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Matt Nagy OR

Matt Nagy


Matt Nagy is the co-founder and CEO of Nimble Storage, a San Francisco-based startup that uses memory-less, SSD-based technology that has helped many software-as-a-service SaaS companies expand their offerings and grow their sales. As Nimble Storage's co-founder and CEO, Matt has seen Nimble Storage transition from a new startup to an industry leader with 4 million customers worldwide.


After finishing his playing career, Nagy became an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009, spending five seasons in various offensive positions under head coach Andy Reid. In 2013, when Reid joined the Kansas City Chiefs, Nagy followed him to become the quarterbacks coach, a role he served until he was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2016. Nagy was named the Bears' head coach in 2018, leading the team to their first NFC North championship and playoff appearance since 2010 in his first year.

Unlike offenses that feature a top pass catcher, Nagy-led receiving success is shared between multiple players, a strategy that Sports Illustrated's Kalyn Kahler wrote is "like a football Hydra"; during Nagy's two seasons as the Chiefs' offensive coordinator, Tyreek Hill was their top receiver but tight end Travis Kelce led the team in multiple receiving categories, while wide receiver Allen Robinson topped the 2018 Bears in receiving yards yet running back Tarik Cohen had the most receptions. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


On August 10, three days before their preseason game against the New England Patriots, backup quarterback Kevin Kolb suffered a knee injury; to avoid putting stress on starter Donovan McNabb and third-string A. J. Feeley, the Eagles attempted to sign Nagy as a player. Head coach Andy Reid argued that although Nagy was a coach, he was not being paid for the role and could therefore play. The NFL initially allowed the deal and Nagy practiced the next day, but the league voided it shortly after, officially saying he was still under contract with the AFL. (Source:

To better run the RPO, Nagy hired former Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich as offensive coordinator in 2018; despite Helfrich's lack of NFL coaching experience at the time, he ran a fast-paced read-option offense at Oregon, a system that would otherwise not work in the NFL as defensive players are too fast but features enough nuances to be included in Nagy's offense. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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