Mary Stuart Masterson:

Mary Stuart Masterson:

Mary Stuart Masterson:

)))Mary Stuart MastersonMary StuartThe daughter of actress Carlin Glynn and screenwriter, director, and actor Peter Masterson, Mary Stuart Masterson's first film role came in The Stepford Wives (1975), with her father. After that, she said, “I was more gung ho about my acting than my parents.” She gained the attention of teen audiences during the 1980s in tomboy roles, most notably opposite Eric Stoltz in Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), but moved on to more grown-up fare as Idgie Threadgoode in Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) and as the disturbed Joon in Benny & Joon (1993). Masterson released Grapefruit Moon (2000), a film she wrote and directed. She starred in a mid-season replacement television series, Kate Brasher (2001) and had a recurring role in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit in 2004–2005. (Source: MaOn a drizzly Monday afternoon in August, the actress, director and producer Mary Stuart Masterson scrubbed homegrown beets in the kitchen of her home in the Hudson Valley. The beets were enormous, the size of softballs, but she loved the leaves best: sautéed with oil and garlic and finished with ponzu sauce. (SourceAndy Behrens, Dalton Del Don, Matt Harmon, Liz Loza, Scott Pianowski (Source:No. 1 Gonzaga sent a message with a blowout win over No. 2 UCLA. The Bulldogs dominated the Bruins from the jump in a Final Four rematch. (Source:Police have confirmed a wrestling fan has been charged with an assault after appearing to attack WWE star Seth Rollins at a live television broadcast in New York. The dramatic scenes unfolded during an episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw show in Brooklyn, with the moment even captured on screen before cameras quickly cut away. Rollins had been wrestling on the show and had just finished a segment with Finn Balor when the incident took place. (Source::sterson Biography

Nfl Sources on What's Next for Giants Following Jason Garrett Firing

The Giants have been too bad for too long to think they can fix their problems by simply changing offensive coordinators. (Source: sports.yahoo.com)

Two weeks remain in the regular season and the College Football Playoff picture is clearing up. The latest bowl projections have a clear top four.

According to the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs, Matt Nagy met with Bears ownership Tuesday before canceling the rest of the day's meetings

It doesn't have teams in the top four, but the Big 12 does have three in the top 10, making it a winner of latest College Football Playoff rankings.

Tim Lincecum is who so many of us are, and who even more of us only dream to be.

In need of waiver wire help but not sure who to drop? 4for4's Jennifer Eakins provides a list of players to consider cutting from fantasy lineups. (Source: sports.yahoo.com)


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