Michael Dudikoff

Michael Dudikoff

Michael Dudikoff

Michael Dudikoff is a stunt performer, actor, and martial artist. He first gained attention as a character actor in a variety of films and TV shows that include "Mortal Kombat," "Weird Science," "The Last Boy Scout," and "In the Line of Fire," among many others. He is also famous for portraying the character, Cheddar Man, in "V" (2009). He created his amazing stunt work in "The 6.

Michael Joseph Stephen Dudikoff Jr. (born October 8, 1954) is an actor and martial artist. Born in New York City, his family later moved to Los Angeles. Dudikoff did different jobs to pay for his education, during this time he became a model. This led him to do acting auditions. He played supporting roles in films and television shows, until he got his break as the lead in the martial arts action film American Ninja (1985).

Tous les membres de la team Nanarland ne sont pas unanimes sur le cas du beau Michael : est-il un acteur spécialisé dans les nanars, ou plutôt dans les navets ? Le débat reste ouvert, mais celui qui, plus que le Japonais Shô Kosugi et bien plus que le pauvre Richard Harrison, symbolisa le mot "ninja" dans les années 80, méritait bien sa place sur ce site.

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Michael Dudikoff took a path of short and steady steps to get from a nobody to an action film star. While waiting tables, he was discovered by Esquire magazine fashion editor Max Evans, who asked him to give professional modeling a shot. Runway shows led to print advertisements, which eventually opened the door into acting via commercials for big-name clients such as Coppertone and Stridex. Television acting was the next step in the process; he showed up on the renowned sitcom "Happy Days" as the character Joanie's boyfriend (before she fell for Chachi, obviously). After taking bit parts on television shows (like the NBC sitcom "Gimme a Break!") and films (such as the genre-defining sci-fi flick "TRON"), Dudikoff landed the lead role that he is best known for, Pvt. Joe Armstrong in 1985's "American Ninja." In classic '80s action movie fashion, the film has its lead character dispatching an entire army with little assistance. The movie spawned three sequels, two of which have Dudikoff back in the starring role.  



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