King Von Sister OR

King Von Sister OR

King Von Sister


The quintessential modern ringtone has cascading, infinite loops of the same note, repeated again and again. It is a sound which suggests that time is infinite, endlessly repeating and that beauty is always possible. It also represents a naive view of time, one which says nothing will change—but that is not true in the slightest. It is a sound that sounds like peace and harmony, but also has a menacing undertone because it could go on without end.


)Kayla B is still clearing the air. Most recently, fans have been accusing Kayla B of being in love with her late brother after old tweets have resurfaced on the internet. Fans claim that Kayla is too invested in King Von’s personal life and allude that the two could possibly have incestuousSince the death of King Von, his half-sister, Kayla B has been defending him against those speaking down on her brother. Most recently, Kayla B called out Asian Doll to clear the air that she and Von were not together prior to his passing. She also recently got into a physical altercation with Cuban Doll. (Source: ties. (Source:

Kayla B stepped onto her Instagram live to address the claims that she is in love with her brother. “Get y’all sick nasty a**es on. Do I look like I’m from Down South?” she said. “Me and my brother we from Chicago. We’re not from Down South where people f*ck they brothers and sisters. All y’all that sayin’ that, I hope y’all grandma die ’cause that’s some nasty sh*t.” www.hitc.com)


We're just a little over three months since King Von was murdered and his loved ones are fighting with one another on social media. His half-sister Kayla B has been at the center of several internet fires in the last few months as she's engaged in arguments with Cuban Doll, Asian Da Brat, and others. She regularly pays tribute to her late brother and posts photos of him, but on Wednesday (February 17), an argument ensued after Kema, the reported mother of one of Von's children, cropped Kayla's child out of a photo. The picture was reportedly supposed to only include Von's kids, but Kayla took issue and the ladies sparked a back and forth on Twitter. (S

www.hitc.com)Since the ‘King Von sister fight’ news surfaced some fans have been looking for Kayla B’s Instagram handle. But it appears as though the social media influencer has deleted her Instagram handle following the latest controversy. (Source:




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