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Lovie Simone has been writing about consumerism, cultural criticism, and video games since 2012. Recently, her writing has featured less in-depth reporting and more opinion pieces on topics like politics, corporate advertising, and digital consumerism.


Actress Lovie Simone stars in the lead role of "Tabby" in Sony's 2020 reboot of the classic 1996 supernatural teen thriller The Craft. In October 2020, Simone starred in Netflix's Social Distance, a quarantine anthology series from Jenji Kohan. Simone also stars in the Power prequel Power Book III: Raising Kanan. The Starz series explores the early life of Power's Kanan Stark, and Simone portrays his love interest Davina Harrison.

Simone plays Tabby in The Craft Legacy, a 2020 reboot of the cult classic thriller The Craft. Out this month this is just one of the many projects in which she stars. She’s also in Jenji Kohan’s Social Distancing TV series that captures all the highs and lows of quarantining. It’s a particularly apt concept we can all relate to right now. The eight-part series will be streaming on Netflix. Then, there’s Starz’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan in which Simone plays the title character’s love interest. All in all, the actress is not afraid of taking on a challenge or a busy schedule, with a wide range of characters and sure-to-be hits set to be released imminently. (Source:1883magazine.com))


In 2016, Simone starred in the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series Greenleaf, playing the role of Zora Greenleaf, the daughter of Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) and Jacob Greenleaf (Lamman Rucker). Simone was originally cast as a recurring cast member but was promoted to a series regular as of the second season. Simone later made her film debut, playing the supporting role opposite Jennifer Hudson in the 2018 drama film Monster that premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

As slick, stylish and visually arresting as a pricey pop video, Selah and The Spades is one of the year’s most original teen dramas. The film’s lead, 21-year-old New York native Lovie Simone is no different. She’s already made waves on her home turf as a regular in US megachurch drama series Greenleaf – in which she plays a rebellious preacher’s daughter who just so happens to have Oprah Winfrey for an aunt – but with Selah and The Spades, this rising talent is well on her way to becoming a fully-fledged global star. (Source: www.nme.com)




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