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Marie Avgeropoulo

Avgeropoulos was born on 17 June 1986 in Thunder Bay, Ontario to Greek parents. She grew up fishing, hunting and camping, spending most of her free time outdoors. She started playing drums when she was 16. After studying broadcast journalism for two years in her hometown, she moved to Europe. Several months later, she came back to Canada and settled in Vancouver. (

Rotten Tomatoes: Movies

Greek-Canadian actress Marie Avgeropoulos played numerous teenaged roles in her career, most notably as rich party girl Valerie Wooley in "I Love You, Beth Cooper" (2009). Avgeropoulos was born June 17, 1986 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Raised in her hometown, she grew up in the beautiful wilderness along the shores of Lake Superior, which cultivated a passion for fishing, hunting, and camping. Avgeropoulos studied broadcast journalism at Confederation College in Thunder Bay for two years before she left for a backpack trip through Europe, during which she made up her mind to move west to Vancouver, the heart of Canada's film and television production, to chase her dream of becoming an actress. Avgeropoulos made her acting debut guesting in an episode of the hit television series "Supernatural" (The CW 2005- ). A lucky break in filming a clothing commercial eventually led to her big screen breakthrough; the commercial caught the eye of director Chris Columbus, who cast her in a key supporting role in his coming-of-age high school movie "I Love You, Beth Cooper" (2009). After a year of appearing in small guest roles on TV shows like "The Troop" (Nickelodeon 2009-13) and "Fringe" (Fox 2008-13), she played a teenage girl in the 2010 action movie, "Hunt to Kill" (2010), alongside Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts and former pro wrestler Steve Austin. Her next major film role came alongside Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the cancer-themed comedy-drama "50/50" (2011). Avgeropoulos next landed lead roles in a pair of made for television movies. She starred in "Walking the Halls" (2012), where she played a beautiful and popular high school queen bee unwittingly lured into prostitution. In the thrilling movie "Fugitive at 17" (2012), she played a hacker wrongfully accused of her best friend's murder. Avgeropoulos found continued success in American television, guest starring in an episode of the popular teen reboot "90210" (The CW 2008-13) and landing a recurring role as Kirstie in the crime series "Cult" (The CW 2013). (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)

Marie Avgeropoulos: Movies, Tv, and Bio

Marie Avgeropoulos currently stars as "Octavia Blake" in the CW's post-apocalyptic drama series, The 100 (2014). The Emmy- nominated series chronicles the surviving population living on a space station, called the ARK, who send a group of 100 delinquents down to earth. THE 100 set out to see if earth might still be inhabitable as supplies are running low on the ARK. Marie recently wrapped production on three independent films: Isolation (2015), Numb (2015) and A Remarkable Life (2016), slated for release in early 2016. Earlier this year, Marie was seen, opposite Taylor Lautner in the Lionsgate thriller, Tracers (2015). Other film credits for Marie include the 2011 Golden Globe-nominated 50/50 (2011), alongside movie veterans Seth Rogen & Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as her memorable premiere film role in the 2009 comedy, I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009), starring opposite Hayden Panettiere. Marie has also become a go-to TV actress with several guest appearances on hit shows, such as Supernatural (2005), Fringe (2008), Eureka (2006) and Human Target (2010). In 2013, Marie landed her break-out role in television in The CW's Cult (2013), opposite Matthew Davis and Robert Knepper. Born and raised on the shores of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Marie grew up fishing, hunting and camping spending most of her free time outdoors. She learned to play the drums at a young age, which has helped land her roles in various national commercials. Marie currently resides in Los Angeles. (Source: www.amazon.com)


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