. That’s where I first learned of the saying, "April fool's day is the only day the fool wakes up without a hangover". Winnie Poof If I ask my Mom, she would probably say something like, "Well gee, it just wasn't April anymore.

His roles include a kidnapper who terrorizes characters played by Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin in the 2013 psychological thriller The Call, serial killer Barton Mathis in the second season of the superhero TV series Arrow, drug trafficker Zane Morgan in the second season of the psychological horror drama series Bates Motel (2014), Martin, the leader of a hedonist group called "The Rowdy 3" on the sci-fi TV series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016–2017) and demon Bobo Del Rey on the sci-fi TV series Wynonna Earp (2016–2021).  

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Although blessed with good looks, Canadian actor Michael Eklund is really a character actor at heart, and has shown an enthusiastic ability to pursue roles that have allowed him a certain degree of anonymity. Canadian audiences will probably best recognize Eklund from his role as the shifty Det. Rene Desjardins on the Vancouver, British Columbia-set television crime show "Intelligence" (CBC, 2006-07), his stint on the hard-hitting 10-part drama "Terminal City" (The Movie Network, 2005), and his performance as ex-con Aaron in the crime film "Walk All Over Me" (2007). American viewers, however, will know Eklund best from his co-starring role as the villain in the 2013 thriller "The Call," starring Halle Berry, and from his role as a strange experimental patient on an episode of the sci-fi favorite "Fringe" (Fox, 2008-2013). Taking a cue from the great character actors of the past, Eklund found creative freedom by becoming a chameleon. He also made a decision early on that he would never turn down a role, challenging himself to always find something of worth in even the lowliest of genre work.  

Who Is Michael Eklund?

Michael Eklund is a Canadian film and TV actor, best known for playing major roles in films such as ‘The Call’ and ‘Walk All over Me.’ He is mostly known for playing negative roles in films and series. Born and raised Saskatoon, Canada, he became interested in the prospect of becoming an actor when he was teenager. He was interested in graphic designing for a bit, but later dropped out of art school and ventured into full-time acting. His first film appearance was in the 2000 film ‘The Other Side of Being.’ He then appeared in the 2001 film ‘Blackwoods,’ playing a supporting role. He was also seen in films such as ‘House of the Dead’ and ‘Painkiller Jane.’ His acting breakthrough happened in 2007, when he appeared in a major role in the film titled ‘Walk All over Me.’ The film was a huge critical success. He later appeared in key roles in films such as ‘88 Minutes,’ ‘Gunless,’ and ‘The Divide.’ After beginning his TV career in 2001, he played many guest roles. Eventually, he began appearing in major roles in series such as ‘Blood Ties’ and ‘Bates Motel.’ In 2016, he appeared in the main role in the series ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective.’ 



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