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Kiana Madeira

Kiana Madeir

"Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch cast as leads in Fox's Fear Street trilogy". Comingsoon.net. February 28, 2019. Retrieved 2021-07-13.

1. Who Is Kiana Madeira? Get to Know the Fear Street Actress Here

If you don’t already know Kiana Madeira, you’re about to. The Canadian actress is currently appearing as Deena in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy and her star is on the rise. Here’s everything you need to know about Kiana Madeira. [PA Images]

4. Where Is Kiana Madeira From?

Kiana Madeira is a Canadian actress who was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga. In a tweet that was previously posted on her now-deleted account, Kiana wrote that she is of Portuguese heritage on one side, and of Irish, First Nations and Black Canadian on the other. [GP Images/Getty Images]

5. Is Kiana Madeira on Instagram?

Kiana Madeira is on Instagram and you can follow her at @kianamadeira. On her grid, you’ll find tons of glam photos from press events as well as behind-the-scenes moments from her on-screen projects. Kiana also shares loads of selfies and adorable snaps with her fiancé Lovell Adams-Gray. [via Instagram]

6. What Is Kiana Madeira's Net Worth?

Kiana Madeira’s exact net worth is not currently known. Some Netflix actors who star in new TV series are reported to earn around $20,000 per episode, which could be the case for Kiana and her role as Moe in 20 episodes of Trinkets. That could possibly add up to $400,000 for the whole series. Expect Kiana’s net worth to rise in the coming years. [via Instagram]

7. What Movies and Tv Shows Has Kiana Madeira Been In?

Kiana Madeira is best known for her roles as Deena in 2021’s trilogy series Fear Street and as Moe in Netflix’s Trinkets. She’s also set to play Nora in After We Fell and After Ever Happy. Kiana has also appeared in Really Me as Julia Wilson, Wynonna Earp as Poppy, Sacred Lies as Angel Trujillo, The Flash and Coroner. Kiana also appeared in the Disney Channel’s Bad Hair Day. [via Instagram]

8. Kiana Madeira Plays Deena in Netflix's Fear Street Trilogy

Kiana Madeira plays Deena in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy. Deena is a Shadysider, and ex-girlfriend of Samantha (played by Olivia Welch) who reunite in order to fight off a serial killer who is attempting to kill Sam. Kiana appears in all three Fear Street films. [Netflix]

9. Who Did Kiana Madeira Play in Trinkets?

Kiana Madeira plays Moe Truax in Netflix’s Trinkets. Moe, along with Elodie and Tabitha, are kleptomaniacs who become friends after finding each other at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting. Kiana played Moe for all 20 episodes of the series. Netflix cancelled the series after two seasons, with the final episodes airing in 2020. [Netflix]

10. Who Did Kiana Madeira Play in Wynonna Earp?

Kiana Madeira played the role of Poppy in Wynonna Earp. She appears in one episode from season 2, titled ‘Whiskey Lullaby’. Poppy is the daughter of Hypnos, the Sandman Demon. [SYFY]



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