Michael Cera Wife

Michael Cera Wife

Michael Cera Wife

Michael cera wife is the artistically-talented actor who played George-Michael Bluth on Netflix’s Arrested Development. Cera's performance at the table read for Arrested Development's pilot episode caught the eye of director Jason Bateman, who cast the 18-year-old in films including Juno, Superbad, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, up to last year's Youth in Revolt, the films have netted the Glasgow-born talent over $10 million in earnings.

What Happened to Michael Cera? Is He Married 

Michael Austin Cera is a Canadian actor and comedian who started his career as a child actor in the 2002 film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. A year later, he joined the cast of Arrested Development as George Michael Bluth. His breakthrough role came in the 2007 film Juno alongside Elliot Page.  

Michael Cera Is Working on His Music and Upcoming on-Screen Projects

There was always a sense that Michael Cera didn’t make the most of his breakthrough performance in Juno. People concocted all types of theories as to why Michael failed to appear in big-budget projects. One theory that gained traction was that directors had typecast Michael for certain types of roles. However, according to Juno, he simply refused to accept projects that didn’t appeal to him. He told HuffPost:  

Michael and Aubrey Plaza’s One-and-a-Half-Year Relationship Almost Ended up in Marriage

In 2016, Aubrey Plaza dropped the bombshell when she revealed that she and Michael dated in secret for one and a half years. The couple had a serious relationship that almost led to marriage. The intense love they shared for each other stemmed from their mutual appreciation for dry humor. Plaza stated on RuPaul’s podcast that she remained close to Michael despite the breakup:

Michael Received Intense Criticism After Dumping Long-Time Girlfriend Charlyne Yi

In late July 2009, media outlets reported that Michael had dumped long-time girlfriend, Charlyne Yi. Celebrity couples break up all the time, but fans were particularly angry about this one because Cera allegedly broke up with Yi because he was ‘superfamous’ and was ‘itching to date other people.’

How Was Michael Cera’s Childhood?

Michael Austin Cera was born on June 7, 1988, in Ontario, Canada. His father, Luigi Cera, is of Sicilian descent, and his mother Linda Cera has Irish, Dutch, Scottish, and English descent. In a family of parents who both worked in Xerox, he grew up as a middle child. He has an older sister named Jordan and a younger one named Molly.   


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